good news / bad news

I’ve been going back and forth about how I’m going to handle the Rabbit Hole production.

I realized that a lot of the value in YMTDS is in its ‘homemade’ execution… it shows the viewer that as long as you have great stuff – and you really do give a fuck, the audience gets over the ‘mistakes’ and technical flaws.

For someone who’s afraid to ship imperfect things, there’s no better way to show them that it’s actually MORE than OK (and that people will still buy and love them) than YMTDS.

For they just did exactly that shit: bought it and loved it.

So I was considering just doing another ‘webinar’ style class for Rabbit Hole.

It wouldn’t have the same technical issues, but it wouldn’t be ‘fancy’ in any way.

But I don’t want to do that anymore.

It doesn’t get me going. 🚀🍆

I’ve earned the right to go bigger.

So I am.

I’m hiring the dude who did the work on Summit of Power.

He’s perfect for this.

And wait til you see the shit I’m working on. 😍

And this will obviously make it so much more expensive than I was planning.

Eventually, more than YMTDS.

I realized that there’s big-time incongruence when I’m telling everyone to charge more for their shit, but I’m steady undercharging for the advice. 🤔

It doesn’t add up.

So, I’m gonna raise the registration price of the Rabbit Hole $25 every day until it feels right. Starting tomorrow.

It’s also included with the $200 Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck package. (this is the best deal, for sure. And you get YMTDS immediately so you can start now.)


PS – we’ve been putting more of my past emails on

PPS – check out what jake said:

Your shit works. I’m not even selling anything but just using your ideas for my Instagram and now so many people are asking me about mindfulness and meditation tips. It’s insane. I’m about to start charging.

A few days ago, it was:

Alright, you fuckin got me. I’ve been following your IG for a few weeks – feeling awkward and empowered by your message. Bought the $50 thing just now because $200 seemed wack. Then I’m literally in the funnel and bought YMTDS for $150, and I’m like whatever. Fuck it. Let’s see what this fucker has to say for real. Your post about being weird with money and regret hit me deep so I clicked that button and I’m eager to see what this is all about. You’re weird as fuck – and I’m hypnotized by it.

Shit works yo. (and yes, it already costs more than $50 for the upgrade. It’s now $75.

It will be $100 tomorrow at Noon PST.

Then $125 the next day.

Then $150. And so on…

But yes, the $200 YMTDS package is where it’s at.

PPPS – if you already signed up, you’ll get some more information and teaser stuff soon. But it’s gonna be a few weeks.

your ugly

not you’re. but dude fuck putting header graphics at the top of email newsletters.

I don’t even call this a ‘newsletter’ because I feel like then it’s just in the same category with a bunch of other boring ass things.

I’m just sending you an email about some shit that I think is cool.

And so I talk about it like I would with a friend:

“dude i’ll send you an email with the link.”

Not “Sir. I Will Transmit A Hyperlink For The World Wide Web.”

Point being, stop trying to make it some shit it ain’t.

You’re not the {first_name} Street Journal over here. So calm the fuck down…

But even if it were cool… when someone leads with their fancy logo and header thing, our interruption-filter turns on immediately – we tune out marketing without even realizing it.

The same thing applies to social media.

I posted last night to “make your social media uglier to make more money.”

I was inspired to do that because my friend DJ sent me a screenshot of his Email inbox full of “You’ve got money!” PayPal receipts. (this post was more referring to the literal/visual “ugly,” but I also mean ugly like in the dark/shadow/whatever stuff)

He got them after the first time he posted a screenshot of a testimonial for one of his programs on his actual Instagram page. (I like the guy in the comments talking about how he doesn’t need to use ‘Ryan’s cheap marketing tricks” 😂)

About an hour earlier, we were hanging out on a Backstage Pass call talking about it, and he said he had never posted what I would call “ugly” social media things (screenshots of texts/DMs/testimonial stuff) outside of his IG Stories.

But he did it right after we got off our call…

And then shortly after that, he sent me the screenshot.

There’s a lot to this, but what I told him on the call was it’s important for people to be able to see what other people say about you (testimonials/etc), yes… but that it’s also important for people to be able to do those things “with” other people. (IG Stories don’t allow other people to see what other people are doing)

So there needs to be an opportunity to interact with the content alongside other people… comments, Likes, etc.

Those interactions are what make it real.

Insta Stories are nice, and I like them… but they’re different.

I told DJ he should be posting some testimonials on his actual page so people could comment on them…

Or maybe even more important than that – for the 90% of people who will never actually say shit to read other comments… and see how you interact.

