are you certain?

you’re god damn right I’m emailing about my new assistant/co-pilot again.

I’ve been waiting to talk about it because I wanted her to be done with the job she just left so she was available enough to impress.

And I’m making a big show of it because I figured what better way to battle-test her than pull her up on stage and see what she does when everyone is watching.

It’s also just a god damn good story.

Other than her telling me she was working at a Pilates studio doing a lot of the same shit I was asking for, I’m just going by instinct.

I trusted that the young woman in that first video had it figured out.

I liked that she didn’t even want to talk about the “tech stuff” I said was important to me… I felt like it was handled. She didn’t just tell me.

I felt like she was certain.

Certain that she was the only reasonable choice.

Certain that she could do everything I wanted to be done.

I made a #randomtalkingvideo about it yesterday. So did she.

People want fucking certainty.

They don’t want wishy-washy anything.

They like black and white answers.

It’s better to be certain and wrong sometimes than uncertain and STILL WRONG SOMETIMES.

They’ll forgive you just the same.

Just because you allow for wiggle-room doesn’t make the wrong advice any less wrong.

All you’re doing is protecting yourself because you’re afraid to stand for something.

The only time certainty is a problem is when deception is involved… and in that case, I’d argue that it’s not even certainty at all.

Better to at least try to make them feel better about the decision.

That shit is contagious. Your confidence makes them feel better… and it gets them to take the action you want them to take.

It’s good for ’em.


PS – wanna know what I’m certain as fuck about?

Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck is going to cost twice as much after midnight tonight, baby.

I’m doubling it. And then probably 5x’ing it.

It’s a 2 hour training about advanced marketing strategies for turning yourself into a compelling, fascinating, enduring “character” who people can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next.

“I am watching it for the third time, now…tons of good stuff in there. Practical and not commonly taught (certainly never taught in Yoga TT). Thank you!”

“I think the biggest thing for me is exposing my personality. I have so many thoughts/ideas/good shit that I want to get across to people; this video has given me clarity about how to go about it in an organised way.“

“I was sucked into the story you were telling and loving the technical flaws during the presentation, your honesty, the realness. I saw the principles on the slides being manifested through your presentation. While I had the “steps” written down the day earlier, I had a mindset shift the next day.”

“I wasn’t sure what I could learn, I was assuming stuff along the lines of “be yourself and how to be original” but really my mind was blown, and I am so hooked. I’m saying that and I’ve paid for huge group programs in online marketing and $5k in a one on one mentorship. So I’m sitting here like WTF? I feel like I got the behind the scenes secret shit that’s really potent and amazing and made me feel sooooo excited about sharing whatever it is I’m teaching, being myself and “marketing myself.””

“Listening to this presentation all day and going back over through it, sparked so many ideas but haven’t conceptualized any of them quite yet. I was nervous spending the money and getting the presentation and it being too advanced for me or not applicable because I don’t have a huge following…….I feel like an idiot. Wasted time being nervous.”

I’m really glad I bought this. I had my doubts but you swayed me somehow, and in two hours I got more out of it than I did the stupid online “business” class for moms  I paid 10x the price for.”

You’re out of your god damn mind if you don’t take me up on it.

Shit’s about to get crazy and imma be expensive as fuck.




I made a post a few weeks ago saying I was looking for an assistant.

At first, it didn’t say “assistant” because I just want someone to come in and create a role for themselves. Or at least not allow the title get in the way of bigger thinking.

But then I realized that I want that person to know that I will be asking for “assistant” things – and decided it wasn’t worth getting cute early… I’d get a bunch of people who think they have good ideas but wouldn’t want to do the little shit that will help me go faster.

I made an RTV about it here.

My first post about the job was a basic overview of what I was looking for. And I said that much of my business relies on technology and apps and all kinds of computer shit – and that I didn’t really want to have to explain that stuff very much.

In the bottom of the post, I asked them to post a 2-3 minute video on YouTube and send me the link.

Mostly, I just wanted to see if people would read the whole thing and follow instructions. I even called it out in the comments.

Lots of really fantastic people did… smart, driven, creative entrepreneurs. All are doing cool things… I hated the whole fucking process because I loved them all.

But the person I hired didn’t follow the fucking instructions. ‍♂

Her name is Kassidy. She’s 22 years old and she lives in Tucson.

