I feel mad when you talk

This is definitely one of my all-time favorite DM’s. I love it so much. I got it from a woman named Willow last night.


I figured it was better to express my struggle and see your response before I decide rather than just not doing it and saying nothing at all because of assumptions of who I think you are based on my own biased perceptions. I don’t think you’re completely horrible. I just disagree with some of your ways of engaging with people and implementing change. I feel it comes from ego and ignorance. Supporting exclusion and hierarchy rather than love and that bothers me. I really hope I’m wrong though.


The comments coming in on the repost are money too.

@dk_movement Fascinating

@themindbodypt Baller. To know you are going to get railed, and still be unable to resist just the tip.

@dannymovement So much this. It’s weird and mind-blowing, but I’m into it

@willowtreeyogi damn it! I’m in the vortex! It’s so strong and warm in here!!

@willowtreeyogi And you win @ryanorrico , YMTDS is good stuff. Thank you. And, What is the struggle we are having? Is it just the discomfort of re and de conditioning and re shaping from the boxes we’ve crammed ourselves in? Is it trust? Gah it’s so discombobulating! I’m just telling myself shhhhh… just go with it and see what it does. If it’s shit, call it out as such and burn it down. If it’s awesome, light it up it…and pass it around to see who else wants this ❤

But yes. Her initial reaction is quite common.

And really, even though we DM’d back and forth for a few and she bought YMTDS – as a general practice… confusing people is probably not the best business & marketing strategy.

But it’s more important to me that I make people think… even though it’s an insurmountable barrier to entry for most people.

It’s also important to me that I’m repulsive as fuck to the people I don’t want close to me.

That’s what makes me magnetic to the people that I DO.



PS – I’m going to train with Hunter in a few and then I’m working on the landing page for The Rabbit Hole. Soon as I publish it, the price will be up. Dunno how much yet. That could be today.. could be tomorrow. Could be Sunday. 🤷🏻‍♂️

So if you want it for $50, get it here.

It’s also included with the full $200 Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck package… (best deal fasho. so if you were on the fence, do it.)

I’m going to do it live/streaming in a few weeks… and then give you everything to download after. But that’s all I’m going to say until the page is up.

(there’s some teaser stuff on my Insta though)

no one cares 🙄

Another reason these emails are fucking sweet is that I can just use the responses as a bottomless well of inspiration.

Create. Watch. Respond.

Yesterday, I responded to an email about why you should be having an email-based conversation with people who dig your shit. (an email list)

But now I want to talk about something even more critical.

WHY those people should even listen to you in the first place… so you can get out of your own god damn way.

I’m not a teacher (yet). I don’t have a “platform” or even a plan how to transition out of my daily grind career to do this shit that I’d rather do. Plus, who should listen to ME?! I’m no expert, and my life is only HALF about health/disease management/vegetables… The other half is still about whiskey/cats/getting laid as much as possible while I still have some feeling in my lower half! And it’s becoming about wanting to smoke weed without feeling guilty because it is the ONLY thing that gives me a break from the constant neuropathic pain, FFS! I am NOT a role model, nor do I have any desire to be. What I have is mule-headed iron will and obstinacy that keeps me moving in spite of all the holes in my brain and spinal cord. But I don’t even understand HOW I do it! How am I supposed to teach it to other people?

Holy fuck, no one cares about credentials and qualifications.

Even FRC. I talk about it a lot, and I’m proud of it… but I don’t think that waving the letters around does anything to increase my influence.

The only thing that matters is personal narrative.

Your degrees and qualifications and expertise don’t mean shit.

Unless, of course, they’re just part of a more compelling personal narrative.

The reason people will listen to you is that you are DEMONSTRATING that you can help them… not telling them.

I don’t have any fucking qualifications, man.

Besides a few random drop-in classes to appease my Mom, I didn’t go to college.

I killed it as a trainer in the Chicago suburbs, in my early/mid 20’s, while doing TONS of coke and drinking vodka as I was working with clients.

Not a single person ever asked if I was certified.

I never was.

I had multiple trainers working under me who were. But no one ever asked them either.