This stuff is all important.

I’ll talk more about it soon. (but it’s also in YMTDS.)

Shoutout to DJ. Dude has been straight executing lately.

He bought Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck. (price doubles again soon)

“The next day I got stoned and watched the video again. I finally started grasping the concepts. I was sucked into the story you were telling and loving the technical flaws during the presentation, your honesty, the realness. I saw the principles on the slides being manifested through your presentation. While I had the ‘steps’ written down the day earlier, I had a mindset shift the next day.”

Then he came to the Summit of Power.

“The YSRG was a mystical experience. I don’t know if it was because of the microdose, the amazing group of people in the room, or finding myself inside a dream I had years ago.

Ryan has the special ability to show you the magic by pulling the curtain back, which ironically makes you even more captivated by the trick. It’s like a reverse slight of hand. He throws the cards in your face, and it’s always the card you were thinking of. If iat wasn’t, then you don’t belong in our show.”

Hell yeah. I’ve been a huge fan of this dude for a long time… so it’s really cool for me to see my shit helping him.


PS – we’re increasing the price of Yoga Sex Rock God/dess apparel later today. Kassidy and I are meeting to discuss… then it’s gotta go up to a YSRG-appropriate price point, ya know?

So if you’re getting this early enough, you might still see the original prices.


Pic of me and you

This is the funniest shit ever.

But mostly I wanted to remind you that the prices of Yoga Sex Rock God/dess apparel go up tomorrow when Kassidy the Destroyer gets back to Tucson.

We underpriced it.

And not even on purpose as some slick marketing ploy. (which I’m 100% not above doing.)

Our peeps brought it to our attention like “uhh.. wtf. I was ready to pay way more than this.”


You know damn well your boy can’t be seen as ordinary.

That is NOT the reputation I want to cultivate.

And when developing a reputation that makes selling superfluous, it’s important to be congruent. Everywhere. All the time… even at the expense of short-term profit.

So it’s gotta go up, baby. Yoga Sex Rock God is expensive.


PS – I don’t know why I’m surprised at how fast the Yoga Sex Rock Goddess tanks have been selling…

I guess I thought because I wasn’t really using that term a whole lot, that they would hit as hard as they did… but yeah. I was wrong.

In fact, we got set up to make it easy.

I’m pretty stoked with Kass’s copy for the tank… so I’m just gonna use it:

“Perfect for doing yoga.
Also perfect for drinking wine.”



This is fucking badass. I got this email yesterday from a woman named Allison Perry. It’s absolute 🔥. I’m def doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

I feel like my balls dropped, and I don’t even have any. Maybe your fierce testosterone is rubbing off on everyone. 

In any case, while I haven’t started any random talking videos or really worked on my Instagram, my general vibe and mental health have been kicking ass, and I believe you have a lot to do with it.

Today I was waiting in line early in the morning for some tickets to a tennis tournament, and I had a yoga mat with me to kneel on. A lady next to me said something along the lines of ‘ I really want to get back to yoga to fix my shoulder.’ I said, ‘ I don’t think any classes in this area are going to do that for you. There’s some new science out on yoga and mobility’ etc.; I started talking about how mobility training changed the game for my shoulders and offered a path for her. A guy next to me started talking about how yoga made his ligaments whack, and I could see she was closing her arms and just being a stubborn and untrusting person.

I usually would have kept trying to convince her but then a newfound wave of clarity and self-worth washed over me, and I realized, it’s too fucking early to try and convert Yoga Zombies that don’t want to hear it.

So I start doing some shoulder mobility as I waited and all the sudden a guy says to me in line, ‘ wow I can’t believe your flexibility, have you been doing yoga?’ and I said ‘ yoga definitely cannot take you here.’ I told him about FRC, and he was so appreciative. I was like this is great, I just let this woman go with her thoughtless distrust, and now I’m helping this guy towards his goal.

Then I hear the hurt yoga back dude say ‘ ya yoga can be rough on your shoulders, ‘ and I see the ladies whole mind fucking start collapsing as her world is crumbling beneath her.

I mean it in a good way I mean she should hear what’s true.  The best part is by ignoring her the truth began to surface, and I actually felt like it was positively influencing everyone around us. 

The icing on the cake was when one of my clients recognized me in line and told me he had just purchased a session for his wife with me. It fucking clicked that it really is about your reputation with those that matter and I felt so proud that I didn’t let that woman in my psyche. 

She got to witness how I am already trusted without me arguing my value.

Fucking thanks, I used to waste so much time with this client rejection, and now I feel unstoppable.

Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck is badass, and you are badass. Thanks for reflecting that badassery to masses.


I told you this shit works for EVERY MOTHERFUCKING THING. It’s not just for yoga teachers.

Get it before the price goes up again. (we’re doing it as soon as I have a chance to edit the video and put an ‘X’ over the few instances of the word ‘yoga’ in my slides. It has nothing to do with yoga.)


PS – Yoga Sex Rock Goddess tanks are selling like crazy… so much faster than I ever anticipated. We’re scrambling to get more… get your order in before the price of the apparel is up too. We underpriced it. Mistake… it’ll be corrected when Kassidy gets back home to Tucson on Monday.

PPS – good fucking times. I’m having fun again.

wtf was I thinking? 🤦🏻‍♂️

There’s a damn good chance that by the time you get here, your size will be sold the fuck out.

People are clamoring to get ’em… more than anything else I’ve ever done.

128723_1518802821K7Cshirts.jpgKassidy posted a screenshot of the store the other day… and she got this message right away:

Just saw your post about the tanks. If they’re just $22, then I definitely want one. 😍 Honestly, I thought they’d be more than that. Just food for thought.

It seems Ryan has really built up YSRG to the degree that people are already itching to buy the product. If he plans to sell through fast on his product, then I think it’s a done deal at the chosen price point. Of course, there’s always raising the price after the initial sell-through just like he’s done with YMTDS. Thinking out loud. Can’t wait for the site to go live so I can get my tank!!! -Jennifer R.

Fuck yeah, Jennifer.

WTF was I thinking?! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Of course this shit should be more expensive. Dammit.

MY name is on them for fuck’s sake.

I even touched them with my bare hands.

So we’re raising the price on Monday when Kassidy gets back home to Tucson.

Get ‘em while they’re cheap.

Yoga Sex Rock God Tees and Hoodies.
Yoga Sex Rock Goddess Tanks and Hoodies
Stir the Pot spoons


PS – the best part about this store is that I didn’t have to do shit. Kassidy built it… that’s what the fuck I’m talking about. I like people who can make things that make money by leveraging the work I’ve already done… but without me needing to do shit.

PPS – I shouldn’t need to remind you that I’m also doubling the price of Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck again soon.



And the dude who I hired to shoot the Summit of Power last weekend came through like a mf’er… the trailer is absolute FIRE. Everyone who’s seen it is like “HOLY SHIT 😯”

But even the raw, unedited stuff looks so damn good… although I suppose that also might have something to do with the room being full of smart, sexy motherfuckers. 🤔

Here’s a cool little clip with the one and only Hunter Fitness (that’s his actual last name) schooling everyone on how to use story in your marketing.

127343_15187227845GbScreen_Shot_2018-02-Keeping it short today because Kassidy’s in LA for the weekend and we’re about to meet up for the first time this afternoon to finish up the Yoga Sex Rock God store.

The first run of tees, tanks, and hoodies won’t last very long… so if you want in on this, be on the lookout for an email tomorrow.


PS – Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck is all about how to do what Hunter is talking about in that clip… It has nothing to do with yoga, so yes, it will work for you even if you’re not a yoga teacher.

And also yes, the price is going to be doubled AGAIN. It’s my most advanced marketing training and the more testimonials and success stories I get, the more I realize how underpriced it is.

Don’t sleep on it.

PPS – Next ten people to send 1-2 pages of notes (what you learned, ideas, what you want to do) after watching the course get a fifteen minute strategy call with me… email them to

PPPS – if you purchased YMTDS for less than the current price and you want a call – email Kass about that as well. (you’ll have to pay the difference)

 “YMTDS is fucking beyond.. I bought it last night, smoked a bowl and watched it.

You’re literally breaking down how you take a personality and make it influential.

There’s a pattern to this shit and you’ve figured it out.

It’s like it’s so fucking easy to see, but as soon as you try to focus on it, it disappears. But it’s always right there in the periphery.

Somehow you figured out how to focus on it, take a clear photo, and this course is you explaining to us exactly what the fuck we’re looking at.

I’ve got to watch it a few more times to soak it all in, but I can already tell this shit is legit as fuck. Just had to let you know that, man. Appreciate you putting it out there.”

idea for you / help me

Right before I pressed Send, my phone buzzed… normally I wouldn’t even pick it up until I finished this – but I’m glad it did because I knew right away that it would be a good thing to share with you. So I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled broadcast to give you an idea.