She sent me a few of short Insta DM videos… and she just seemed so fucking certain that was the only logical choice. she made me feel like I’d be making a mistake if I didn’t pick her.

It was like she was annoyed that I even made a big deal out of the technology stuff.

She brushed right past that shit like it wasn’t even worth her time.

Can’t remember a fucking word she said, but I trusted that it didn’t matter.

She was certain.

Way more powerful than a bullet point explanation of all the things she could do.

She took a big risk with the whole thing… very do or die, sink or swim.

She took power back by making me come to her… I could choose to either disqualify her for breaking the rules.

Or not.

It worked. (Those videos disappear, or I’d post them for sure.)

But here’s what I think actually convinced me:

I messaged her back and said:

“Ok, I’m hiring you for an hour. I’ll pay you to go through my shit and make something for me. I want to see how you think.”

She said: “I’ll do it tonight when I get home from work.”

Later that night, she emailed me: “I wasn’t really feeling creative, and I could have spent more time on it, but I wanted to get it to you tonight.”

She attached a document with a bunch of testimonials she pulled out of Insta comments and shit. It was simple and clean.

She could have easily spent more time on it, waited to send it until the next day, and tried to impress me or some shit…

But she didn’t.

She did what she said she was gonna do.

She sent it that night.

Big points.

I don’t know if she even knows that.

Anyway, I told her if she quits her other job (doing similar things at a Pilates studio), that I’d match her pay for two months while we see what we see.

She gave her two-week notice that day. Two weeks ago.

So away we go.

But really – she’s already teaching me shit. (be fucking certain.)

And giving me things to talk about. (this)

And she’s doing what I tell everyone to do: talk about this process herself with her own … she started an email list a few weeks ago and she’s telling this story as though it’s a chapter in her fucking real-time memoirs.

“I’m quitting my steady job to go work for a guy who calls himself The Yoga Sex Rock God” etc.

(she’s been paying attention to me for a while and she went through my Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck training. )



PS –  I assume you already know that I’m doubling the price of YMTDS tomorrow. Don’t sleep on it.

Here are some of the testimonials we’ve since added to the document I mentioned above:

Not about the resume, posture, or being the perfect teacher…
Moral Obligation: Put out the personal stuff.
-Melis Coban

Guess how I spent my Saturday night? Sipping La Croix and watching you for two hours… sounds way creepier than it really was. – Genevieve Clough

I’ve learned is that it’s not that difficult, telling stories about myself.  In theory. You make it sound so simple & listening to you I know I can do it. -Megan

I have made time to watch it again and my whole situation looks a bit brighter already… I’ve realized that I kind of have a network here from the people in the fitness trainer courses I have taken. -Arne Luttropp

Get that shit.

hell yes

I love this shit. I could not have asked for better adjectives, no?

“You are exactly what I thought you would be like: comforting, inspiring and frightening.”

That’s what Jordana said after the Summit of Power – her first time meeting me.

I can’t really think of a good segue, so I’m gonna switch topics:

We all have heard that we should learn from and talk about the things we failed at.

But here’s a cool way to put that shit on steroids:

Start talking about something you haven’t yet failed at – so that when you inevitably do, the people get to see that shit happen…

It’s the best thing you’ll ever do.

It’s so much better than working alone, in private, creating something, and then doing some big reveal… like TA-DA!

That’s if you ever even ship the damn thing… if you’re anything like me, you end up frozen and paralyzed with indecision.

Much better to let your people watch you transform and create your thing… they’re part of the process. The conversation and the story about why you’re making it IS SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING.

In fact, if you DON’T talk about the process, YOU ARE WASTING SO MUCH CREATIVITY.

Like… who the fuck do you think you are?

People would kill to have good shit like that to publish… and you’re just wasting it because you’d rather wait until it’s pretty or “done.”

Not a good idea.

Start talking about whatever you’re working on now… even if you haven’t even started.

If you don’t know what you’re working on, start talking about what you think about… or your ideas… or your plans for the future… or the way you think the world should work.

“If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” – Toni Morrison

But you don’t even have to write an actual book in one big shot … you can start by sharing those ideas in little mini installments via Insta/email/etc.

It works.

People love it.

