9 Inches of Hard Truth

ok hold up. someone just unfollowed me on Instagram. was that you?

not cool yo.

after everything I’ve done for you?


oh yeah, i just remembered. i don’t actually give a fuck.

because here’s 9 inches of hard truth across your pretty face:

when you’re approaching and sharing your work honestly…

and saying what you’re thinking…

like, out loud.

and people un-fucking-whatever from your stuff.

unfuckingfollow. unfuckingsubscribe. unfuckingfriend. unfuckingwhatever.

they can go eat a big back of undicks.

and you can thank them for the valuable unfeedback.

i know you’re still just getting started and these little mini-rejections can be catastrophic for your mindset if you’re not vigilant.

when you’re doin’ the damn thing and giving people the full {first_name} experience, some of them are going to unfollow you.

and unfriend you on flakebook.

and unsubscribe from your emails.

but it’s important to understand that those unfollows and unsubscriptions, when achieved through expression of personality and saying what you’re really thinkingare the path to the promised land.

that is: the path of tension.

the tension you’re creating that makes them leave is the same tension that will bring the right person closer to you.

you can’t have one without the other.

and even if you do manage to dance in the middle, you’re shorting the right people on that good tension.

they want it more than anything.

like Joe Rogan says:

“when someone comes along and expresses him or herself as freely as they think, people flock to it. they enjoy it.”

this isn’t the same as the unsubscriptions that come because you’re being annoying and constantly spamming people with bullshit offers and adding no value.

those unsubscriptions should be an indication to you that you should adjust your approach.

it’s when you know that you are hanging your ass out there and people don’t like it, that you’re probably onto something.

I think this is one of the most important messages I’ve been trying to spread.

and i don’t even want it to just be all cute like “yeah, man, fuck the haters.”

that ain’t it, chief.

you don’t have “haters.”

neither do i.

it’s important because while you’re still developing confidence and “finding your voice” and all that shit, you can’t let little un____ notifications disrupt the force.

not only are they a good sign that you’re onto something, but they’re also like an inoculation to the more real, more visceral rejection you’re going to get when your shit blows up.

so you can thank the ‘lil random choad who unfollowed you on Instagram.

or the not-so-random choad/family unfriending you on facebook.

or responding to an email saying it “wasn’t professional.”


that’s just a rejection vaccination for when the real work begins.

and to take that a little further, if you can manage to stop thinking about yourself for a second 🙄:

it’s kind of a dick move not to let them see it ahead of time.

because wtf do you think will happen when that family member sees you going all the way in?

with no preparation? no warning shot?

you will probably kill them dead.

and you don’t want to murder your family, do you?

i didn’t think so.

so show some fucking humanity and give them a dose.

just a little one.

like 10millinstagrams of that {first_name} medicine, you know what i mean?

of course you do.

tl;dr: i made this #randomtalkingvideo about it. 


ps –  you better not unsubscribe. 😂


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