Bye Burn 😔

I know a lot of people are upset about me shutting down Burn (again) and leaving Kinetic… I really am sorry, but I’ll do my best to explain:

As much as it sucks, it [mostly] comes down to money.

I still do love teaching… and I still think Burn is the best yoga class in Los Angeles – so it’s a damn shame that it’s going away.

But… the first four hours of my day are always the most productive for me.

It’s when i do my best writing, my best thinking, my best everything, really..

So I need a huge return on those hours.

And quite simply, if I was to accept the same deal as other teachers… even if every single class was packed mat-to-mat – it wouldn’t even come close to scratching the surface of what I need to make it make sense.

If it was just a little bit short, I could just look past it..

But it’s a lotta bit short.

So, the only way to make the numbers make sense is to create another membership like I had going at Maha.

The BurnPass is/was a membership to just my class… it’s a flat-fee and it’s unlimited access to all of my 6AM burn classes, and nothing else.

This way, even if people don’t show up – I still am guaranteed X dollars per month. I would never ever tie my income to the whims of other people… especially finicky yoga students.

It really doesn’t matter to me whether people show up or not.

If I show up, I get paid.

If I even spend any time thinking about it, I get paid.

That’s just how it has to work… otherwise, i have to spend that time on other projects.

I completely understand that running a yoga/fitness business is really hard… I get that it’s expensive, and I promise I am not trying to be a dick.

but I have to demand more from my time… I have so many more opportunities now than I did before i started teaching.

So I suppose if someone else can go in that space and fill it up at 6AM, I couldn’t blame them for wanting to use someone who makes less demands.

Business is business and I sure as hell wouldn’t fault someone for making a smart business decision.

I don’t see it happening any time soon, but hey… what do I know?

I mean, the easy thing for me to do would have been to just tell them “I need a minimum of $X per class, and we’ll split everything over that.”

But that would have been asking Kinetic to risk money on me.

I don’t like asking people to do anything… so instead, I engineered a situation where my minimum is met, and they don’t need to risk anything.

I just figured because those students never would have set foot in that business if it wasn’t for Burn being there… and they won’t go back once I leave,.. that money basically doesn’t exist.

It’s not like I’m over here balling out while everyone else starves, ya know?

All it does is get me to a place where I can get out of bed and do work.

So there it is.

I’m not trying to create drama here, but so many people are asking that I just figured it would be easier to address it publicly.

Sorry it’s shitty.

Maybe see you Friday morning..