Here’s the email… and then the major 🔑 alert is below

Hey Ryan,

I sent the sassiest most direct email yet (to 3 potential clients):

“Hi. Happy Monday! So um, do you want to train with us or what? I mean, only say yes if you want to make your joints feel like buttah and unleash your inner Wonder Woman by picking up some heavy sh!t. Otherwise, we probably shouldn’t get started.

Let’s do this!


…And I got 1 sign up and 2 responses! 

Thanks for unleashing my ridiculousness!!

That’s from Hannah Husband. And a similar approach just worked for Backstage UK Hannah Leslie… she pre-sold five £1500 spots for a brand-new advanced 30-hour Teacher Training in the last 24 hours – before the public even had a chance… (both Hannah’s were at the Summit of Power. I’m so proud of both of them.)

🔑🔑🔑:  send short, friendly emails with offers for highly-relevant premium services/experiences, to *not-a-lot-of-people.* (Ideally, one at a time.)

Ok back to my original email:

I’ve only had my YSRG hoodie for a week, and at least ten people have stopped me like “oh my god 😂 nice sweatshirt…” or making me take my headphones out while I’m walking so they could ask me where I got it.

I’ve just been like “Google me, baby,” turning my back to them again and thumbs-down pointing, like: “THE Yoga Sex Rock God.”

As you can imagine, at this point I have them under my spell… but the problem is, they haven’t been able to buy.

That’s about to change.

We’re mere days away from launching the Yoga Sex Rock God/dess store and debuting the best god damn tanks, tees, and hoodies in the world.

And our signature Stir the Pot Spoons.

But we decided we want someone to join the team to handle shipping/handling/packaging.

And we need this person to be in [or close enough to] LA so you can manage/pick-up product and do whatever needs doing.

Email if you are/know that person, yah?

She’s coming to LA this weekend for our first official meeting, and we’re gonna be jamming on a bunch of shit… so we’ll want to meet with you too.

I needn’t point out that this is a legit ass opportunity to get in on the groundfloor of the movement of the millenium… but I did anyway.


PS – I’m doubling the price of Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck again. Very soon…  I’m gonna go through the video and put a big X over the few instances of the word ‘yoga’ in my slides… because this shit works for everything and I keep having to answer people and tell them “yes, it will work for you too.”

After I do that, the price will be doubled. Again.

Don’t sleep on it this time.

My last 2 events SOLD OUT, one in less than 12 hours.  I have no idea what’s happening, but I fuckin love it!  THANK YOU!! -Melissa Yerxa

I have a pretty good god damn idea what’s happening. 😍


your shit works

“There are so many people out there who claim their stuff is the shit. And their stuff really isn’t the shit. I get bored with them. I unsubscribe. 

However, you claim you’re going to be a spectacle. You then perform said spectacle. Then you proceed to talk about that spectacle. Almost ad nauseam. 

But here I am. Reading your damn emails and procrastinating by writing this message. 

So clearly your shit works. You’re fascinating.” @skaypolecat

This is fucking rad.

She’s using all the right words… fascination… and spectacle. 👀

I mean – it’s not surprising. This is exactly what people should be feeling.

It’s formulaic. I can do this with anyone, no problem. Doesn’t matter if you think you’re not interesting… if you let me run it and did what I said, you would get results 100% guaranteed.

Most people just waste all of their best shit so their audience never really has a chance to develop this level of fascination with them.

I use it ALL.

I use the stuff most people don’t even think to talk about.

My current favorite storyline is Kassidy the Destroyer.

I could have just “hired an assistant” like a normal person or organization.

Post my ad, do my interviews, maybe even go all-out and make a nice Instagram post welcoming the new person onto the team, etc.

But fuck that… Yoga Sex Rock God hiring someone is a big deal.

So I made it a god damn big deal.

I made the fact that she mind-controlled me a big deal.

And I pulled her up on stage and told everyone to look…

My audience is now paying close attention to her – and us – just to see what happens.

I think a lot of people are interested to know how this young woman from Instagram got my attention… and why I gave her the keys so soon.

I’m asking her to make decisions for me without my input… and handle negotiations, and just get whatever she needs.

Delegating usually just creates massive anxiety for me… I don’t trust a lot of people to get the job done… but she’s making that a whole lot easier for me by doing shit like taking the initiative to start building the funnel for the next Summit of Power… landing pages, email sequences, etc. (in advanced software that she’s never used before… hell, it’s not even available to the public yet (Kartra)).

And she’s simultaneously building the Yoga Sex Rock God apparel business. The online store, managing inventory, and people, etc.

I could tell right away that it felt more right (and WAY MORE EXCITING) to empower the fuck out of her and see what she can do when she’s fully supported.