I just poured myself into learning how to market and sell my shit. I’ve probably spent $100K on my own marketing education with information products, and books, and seminars, travel, and webinars, and all that shit…

I don’t have an “RYT200” certificate. I have 100 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. (which is good because 200+ hour programs brainwash people.)

You get to make yourself up.

You can start today.

Use your stories to turn yourself into a compelling character.

One that people can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next.

You don’t lie.

You don’t manipulate.

You engineer outcomes.


PS – I talk about this in Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck.

Here’s what Caroline said about it.

“I re-watched it. It’s so effing good – you NEED to do this training again. It’s a lot of information though..I didn’t really get it the last time..but NOW.🙌🙌🙌

And ..the awkwardness is endearing. Glitches make you even more human.”

When I re-shoot it, it’s going to be at least $200… likely much more.

Get version 1.0 for $100. Watch it. Send me more than one page (but less than two) about what you learned and what you want to do – then we’ll schedule 15 minutes to talk about whatever you want.

You’re insane if you don’t take me up on this.

PPS – btw, I made an official page for The Best Yoga Class in The World. It’s at thebestyogaclassintheworld.com.



One of the cool things about these plain text emails is that they just come off like “easy peasy cool joe breezy” – ya know?  Like, when you make a pretty newsletter with graphics and headers… it reeks of desperation and marketing. And effort.

People get uncomfortable when your effort is apparent.

No matter how hard it is, it’s nice when the delivery appears fluid.

This email be like:

(embedding fun images works. as long as the email still has this plain feel.)

So yeah – I sent an email the other day about how I don’t really “love to write” but that I know it’s really good for me… it’s how I’ve made money for the past 15 years. Even when I was a training clients and teaching yoga…

I consider this part to be just as important as the teaching. It IS the teaching.

Check this response I got:

Dude. I DO love to write. AND I’m fucking boss at it. And I have plenty to say. I can do it.  But I don’t yet understand why I should. I don’t know that I have anything to “sell.”

Here’s what I want to make happen: I want to learn how to teach people about functional movement. I want to connect with other people with disability, injury, or chronic illness and help them realize how crazy therapeutic movement is. I wanna shed some fucking reality on the shit show that MS is and simultaneously NOT whinge on about it. I want to help people start to understand how they can take CONTROL over their broken bodies. I wanna use a lot of filthy language while I do it.

I’m down to write emails. But I don’t quite get what the point would be for me. I’m not a teacher (yet). I don’t have a “platform” or even a plan how to transition out of my daily grind career to do this shit that I’d rather do. Plus, who should listen to ME?! I’m no expert, and my life is only HALF about health/disease management/vegetables…

The other half is still about whiskey/cats/getting laid as much as possible while I still have some feeling in my lower half! And it’s becoming about wanting to smoke weed without feeling guilty because it is the ONLY thing that gives me a break from constant neuropathic pain, FFS!

I am NOT a role model, nor do I have any desire to be. What I have is mule-headed iron will and obstinacy that keeps me moving in spite of all the holes in my brain and spinal cord. But I don’t even understand HOW I do it! How am I supposed to teach it to other people?

I think I went a little off the rails there, but I have faith in your ability to figure out what I mean.

So why should I be starting an email list?

Because The Church of Ryantology™ dictates that it’s better to have a receptive audience before you start waving your wares around.

It’s better to have helped them in advance.

It’s better that you’ve already proven to them that you can help them by getting them closer to where they want to go BEFORE you reveal your new whizbang product.

Isn’t it?

Doesn’t this just make intuitive sense to you?

But those aren’t even the best reasons.

The story you get to tell while you develop whatever it is you’re going to sell them IS WAY MORE INTERESTING THAN THE FUCKING THING YOU’RE GOING TO SELL THEM.

Don’t you see it?

Can’t you see me doing it right now?

Right now.

The reason why email and not just social media…

The transactions happen in email… the actual part where the reader takes out their wallet and enters their credit card info. (or logs into PayPal.. having a PayPal option is a really smart idea.)

I’m going to do an online class in January about email marketing.

Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck is NOT that course. (but I will hook you up with a discount if you buy it)

YMTDS is more about knowing WHAT to say to build influence in all of your communication… not just email. It’s my playbook. It’s everything I did to get you to the place where you’re reading these words right now.

This will be more about execution and how-to. It will be for creative/teacher/entrepreneur types who want to do some of this stuff.


PS – Here’s what Caroline said about Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck:

“I re-watched it. It’s so effing good – you NEED to do this training again. It’s a lot of information though..I didn’t really get it the last time..but NOW.🙌🙌🙌

And ..the awkwardness is endearing. Glitches make you even more human.”

When I re-shoot it, it’s going to be at least $200… likely much more.

Get version 1.0 for $100.

You’re insane if you don’t take me up on this.

you’re funny

do you think you can learn how to be funny?

I do.

I’ve been shy as fuck my whole life… but I practice a lot because it’s important to me.

I practice being funny more than I practice mobility… that’s why I’m funnier than you, but you can move better than me.

And I pay attention. I pay attention to what works and what I said when people laugh.. and then I do more of that.

I study people who make me laugh. I model the way they talk and put words together.

(Bill Burr’s ranting style has been one of my more recent [past 6-7 years] models)

You have to pay more attention to it. You have to work on it.

Notice the mundane and add commentary.

Feel the tension in your body when you watch comedy… Feel when it releases. Ask yourself questions.

It takes fucking work man.

You wanna be funny?  Practice being funny. Study funny people. What are they doing? It’s not magic.

Just don’t be one of those losers that says “you’re born with it.”

I don’t necessarily think you’re gonna be the next Kevin Hart or whatever…

But you can get pretty damn good.

You can get better than you are now – and that’s good enough.

The good thing about the type of work we’re doing is that we don’t have to be ‘stand-up comedian’ funny.

We just have to be funny enough to hold the interest of the audience so that we can help them.

Wanna know one of the easiest ways to be funny?

Be fucking honest about what you want.

It’s hilarious because no one does it.

Everyone dances around what they want…

Wanna know what I want?

I want you to give me money.

I want so much god damn money and power and fame that I can build the most incredible animal rescue farm in the world, put my Mom’s name on it, and funnel hundreds of millions of dollars into it via profits and donations.

But first, I want to deliver… I want to give you RESULTS IN ADVANCE.

I know that if you do some of this free shit – and you make a little bit of money – you’re gonna be like “oh damn if this was free… I wonder what would happen if I give him a little bit of money?  and then maybe even a lot of money.”

I’ll tell you… your fucking life will change immediately. I’m good at this shit. I can help anyone do this…  If you give me your phone for a day, I’ll fucking make money by looking through your photos and notes, digging out the real shit, then just be you better than you.


PS – buy Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck.

PPS – it’s going to be $200+ when I re-record it. Probably more like $500. This isn’t some stupid pricing gimmick… I’m just telling you the truth. I don’t think people who aren’t willing to invest in themselves will get anything out of it anyways… I’m doing the product a disservice by only charging $100 for it now.

Get it, fucker. I’ll blow your god damn mind.


an elite squad known as…

I’ve been hearing a lot of people to say they’re not inspired to write… or promote their stuff. Or whatever the fuck.

Who is?

Man, I’d rather just smoke weed and scroll Instagram all day. If I had my $100M, I can’t say I wouldn’t be watching Benson & Stabler and elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit right now.

(if you’re not in the US… I don’t know. Imagine some popular detective show.)

I don’t know if people that say they “love to write” actually do. Maybe… ‍♂️

I know it’s good for me. Psychologically, emotionally, financially. Underneath all the actual deliverables & work product – even teaching yoga, being able to combine words in a way that makes people spend their money is how I’ve been eating for the past fifteen years.

But I definitely wouldn’t say that I “love it.”

It’s hard as fuck. It’s hard to stay focused. It’s hard to sit. It’s hard to stand. It’s cold as fuck in this Starbucks.

But you don’t have to be inspired to be effective.

It’s about being consistent.

… in the eyes of your audience.

But also about being consistent enough to develop trust in yourself.. and your voice.