“No human ever became interesting by not failing. The more you fail and recover and improve, the better you are as a person. Ever meet someone who’s always had everything work out for them with zero struggle? They usually have the depth of a puddle. Or they don’t exist.”
– Chris Hardwick


PS – I was talking about the whole time how if I completely froze up and fucked up The Summit of Power, it would only be better in the end. It would be just a trainwreck and I’d have to overcome shit and people would love me even more for it… that didn’t happen.

@adultyoga “I kept thinking about how I’ve never been in a room full of leaders, that was also totally unpretentious. Like, usually, especially for yoga teachers and trainers, it becomes a pissing contest, or everyone’s making a point to stretch or say something “wise”, but that didn’t happen. Everyone was wide fucking open which is why so much shit got done in way too little time.”

PS – I’m doubling the price of Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck on Friday.

Then i’m going to 5x it. Then i’m pulling it off the market to make it in a bunch of modules that I can sell for way more money.

I made a huge mistake with this price tag. It’s too powerful to be giving it away for such a low price. It’s basically the foundation of everything we talked about at The Summit of Power – my premium event.

I learned the importance of quality vs. quantity, to stop fucking avoiding offending people and to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. I also learned you don’t need a shit ton of people paying attention for results…..

 Be concrete. You said that’s the way to be. Like Oprah. We remember her shit because of it…

YMTDS has most importantly taught me that being you is absolutely the fucking best thing you can offer. Know your strengths AND weaknesses and capitalize off of them.

 -Kenzie McKeon

“But, I’m also getting from you after over a decade of teaching internationally and showing off my credentials…  They don’t matter they don’t matter at all and what does matter is engagement.  What does matter is the tension.  What does matter is the narrative.  Consistent, consistent narrative.”

Lawrence-Jacob Milman

I’ve learned is that it’s not that difficult, telling stories about myself.  In theory. You make it sound so simple & listening to you I know I can do it. -Megan

Do it


feelings hurt enough to quit

do you know Erin? She posted this yesterday and I think a lot of us can understand what it feels like:

A student of six years and husband just unsubscribed from my mailing list and stopped attending classes. I’ve worked on her daughters (I’m also an LMT) and taught her entire family for years.

I’ve held her head and massaged her neck and shown deep care each week. She sent me an email a few months ago about not liking my teaching anymore, describing the movements as “convoluted” and “mechanical”. She came to a class last week to after many months and promptly unsubscribed that day.

To quote:

your solicitations and expectations for us to read and be part of your personal and professional transformation to that degree is more than we can give or want to be part of. As for the class I attended, it felt more cohesive and focused than previously, for sure, but it unfortunately fell flat for me and is not what I am looking for at this time. For now, I am having fun trying several other classes…”​

This is not isolated. My shifting in content has been met with a surprising amount of hostility. I’m shocked. •
I know I know. If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard “it’s not about you.”

I know.

This past Friday: the rudest person I’ve ever had in a class in 12 years. She’d only come to 3 classes. I cried after she left.

I need a better strategy for not feeling so utterly derailed by all of this. I’ve been so blindsided. No idea stopping sun salutations and basic worn out postures would lead to this. The comments have been relentless and all over the spectrum from “not meditative enough” to “not enough of a workout” to “want more flow” to “too advanced”. People are MAD! Ive repeatedly, delicately explained why im changing course but it’s as if I’ve done some awful harmful misrepresentative thing by teaching out of the box.

Last week a student said “you’ve changed my life… But I’m not paying you to walk back and forth across the room moving head and eyes.” (Visual/vestibular balance training)

Buddhists: Shenpa. Hooked/Triggered, heart revves up. Feel misunderstood and under appreciated. OLD WOUNDS.

There are many appreciative, kind, curious, adventurous students still. Can I please focus on them?

I have a lot to say about this, really.

First of all, that chick that Unsubscribed and told her “your solicitations and expectations for us to read and be part of your personal and professional transformation to that degree is more than we can give or want to be part of.”

HOLY SHIT. FUCK THAT LADY. Like, get the fuck away from me, you coldblooded idiot. Just unsubscribe and go away.

I’m surprised Erin was able to deal with her for 6 years, really.

But whatever… here’s the most important thing I can say about this:

Trying to sell people things they don’t want is one of single biggest wastes of time ever.

It’s damn near pointless.

And even if you are able to convince someone to buy/stay – they’re just going be a fucking monstrous pain in your ass.

