Get the Non-Openers the Fuck Off of Your Email List

For real. I was gonna send something else today, but then I realized it’s Sunday and it’s a good day to burn out some of the dead wood.

So I just queued up the email I was going to send today for tomorrow morning.

It’s all about the Inspire the Fuck Out Of People Challenge.

What it is, how to get involved, why you should do it, etc.

You’ll see that hit your inbox tomorrow morning.

This email is to help me figure out who wants to stay on this list and who needs to go.

My system keeps track of opens and all that shit, and the easiest way for me to clean-up my list is just to get rid of people who don’t open these shits.

So now you’re safe.

You should do the same with your list. Don’t just keep people on who aren’t doing anything.

If they aren’t opening, they’re screwing with your deliverability for the people who matter.

Talk to you tomorrow.


PS – here’s some of my good stuff on Insta from the past few days.

Fuck Your Friends & Family

The ITFOOP Challenge

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You got what it takes? ⠀ I say “at least” because it will work better if you do more. And it’s not an everyday thing so you can’t quit after you miss a day like “welp, can’t finish it now anyway.” ⠀ If you want help with any of this stuff, or just a kick in the ass, you should be on my @yogasexrockgod email list. (it has nothing to do with fucking yoga… or does it?

Don’t watch this if you just want to keep pretending.

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❌ Do not watch this if you’re not interested in actually inspiring and/or helping people. ⠀ If all you wanna do is show your movement practice or your body, keep scrolling. There’s nothing for you to see here. (they won’t admit it [to you or themselves], but it just makes people resent you) ⠀ (I bleeped the F in the beginning because it seems like Insta won’t let me promote videos with swears in the first 15 or so seconds. They must be manually checking.) ⠀

Shit You Don’t Need to Start

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This almost sounds like I’m about to pitch you some shit and offer you a solution in exchange for some of your money. ⠀ Well too bad, you skeptical fuck. I’m not. (use those dollars to Boost/Promote some of your content) ⠀ Just spend the next year pouring your best shit out and use free technology to do it. ⠀ Use IG and FB to reach people. Use the camera on your phone to make #randomtalkingvideo’s. Use Mailchimp to host your email list. Use Gmail to follow-up. Use YouTube to host [Unlisted] videos and sell access with PayPal. ⠀ All this shit is free. ⠀ We’re gonna do a call later this week about the Inspire The Fuck Out Of People challenge. ⠀ But you have to be on my email list to get the link. I don’t want a bunch of Looky-Loo Instagrammy shitbirds taking up spaces. ⠀ (or it’s in my bio)

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Yoga Teachers are scared so this is The last yoga marketing program I’m making.

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I was only planning to teach yoga for two years. I wanted to get in, figure it out, and get out. ⠀ I did crack the code (filled classes in the most competitive market in the world, workshops, retreats, etc) and in hindsight, I could have stuck to the plan – but things didn’t go go that way. I ended up teaching for an extra 20 months or so before I started focusing on teaching teachers. ⠀ I started with Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck. ⠀ Then we made Rabbit Hole – which wasn’t about yoga at all. I’m planning to continue in that direction – but I’m still getting lots of requests for more yoga stuff. ⠀ So will be the final yoga marketing program I create for the public (i’ll still work privately with clients), and then I’m going to move on to some other things. ⠀ Yoga teachers are just too scared to get anything done. Their cute little practice doesn’t actually do what it’s supposed to do. They just learn how to compensate into pointless shapes and use stupid words that don’t mean anything. ⠀ The crazy part is: the more hours of Teacher Training they have, the worse off they are. (500+? RUN AWAY) ⠀ We haven’t revealed the details yet, but if you want me to let you know when we do… go register on that page. The link is in my bio. ⠀ #randomtalkingvideo ⠀

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