And consistently delivering that voice to the audience that feels good feelings when they see your name pop up. YOU DON’T HAVE TO TEACH THEM SHIT… unless that teaching makes them feel good feelings.

if your teaching and your hiding behind qualifications gets in the way of you delivering those good feelings – you’re missing it.

Trust that you can deliver every god damn day and know that if you don’t, they suffer.

You don’t have to be great. Just good. And consistent.

With your writing. With your mobility training… which, in the spirit of full-disclosure, I have NOT been consistent at all with that. Not for months. Not since my internet stuff started going off. But I do my CARs every day.

But I don’t even give a fuck because I’m finally doing what I have wanted to do for a very long time – and I’m having fun.

I wouldn’t say I’m “inspired” though. I’d rather be hanging with Finn Tutuola.


PS – Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck is not just for yoga people. It’s for everyone.

I don’t want to pitch it hard today. It’s badass. It’s $50 until I finish 2.0. Then it’s $200+ – the shit is legit gold. It’s how I do what I do. It’s only $50 because there were some technical glitches in the recording. (the content is all there.)

After you watch it, send me more than one page (but less than two) about what you learned and what you want to do… (again, you don’t have to be a yoga teacher. I’d love to talk to real estate people. Or whoever knows how to do something that can help people.)  — we will schedule a 15-minute call, no charge, and you can ask me anything you want.

If at the end of that call, we both decide we can help each other – you can apply the $50 towards the solution: maybe consulting, maybe Backstage Pass, maybe my February event.

Here’s where you get it.


so damn good

I can’t even type fast enough to keep up with everything I want to say about this.

I’m pasting an email I got this morning below.

She sent me a message a few days ago saying that she was interested in doing some of this [email marketing] stuff… but that she didn’t know what she would talk about.

I asked “what do you like to talk about? how can you help people?

I was hoping she would give me more than just some cookie cutter yoga bullshit.

This is her response:

I had no clue how to answer your question tbh. I really want to pull out the rubies and pearls of my interests…

But my truth is my life as it stands is akin to that night you took a load of coke, fucked your friend’s boyfriend, ended up on some persons bathroom floor realising that shit has got to change and you have one hand on the toilet seat about to stand the fuck up. You know? Call it what u will. Post natal fuckeries, traumatic childhood, yoga identity crisis. Lisa has been burning shit down for a while. I’m ready to build something.

But I’ve also never felt more clear, determined and driven as hell in my life.

I literally do not give a flying fuck. I care about my son, and that is it, ever seen a Brown Bear protect her cubs? That’s my drive and motivation.

Anyhow, that I could not list off happy, cool shit made me sad and frustrated. I even contemplated deleting my IG and running away.


Because my raw material, I don’t know if you could say “excited” rather the things that are overflowing in me are heavy. And who really wants to hear Debbie Downer cry into her gin? No they wantssss filtered-as-fuck ab trophies sipping on a Negroni in Santorini. ‍♀️

This is what I’m into:

I’ll just list them without apology.

1. Womanhood, motherhood, sharing stories of the feminine in a nongranola crunchy way.
2. Rebuilding a life after challenge and hardship, setbacks & knockbacks
3. Sustainable, sensual & nourishing fitness. Energy work, Nei Gong, functional fitness, dance
4. Using nature and solitude to heal. Introverts at the ready.
5. Overcoming stigma in mental health particularly as it relates to depression, sexual abuse and molestation.
6. Sexuality and empowerment cultivating your sexual self.
7. Love, Relationships and Intimacy
8. Race and representing diversity in yoga.
9. Being a single parent with no support network- how to thrive.
10. Community and creating connection to overcome loneliness and isolation.

Help people? I feel people want Gods and Goddesses of enterprise to spin them fairytales of how to….

That’s not me. I’m done preachin and teachin. My days of being a yoga prostitute are so ova!

Me? I’m that dog who goes in the bomb site to make sure a human does not get blown up. I have my life stories. My experiences. The wisdom I’ve learned the hard way from doing things my way, the wrong ways,

All the ways.

I want to be the person that Marylin could have called to stop her killing herself. Martyr complex you may think.

But no not a saviour.

Just a sharer of stories. Because through that process of seeing your truth in another we can start to feel okay.