We talked a lot about this at the Summit of Power this weekend… how, depending on how you get the client/student/customer/etc, the relationship will forever be colored.

If you had to convince them, it’s going to be extremely difficult to help them.

I had a similar experience when I first started changing my class… not a lot of actual shitty feedback because they are probably afraid of me, haha – but they sure did leave… I lost a shitton of money.

But I kept hacking away at what I was teaching and bringing it back “home” as much as possible, while still teaching with integrity… (keep in mind, I never taught any of the crazy extreme stuff because I could never do it… so it wasn’t like a complete overhaul… but it was enough to piss people off.)

I made it work. I started rebuilding… the people who loved me stuck with me and let me work my shit out.

But while I was doing that… I was simultaneously building a much more engaged audience online.

And eventually, that audience consumed so much of my attention that I couldn’t even bring myself to teach my classes anymore…

These people wanted as much of me as I’d give them… and they were willing to pay for it.

So you know where I went.

Erin is gonna be just fine. She’s been on my Watch List for quite a while. She built her account from zero to 800+ followers really fucking quickly… and she’s crushing her email marketing game too.

I mean, fuck, look at the outpouring of support in the comments of the original post.

She’s a fucking star… I think she needs to sell something to the people who she’s magnetically attracting.

They want whatever you got.


PS – I’m doubling the price of Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck on Friday.

Then i’m going to 5x it. Then i’m pulling it off the market to make it in a bunch of modules that I can sell for way more money.

I made a huge mistake with this price tag. It’s too powerful to be giving it away for such a low price.

“This was great. I’ve sat down countless times and tried to start creating polished content that is good and great for everyone to see/hear/buy whatever. Except when I’m being me,there’s no fucking unicorns/candy canes/proper grammar so it never turns into shit. I’ve payed attention to your content and without really trying to emulate it I’ve started acting more like the sarcastic asshole I tend to be in the real world..and more people give a shit. This reaffirmed a lot, gave me the kick in pants to get some ideas up and running, and some things to immediately change about how I’m approaching the interwebs.

You’re the fucking black suited marketing Spider-Man. Way fucking cooler than regular Spider-Man. Making people look twice at your content because it invokes actual connection & curiosity rather than the typical recycled sounding messages/information.” –Damion Perry”

“In two hours I got more out of it than I did the stupid online “business” class for moms I paid 10X the price for.”

“My mind was really blown, and I am so hooked.”

“WTF? I feel like I got the behind the scenes secret shit that’s really potent and amazing.”

“This made me soooooo excited about sharing whatever it is I’m teaching, being myself and “marketing myself.”

“I was nervous spending the money and it not being applicable because I don’t have a huge following… I feel like an idiot. Wasted time being nervous.”

Get it.

Re: the summit

dude I know I owe you a response… I have a lot to say about The Summit of Power… but I usually need a few days after an event like this to process my shit.

For me, speaking is very different than teaching yoga or movement stuff.

It’s much more taxing.

But as I’ve become more comfortable with the attention, I tend to pay the price more after rather than before…

So as where before I’d get anxious leading up to the day… now I feel less of that, but afterward, I feel more of the “Should have done this, forgot this, missed that, should’ve said it this way.” etc. type shit. Typical AF, I know…

But I’m guessing this also has something to do with the fact that now it’s my name on the product… and I’m not just speaking at someone else’s thing.


But yeah. That’s what it is.

I mean, it was definitely fucking monumental.

Check out what D.j. Murakami (@strongcamps) said:

The YSRG was a mystical experience. I don’t know if it was because of the microdose, the amazing group of people in the room, or finding myself inside a dream I had years ago.

Ryan has the special ability to show you the magic by pulling the curtain back, which ironically makes you even more captivated by the trick. It’s like a reverse slight of hand. He throws the cards in your face, and it’s always the card you were thinking of. If it wasn’t, then you don’t belong in our show.

And Stephanie Crothers (@ladylucent):

The most riveting 6 hours I’ve ever spent and with the most interesting and badass people, too.

Fucking boss.

Still – one of those “you should’ve talked about that more” moments came in a conversation I had with my cousin. He was there.

I just posted a #randomtalkingvideo about it…

But to quickly recap, I had everyone quickly say who they were and why they were there.