Rather than wait and make her prove herself or some shit… that sounds really fucking boring – and like it will take way too long to learn anything.

I have decided that as quickly as possible, I want her hiring an assistant for herself. And then I want everything going through her before it gets to me.

She’s flying into LA later this week, so we can get some work done together in person… this will be the first time we’re meeting.


PS – Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck is all about how to do this stuff… engineering fascination.

I’m doubling the price again on Friday. Seriously. It’s way too god damn valuable.

Here’s what Marcus said:

 “YMTDS is fucking beyond.. I bought it last night, smoked a bowl and watched it.

You’re literally breaking down how you take a personality and make it influential.

There’s a pattern to this shit and you’ve figured it out.

It’s like it’s so fucking easy to see, but as soon as you try to focus on it, it disappears. But it’s always right there in the periphery.

Somehow you figured out how to focus on it, take a clear photo, and this course is you explaining to us exactly what the fuck we’re looking at.

I’ve got to watch it a few more times to soak it all in, but I can already tell this shit is legit as fuck. Just had to let you know that, man. Appreciate you putting it out there.”

Get it. Price doubles on Friday. (yes, Again.)



I know that I piss people off… I mean, that’s kinda my job. But I didn’t really expect the stuff I’ve been posting about auditions/interviews to stir it up so much.🤷🏻‍♂️

It started with this.

Then this.

And this.

Basically, I said the whole idea behind the audition is flawed. It gives your power away…  I really liked what Devin said in my comments.

@dk_movement The studio-centered model doesn’t ensure quality teaching (which is one reason they cite for requiring “auditions”). It’s a power play. Don’t let them spin it otherwise. I started in the thick of the studio-centered business, and have seen many, many since—across counties and cultures. Never seen it work in the ways it claims to. Without unhindered and fluid access to outside innovation and information, they create closed communities—inbred, cultish, defective. Teachers are undervalued and stunted, framed as expendable mechanisms in service of the “school” or “method” or “community”. 1) Create more competition and make transparency cool among teachers, 2) refine students’ sense of smell for bullshit: these will elevate practice culture and everyone who is part of it. More teachers would do well to have your attitude.

I reposted that and got more great comments.

and he followed up with another gem. Dude just shuts motherfuckers down, I love it. 🎤👇🏼

…  Thanks for posting this. Seems it rubbed some people in just the right way. People criticize you as an unfair hypocrite (ad hominem and tu quoque fallacies), while the validity and soundness of the argument against the studio-centered model itself remains untouched. When they resort to fallacy, you know you’ve hit the G-spot.

😂 Good fucking times for me, for sure because this is literally why I get out of bed. But not exactly a good look for them.

But here’s the thing about auditions… if your studio uses them to recruit teachers – or you’re a teacher, and you’re kinda stuck where you have to do it…

It’s fine. You do what you gotta do… I mean, pay your bills ‘n shit. But assuming you want to escape that cycle, you also have to be thinking about how to switch up the power dynamic in the future.

You need to be doing things to construct a reputation that precedes you.

A reputation that does the work for you before you even show up…

There’s a lot to this, and I’m going to be talking about it a lot more. It’s important stuff.

For everything. Plus it’s definitely triggering some softies… which is like blood in the fucking water for me. 😍🦈


PS – I reminded everyone on Insta the other day that even though I don’t even talk about yoga anymore, I still have the best yoga page on Instagram.

I stopped teaching my classes a few months ago to focus on this… but I was teaching The Best Yoga Class in The World before I left for my hero’s journey. It’s vinyasish with FRC/mobility stuff.

(I’ve since revealed that I filmed that class because I wanted to show how you could film a class on your phone, have it be not perfect – and kinda awkward, tbh – and still make lots of money selling it to a small audience… now I’m helping other people do similar things.)



I emailed you earlier but IDGAF.

The dude I hired to film the Summit of Power just sent me the final cut of the first 60-second promo/trailer.

Summit of Power Trailer: World Premiere

I hate hiring video people because they always let me down. This guy has required no input other than the address of the event last weekend… he showed up, did his thing, snuck out and we’ve barely spoken and he is just killing it.

It was expensive as hell. So WATCH IT DAMMIT.


PS – also, Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck will cost twice before you wake up tomorrow morning. 🤷🏻‍♂️

It’s the foundation of everything we did at SOP. And it is NOT just for yoga teachers.

Just buy it. Obviously I’ll give you your money back if your mind isn’t blown. But hundreds have gone through the training and not a single person has asked yet so I’m not too worried.