I CAN help people. BY

1. Watching and learning about my journey to rebuild my fitness as the person outlined above. I’m tired of seeing 40 year old women portrayed in yoga as some Duracell 11-year-old gymnast. A practice that is equally supportive INSIDE as out. Energy work through attention, concentration, is the missing element. For me. NOT for Kino or Radha. Yoga & Fitness is prescriptive – not exhaustive.

2. Stories of inspiration and wisdom. Sharing tools I have used, am discovering to navigate life.

3. How to understand and LOVE people who are struggling with mental health, trauma, shame, childhood injuries.

4. How I use nature to heal.

5. 2018 – Restoring fun and joy to my life. I’m going to enjoy Lisa; you can enjoy Lisa too.

Thing is I’m not expert right, I don’t have the degrees, teacher trainings, study with fancy people who have obsessions with being monkeys. I’ve just got this. Me, my son, my books, my stories, time to practice and train.

So Ryan I don’t know if you watch Peaky Blinders – you really should. – this is my free Christmas tip.

Thanks for listening,

With angst,


❤️❤️❤️❤️ Well that was fucking amazing.


Sign up for god damn Mailchimp. It’s free to start.

When I first started writing this email, I was planning to give you a little more “how-to” stuff in this email, but it’s already too awesome for one day.

I’ll get back tomorrow with ideas for some ways to approach it… and we’ll definitely be talking a lot about qualifications and how they don’t fucking matter at all.

But what do you think…? You gonna try some email marketing in 2018? Do you know that you’re actually interesting as fuck? And all you have to do is stop thinking you need to copy those other fucking clowns…

Would you sign up for Lisa’s email list?

I sure as fuck would. When she has a form somewhere, i’ll send a link out… if she wants. (You see this, Lisa?)


PS – If you’re interested in learning more about “what to say/do” from one of my most premium resources

Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck… It’s a 2-hour video training on high-level, advanced cult-of-personality stuff. It’s about building a loyal following that shows up to your classes, buys your digital products, signs up for your workshops, and happily pays for the privilege to travel the world to hang out with you.

I was planning to sell it for $200, but there were some technical glitches with the recording that I didn’t like… so I let it sit. They don’t affect the actual content… just my own perfectionist tendencies. ‍♂️

But it’s my favorite stuff in the world to teach… and a whole lot of people have been asking me about it. It’s basically a how-to guide for being more popular and influential.

I don’t even have a webpage up for it…

But if you want it, and you’d be willing to let me know what you thought afterwards… you can get it for $50.

But not for long… as soon as I get a few fresh testimonials, I’m jacking that shit up to what it should be.

I’ll send you the video and the slides immediately. They’re ready to go.

PPS – I don’t explicitly say it all of the time… but everything is make is GUARANTEED TO DELIGHT. If it doesn’t overdeliver, I don’t want your money.

let’s go back to your place 🍆

This is part 2 of yesterday If you didn’t see it, I posted it here.

(the first 35 days of these emails are up on my site btw. I leave it about two weeks behind (not counting yesterday) because I’d rather people join this email list to get the latest and greatest…  not just be able to browse to the site and read without any skin in the game.

So yes… Lisa first replied to one of my emails and asked:

“i want to start doing this [email marketing] but what would I talk about?”

I asked her “what do you like to talk about AND what can you help people with?” She responded with the message in that link above.)

Here’s what I would do.

The critical piece is movement. You need to see that people LOVE to see you just let it fly and say what you want to say. You know you have the goods, yeah? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this email right now.

So I would legit handpick a small group of your friends/family/social media peeps/etc. Ask them for permission to be “test subjects” in this new email marketing experiment you’re doing… and just fucking blow their god damn minds.

Here you can copy and paste this:


I suck at marketing. I want to do better.

But I don’t want to do lame marketing. I want it to be fun and exciting and entertaining.

So I’m going to practice that.

I started following this guy on Instagram. His name is @ryanorrico. At first glance, he might seem a little crazy. But he’s actually really funny/handsome/smart/intelligent/caring/compassionate/sexy/adorable/lovable/brilliant/passionate/hilarious.  (you can choose any or all of those words. I recommend all.)