After he talked, I pointed out that he’s a few years younger than I am, and as we were growing up … he started doing things after I started, and then got better at them.

He started lifting weights after me. He got bigger and more ripped.

Then he got into internet marketing stuff after I did, and now he makes more money than I do.

So yes, I wished I had taken that opportunity spend some time talking about the fact that you don’t have to be better – or more successful – at something to help someone else get better…

This shit is not a requirement.

And the idea that you must be gets in a lot of people’s way. Me included.

It affects our confidence… and our pricing… and our whole fucking being.

And you can see examples of it not being false as fuck everywhere you look:

Coaches for any sports team, for example… baseball, football, basketball.
Boxing coaches, golf coaches.

They certainly can’t play better than them… or they would be playing.

And more often than not, they weren’t better even when they were playing…

Sometimes, they never even played the damn sport at the same level. They couldn’t even get that far…

But even outside of sports… or teaching yoga… or any advanced movement stuff…

There’s great value in NOT KNOWING because you will be forced to ask the simple questions they don’t think about anymore.

… just for you to understand…

The only way that not being better than them is a problem is if you lie and deceive them… or otherwise misrepresent what you know or what you can do.

But you already knew that shit.


PS – It’s irresponsible of me to be making Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck so accessible. It’s too powerful.

I’m doubling the price on Friday. Then I’ll probably 5x after that… or pull it off the market and retool it. ‍♂️

Buy that shit.

It’s the foundation of everything we were doing at The Summit of Power.



hey the Summit of Power was fucking excellent.

It created more FOMO than anything I’ve ever done – so now I have like 300 unresponded-to messages asking how it went.

@adultyoga was there. She said:

“it was thrilling, surprising, sometimes disgusting.”


I posted a few photos on my Insta… if you were interested in what The World’s Most Expensive Jacket looks like.

I’ll tell you more about it this week.


PS – I’m doubling the price of Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck later this week. It’s everything we talked about at The Summit of Power. My shit is too good. I’m seeing and believing it more and more every day…  quite frankly, I’m doing the product a disservice.



just real quick, what do you think of these?

110574_1517460493Hsbysrg-jeans.jpgyoga sex rock god shit, huh?

hell yeah.

The Summit of Power is on Saturday… so I’m conserving energy and sending shorter emails for a few days. probably.


PS – I put a bunch of stuff on


fuck it I’m doing it

I’m legit trying to unhook from everything I planned to teach this weekend at The Summit of Power – and just show up.

I want to be as close to not knowing what’s going to happen as I can possibly allow myself to be.

It’s freaking me the fuck out, but it feels like the right move.

Here’s why:

I went to a Kyle Cease event last year called Evolving Out Loud.

Kyle is a stand-up comedian by trade – but he got all into meditation and transformation stuff and started teaching his own brand of it.

It’s like funny improv meets Tony Robbins inspirational/motivational/transformational whatever.

He talks and jokes and tells stories.

And interacts with the crowd. And has conversations with individuals.

And just figures it out.

It was fucking riveting.

Here’s the copy from his site:

Evolving Out Loud is a powerful event designed to help you release your old conditioned patterns so you can tap into your natural flow state of creativity and unlimited possibilities. At this event, you will discover amazing and unique things about yourself that have been hiding just beneath the surface.

This is not motivation. This is not inspiration. This is TRUE transformation.

At this event you will:

•  be immersed into your natural, creative self for two full days.
•  laugh for two days straight.
•  identify illusions that you have been living under that keep you from being happy—right now.
•  be a part of a fun, spontaneous and collaborative experience and meet people that are transforming with you.
•  learn to release everything you are not—in order to make room for everything you are supposed to become.
•  explore the profitability of playing and following your passions.
•  undo years of stress and anxieties that have been keeping you from truly living.
•  see new opportunities that have been hidden in plain sight all around you.
•  learn that you are a fountain of unlimited ideas for books, movies, podcasts, etc. and that you have a powerful gift that the world needs.
Thousands of Evolving Out Loud attendees have already stepped into a life of freedom by creating deeper connections to themselves and the moment, releasing debilitating fears, losing weight, ending stage fright, developing new purpose driven companies, letting go of addictions, creating higher income, and discovering inner abilities that were being overlooked.

