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your morning routine.

I’m going to be doing this until I die… no bout adoubt it: The FRC “morning routine.”

It’s CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations) for every joint in your body.

That’s a fancy way of saying slow and controlled joint circles… so you move just one part of your body at a time without the rest coupling.

Here’s why it’s so great:

It’s a block of time you dedicate to taking all of your joints through their complete range-of-motion.

It’s the most common-sense, no-shit thing in the world. But no one does it…

The creator of FRC, Dr. Spina, has all sorts of cool scientific reasons why they’re so good – and I thought about copy and pasting them here.

But I think it would get boring as fuck real quick.

I look at it like “use it or lose it.”


Your nervous system locks you out of positions you don’t spend any time because why should it waste energy protecting them? That’s probably what that “tightness” you feel actually is.

Not actual mechanically “tight” muscles.

“Tight” is actually a dangerous metaphor because the stretching we do to alleviate it is often the LAST thing we should be doing. But it just feels “right.”

My range-of-motion isn’t great. But it’s way better than it was a year ago… and I’ll never be like my coach, Hunter.

But the morning routine is something I’m going to do until I die. I can already tell.

Even if that was all I did, at the very least, I probably wouldn’t get much worse… because I’m dedicating a little bit of time to putting my joints into the positions that my normal day-to-day activities don’t really require..

… just incase I do ever need to be in those positions. (to stop a fall, prevent an injury, save a kitten etc)

You can do these movements infinite ways… but this is what I do now:

I wake up, drink water, and drag myself to my kneeling meditation bench.
First, I do CARs for my neck, scapula, shoulders, and upper spine.
Then I just drop my hands on my lap and meditate for 20mins or so.
Then when the bell rings, before I get up, I do CARs for my elbows and wrists.
Then I do spinal segmentation work (slow, controlled CatCow) and CARs for my hips.
Then for my knees and ankles.

If I didn’t do the 20minute meditation in the middle, the routine would probably take 10minutes… but with the meditation, it usually takes me about 30 minutes to do my morning thang.

I can’t think of a single day that I didn’t do CARs since I took the FRC seminar a little more than a year ago today.

You can find videos of it on YouTube. Just google “FRC CARs morning routine” or something.

(we’ll do the morning first thing at the Yoga Sex Rock God Marketing and Mind Control event on February 3rd. That will be the first thing we do starting at 10AM sharp)

Holler back if I can help.


PS – btw, everyone keeps asking… I don’t have any more in-depth products about teaching smart yoga. I’m going to be starting on some new stuff soon. But my friend Jules Mitchell does (she’s the woman instructing the segmented Cat/Cow I linked to above)… she’s been doing this stuff for even longer than me and I think she has done every single FRC course. She’s genius… way smarter than me. Check this out. Beyond Yoga Alignment.