He sends out these daily emails that are just so funny and smart, and he seems to be helping a lot of people.

So I want to try and do what he’s doing.

For the next 30 days, I’m going to send you an email about [insert you think is fucking awesome and how it will help them].

You can unsubscribe whenever you want and we’ll still be BFFs/Lovers/Married/etc.

After the 30 days is up, I’ll ask you again if you want to stay on the list… if you do, sweet. If not, also sweet.


Just be honest and email the people you already know and ask them if it’s ok they be your ‘test subjects’ or something.

Then fucking deliver. Don’t burn them. Don’t be stupid. Just be a regular person… even if it’s not *every* day – make it more frequent than you’re comfortable with… and do it.

Cmon player. If you can help people, why wouldn’t you want to try everything?

Start there… even if it doesn’t make sense.

The fact that you’re reading this email this far means this stuff WORKS.

You afraid they’re not gonna like it?

Guess what?


It’s boring even saying that now… The whole “no fucks given” thing. I mean, it’s cute… But NO FUCKING SHIT. You don’t have to say it… just be about it.

It’s the same as talking about being “spiritual.”

Anyway, I’ll talk about that another day.

Just stop being a dork.

Try it.

Email is the place where people buy stuff.

They don’t do it on social media.

You gotta take the party back to your place…

(There’s a box joke here but I’m gonna let you think of it for yourself)

That’s where the magic happens.


PS – I’m getting lots of questions about consulting… if I’m available for one-on-one.

Not just outright. I only like to talk to people that I like… so I have to make sure that I like you.

But here’s what you can do… first buy and watch Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck. It should be $200. It’s only $100 because there were some technical glitches in the class that my perfectionist self didn’t like. But I’m getting over that shit now. They don’t affect the actual content – so it’s stupid for me to be sitting on it.

It’s a 2-hour training about building an audience, helping them, and making money by talking about yourself. 🙂 It’s everything I’m doing. It’s advanced stuff.


you want to see a master of persuasion at work?  look no further than Kevin McCallister when he checks into the Plaza Hotel in Home Alone 2.

76536_1514218050dwQScreen_Shot_2017-12-2He made up his mind before he even walked inside… he’s getting this fucking room… that’s the only way this goes.

He assumes it’s on from the moment he walks up to the counter.

Watch how he flawlessly controls the entire conversation from beginning to end…

He takes everything a step further than she does… he gets in front of every possible objection, confuses her, lays the mundane on thick, and explains why.

… she didn’t stand a god damn chance.

He does the same thing to the cashier in the first Home Alone. Dude’s for real.

Charm, baby.

Merry Christmas.


PS – could of reminders…

A. the price of Yoga War Room doubles when I wake up tomorrow. (Dec 26th)…  here’s what everyone is saying about

2. Here’s what everyone is saying about it.

D. And even though we all like to talk about Die Hard – let’s not forget that Lethal Weapon is also a Holiday movie…but Murtaugh and Riggs need us too.


you ready?

This dude is entirely out of his mind, but he’s got some fantastic quotes. And he’s a fucking Rock God.

“People ask me how far I’ve come. And I tell them twelve feet: from the audience to the stage.”

-David Lee Roth

This is so good.

It’s what I’m all about.

You don’t have to go very far… it’s just a few short steps. Even if it looks like a fucking canyon.

And you don’t have to be a natural born performer.

I’m certainly not… I’m introverted and shy as fuck. I’m making myself up as I go along…

You don’t even have to know any more than you already know.

All I have done is turned myself into a little “baby celebrity” by stepping on the fucking stage and commanding more attention than the rest of them.

That’s all you have to do too.

You’re watching me do it right now.

Be audacious. Be bold. Sing some fucking songs.

Show them that other people are listening to you too.

Show them how to fucking rock.

You don’t need any more information. (unless, of course, that information is designed to not only teach you better information… but also how to get buy-in from the people who are going to give you money for the knowledge. (kinda like Yoga War Room)

Be the one who CREATES… rather than CONSUMES.

Be the one who does what the fuck they said they were going to do.

Be the one who says the thing they wish they dared to say.