It is very hard to write out the massive amount of benefits this event will bring you. So we’re just gonna say it:


Join us on a journey into yourself and learn with tangible proof that YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS. Not your parents. Not your spouse. Not your clients. Not Kyle.


Sounds dope right?

I like seminars as much as the next guy, but I don’t typically get all swept up in them…

I’m pretty sure this one did something to me, though.

My thinking and writing changed… and I feel like I started going faster too. Like, I was more and more willing to let go of the old shit I was doing to start doing what I really want to do.

And really – just watching this fucking guy do what amounted to a #randomtalkingweekend. He just got on the stage and figured that shit out. For 2 days.

He did it with 2000 people in a big amphitheater.

I’m starting with 16 people who basically know everything about me already.

The idea here I want it to be as spontaneous as it can be.

I want to demonstrate that I attracted the right group of people… 

And I put them in the right place…

At the right time…

For us to do something that has never been done before.

I already did everything I needed to do to make it fucking magical.

Now I just have to let it happen.

I want to do what Kyle did… but instead of it being so “heart-centered” and inspirational-feeling.

I want The Summit of Power to be more about marketing and influence and power and money.

And I want it to be kind of dark and fucked up.


PS – i love hearing shit like this:

“…The other day I drove 40 minutes to take Lindsey Quinn’s class at her new studio. She used to teach at my local yawn inducing Baptiste studio (they are strict on any variation from “The Journey into Power”). Lindsey is the one who told me about you. SHE TAUGHT THE ABSOLUTE FUCKING BEST CLASS EVER. Afterwards, she came up to me and we hugged and chatted and caught up, and I complimented her on her class and she said that she has learned so much and has found SOOOO much good information from all of the amazing teachers you have collected into this new community. It’s AWESOME. I could definitely tell too.” -Wesley Hefel

PPS – you can learn a lot about the way I think about yoga and how to teach in my Yoga War Room training with Yoga Detour.

“This video is a game changer, for sure. Just watched it and I already have a ton of easy tweaks to make my classes smarter, more effective and memorable to my students, without actually changing the sequence itself. Literally gonna use these in my class in an hour.”

“This was absolutely worth every penny I paid. And it SHOULD be more expensive. Within the first 30minutes I was already learning how to develop an inversion and arm-balance workshop that introduces these nonessential shapes in safe ways. WhAt?!! Mind blown!

Get it.

Re: anxiety about saturday

Your boy has been getting a little bit anxious about the Summit of Power.

I’ve been a part of events like this, but never with my name on the marquee.

108515_1517273488iVjScreen_Shot_2018-01-That’s a big fucking title, baby. People are traveling into LA from all over the world to be a part of it.

So I’ve been trying to get my head in the game as much as possible.

Pouring over my notebooks, and mindmaps, and Notes on my phone, and past presentations, and books, and my Instagram comments, and every fucking thing I have – to prepare for my presentation.

I’ve been fretting over the design of the slides… and how I want to make sure it looks different than Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck.

But then I realized… fuck all that.

Yoga Sex Rock God does not prepare a presentation.

No fucking sir.

He just shows up. No soundcheck. No rehearsal.

Blows fucking minds, breaks fucking hearts, and gets the fuck out of dodge.

So that’s what I’m doing.

I’ve been steady crushing it every day for a while now… this is just another god damn day.

And it will be like nothing that anyone has ever done before.

A bunch of folks asked I’m going to be recording the event:

Yes, I hired a video guy and photographer… and I’m flying a highly soughtafter makeup artist in from the UK. She came out of retirement to make me look great for this event. (not exactly a difficult task, but still.)

But I’m not sure if I’m going to be releasing the footage.

It might be too much for the public… lot of mushcookies out there.

I’ll let you know. Maybe we can edit out the really wild shit.



PS – by the way, if you’ve been considering Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck – I’m going to be pulling it off the market after The Summit of Power. It needs to be way more expensive… and not just for Yoga Teachers.

So if you want it for $100… get on it baby.

“Just sent out my 12th email. 12 days straight is this shit and it’s a total game changer. I don’t even have anything to sell (yet) but the change in influence and quality of interactions with people is almost palpable. The confidence and creativity I’ve been experiencing with my content are on another level, and it’s only just begun. So, thanks. YMTDS is the truth.”  -Damion Perry

“I definitely see how you could use this information for evil. It’s like I can be Anakin or I can be Luke. Luckily I’m a yoga teacher who believes in non-violence (unless there is an apocalypse) and compassion for all (unless you’re a straight up asshole). So I’ll mainly use it for good.