They’ll be spellbound.

Merry Christmas, player.


PS – stop stretching your hip flexors… unless you’re just using the stretch to position your hip for actual training. Like these hip extension PAILs/RAILs right here.

I ask Cecily/@yogadetour “should we stop stretching our hip flexors?” in Yoga War Room.



I was hemming and hawing about this one. The email I was going to send is pretty damn great, but it’s missing something – and I couldn’t figure it out what it is… so I’m gonna marinate on it for a day or two. It’ll be the best one yet, for sure.

So I’ve been standing here at my sister’s kitchen counter procrastinating…  looking at Instagram, doing hip CARs, picking fights with Ashtanga Masters, and general fuckery.

Then my damn nephew walked up and saw me looking at my sales analytics… he was like “hey people are buying your stuff.” (I showed him the other day. He always looks over my shoulder when i’m using the computer.)

And I swear to God he pointed and said “except today.”

76077_1514047132IKtgavin-callout.jpgLittle fucker. 😂 I seriously did not engineer this situation for this email. (but I did ask him to point again to take the pic.) I’m so glad he did this, though, because it gave me the inspiration for this email…

And sprang me into action.

Without question, there is a direct correlation between the number of emails you send (with links for people to buy stuff) and how much money you make. NOT SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS. IT IS NOT THE SAME THING. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

I’ve seen it with clients and myself for YEARS.

Like, this email – I’m not pitching anything … except my genius and a few people’s words about Yoga War Room in the PS…

I’m just going to make couple of quick suggestions that you really start thinking about this stuff next year… (or, like, tomorrow)

  • Frequent (ideally, daily) emails.
  • Without pretty graphics, no matter how much you want to… NO FUCKING GRAPHICS. (maybe just an embedded image like above)
  • Written conversationally about the shit you HAVE FUN writing about…

If you don’t have anyone on your email list… make it a goal to get 10 peoples permission. You definitely already know who they are, you’re just being a baby about it. Sign up for Mailchimp…

And then think about your clients, past clients, friends, instagram followers, whatever.

Because, yo, if you can’t get 10 people to say “I’d love to hear more about what you know” – you’re in the wrong fucking business. Go get a job.

I’m going to do a basic email marketing class in January. I’ll let you know more about it after the Holidays… of course it will be the shit. Just like everything else.


PS – need a last minute crazy gift for someone?  check out these creepy ass wine bottles I posted last night on Insta. They fucking talk. It’s insane.

PPS – ok, here’s my pitch. Yoga War Room. Everyone fucking loves it. Go here to get it.

This was absolutely worth every penny I paid. And it SHOULD be more expensive. Within the first 30minutes I was already learning how to develop an inversion and arm-balance workshop that introduces these nonessential shapes in safe ways. WhAt?!! Mind blown![

This call just gave me so much confidence and let me know what it is I want people to know before they try the “cool shit.” Please continue to kick ass. Thank YOU for being you. Don’t ever stop.


“This video is a game changer, for sure. Just watched it and I already have a ton of easy tweaks to make my classes smarter, more effective and memorable to my students, without actually changing the sequence itself. Literally gonna use these in my class in an hour.

I love that you broke it down into things that you can act on today and things you can gradually implement over time. I now have a game plan to transition my classes to smarter, more creative classes that actually help people AND get my existing students excited and onboard. I’m feeling super inspired and confident! Thank you thank you thank you!!! 😘”

“You’ve basically made a YTTexcept way smarter and way cooler. And only in 90 mins. 

You cover anatomy, sequencing, how to get student buy-in, personal practice. I’m only 60 mins in, i bet there’s loads more good stuff in here. But whatever you were thinking of charging for it, it’s worth more.”

here’s my unbiased opinion because I had no idea who yoga detour was except for one vid you posted prior to watching this one (so it’s not like I was fan-girling out) … she intelligent, she’s concise, she expresses her thoughts clearly, it’s obvious she has a passion for learning & teaching. When you ask her something she doesn’t have to take a pause & think,  she has an answer which is indicative of someone that knows their shit.

She’s highly engaging & def makes me want to know more of whatever it is she knows.