You can tell you don’t give a fuck. And that’s what makes me want to listen to you, the way you carry yourself and even talk through the video, I’m like man this guy has it figured out. I’m just glad I got to skip the computer and cocaine addiction and get all this information from a baby computer in my hands.” – Jenna Clark


how do you do that?

this shit ain’t easy. writing an email every day.

sometimes it’s easiER. but most of the time, it’s pretty painful.

And frustrating.

But if you wanna get better at writing – you MUST use deadlines.


“Real” or imposed upon yourself.

In early November, I committed to a “tomorrow” deadline every god damn day by promising to send an email every god damn day – and I can’t even tell you how much the game has changed for me since then…

Not even just regarding my business.

But also the fucking boost in my confidence to always be able to make awesome shit… even when I don’t have any ideas.

And even when I have zero motivation. I know that if I start… And I can just get the fucking gears turning – I can crank.

I feel god damn unstoppable.

The money is cool and stuff, but there’s an equal amount of magic in the creation (and meeting) of deadlines. Again and again and again.

But let’s be honest – you have to be a special kinda asshole to get into the daily email game – for sure.

It’s not for your average, everyday motherfucker.

And I certainly don’t want you to freeze up because you see me doing something you’re afraid to try. That would be the opposite of what I want.

Send two (or more) emails each week. Without fail. No fucking bullshit ass excuses.

Once per week is not enough.

Everyone can do that.

And you don’t want to be everyone.

The last thing you want to be is everyone.

Write some shit.

Don’t get out of the chair to do your stupid mobility exercises.

You’ll be fine.

Keep fucking writing.

Show it to some people.

See what happens and tell people about it.

Go do something interesting… and write about it.

But commit to deadlines.

Writing in a journal or whatever is also great… and has its benefits for sure.

But it is not the same thing as publishing.

Or pressing Send.

Or Post.

Or whatever.

If you don’t know know what to talk about… you should pick up Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck.


PS – I want you to do this stuff cuz i know as soon as you start making some money, you’ll start buying my shit. So DO IT.

PPS – here’s what Tori Lunden (@badatyoga) said yesterday. Un-edited. Leaving typos in. She didn’t know I would be showing you.

First off- I am an awful fucking student. I hate being told what to do and what I am potentially doing wrong. I felt NONE of that usual ‘fuck you’ response while watching your video-  sign of great teaching and a really good example of , “Your story is what gives you the authority to tell people how to behave.” I could relate to you as a person and so I was way more open to your expertise. Brilliant.

I took a lot away from the YMTDS- things I’m doing well (unknowingly), things I’m not doing at all , and things I do but need to ramp up and own the shit out of.

Looking back over my IG page I realized how little I post about what I’m actually offing in terms of classes etc (WTF TORI?!) and when I do, the posts seem out place with my story. I’d fallen into the trap of thinking that yoga marketing had to look a certain way (the usually done hard sell, look at me the expert kind of way) in order to work. The irony is not lost on me that I was going against what I was doing right (ie being me!!!) in order to try and market myself better.

I haven’t posted many testimonials or name drops because it felt like bragging- Like a lot of yoga teachers I easily confuse healthy humility with having a martyr complex. That shit has gotta go. Right after I write a post about it haha.

And writing- which I absolutely love. That and along with all my other crazy ideas (creepy yoga story time, the featured Badass, podcast idea I’ve been kicking around etc) need to be committed to and ramped up. I have so many stories to tell. Good stories. Thank-you so much for the bit on not over editing ourselves or trying to write perfectly- I get caught in that trap a lot and it stifles my creativity. I have over a dozen half finished Tori Stories that I’ve overthought to death– I just put a post-it note on my laptop that says “you’re not writing for a magazine” while that’s a goal of mine- I don’t need to approach my posts that way.

One last thing- oodles if followers doesn’t equal a successful business or buy-in. YES!!! Success and my brain getting its dopamine fix are not the same thing!

Those are a few of my notes/first impressions. Right now I’m pumped to get at it and start tackling this shit in a way that’ll get me results. I think the biggest challenge from here will be to keep the momentum going.