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Why I Give So Much Shit Away For Free


why do I give away so much free shit? I get this question ALL OF THE TIME. And I’m not gonna lie: I’m on…

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How to Use Social Engineering to Turn Yourself Into a Local Celebrity


hey check this out. it’s a sneaky way to turn yourself into a local celebrity with social media and fb advertising. literally anyone…

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Why You Have to Have an Enemy


yo not sure if this is your thing, but I’m pretty excited about it - so I’m telling you. I saw a…

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How to Deposit Instagram Followers at the Bank

[Video] How to Deposit Instagram Followers at the Bank


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Your Shit Works

Your shit works. I'm not even selling anything but just using your ideas for my Instagram and now so many people are asking me about mindfulness and meditation tips. It's insane. I'm about to start charging!

Jake Zelinger @jakezelinger


Random Talking Video

Two in and I feel set free. I’ve been afraid to be seen, embarrassed by my face and terrified of being in front of a camera my whole life. And the being seen and not being nice to myself about my face has stopped me from doing so so so many things unrelated to cameras too. It breaks my heart a little for all of those parts of me that have been frozen. It’s a game changer. All of these people inspired by you have been inspiring me too. I cry watching all of their brave, candid posts it’s been so healing, so inspiring, so empowering. Thanks to you Ry and all the people who show up for themselves as a result of paying attention to your wisdom. ❤️

Jessica Brown @themisfitlightworker_


It’s a Daily Marker, If You Use it That Way

VOICE. As with the emails, RTV's gives you a way to find and maintain your voice. The more you express yourself this way, the more quickly your mind and situations and people around you shift. It's a daily marker, if you use it that way, to get the fuck out of your head and seeing exactly where you're at. And by doing that, the next day is so much clearer and you are just a little bit less about needing other people (because sometimes some of them go away and you realize just how little you needed them in the first place). Others come closer and that is just fucking wonderful.

Eric Gingerich @ericandrewgingerich


This Video Has Definitely Given Me Lots of Great Ideas As Well As An Awesome Booty Burn

So far I’ve watched your burn yoga vid and I loved it... I’m really into all the mobility over flexibility and I have you to thank for opening my eyes on that shit. I’ve already been offering it in my classes, now I have even more ideas.

I love that you’re cussing in a yoga class. It’s like you’re taking this yoga world and turning it away from the “you’re not yoga enough” to “what the fuck does yoga mean to you!?”.
I’m about it.

I think you were super awkward, but you handled it well. You knew what you were talking about and that showed. I liked how you left the end of the video up. It was great seeing you speak as though no one was watching. Shows even if you’re nervous/ scared you can still rock it...

I liked you’re use of the short hamstring. I don’t think yoga classes offer that enough.
I totally understood the cue: pressing the back foot into the scale a little more. It made me feel as if my back leg was pulling me up into W2.

This video has definitely given me lots of great ideas as well as an awesome booty burn.

Jenna Clark @jenuminous


Yoga War Room

Ryan, This video was extra, extra dope! Cecily is a boss and Has so much to offer. I learned so much. I wrote way too many notes. What REALLY stuck with me was the breathing cue by Paul Chek. It’s so great when things ‘click’. I have so many great ideas and I’m already halfway to turning my class into straight mobility work. I love it.

Jenna Clark @jenuminous


This Stuff Does Not Do Itself

I am trying to make you both proud. You guys poured so much into this project, and it is really good stuff. It would be a disservice to both of you not to bust my ass and get my money's worth. For sure, people got to know that up front: this stuff does not do itself. I'm in the middle of trying to get my Instinct personality test up and running. It looks like I already have a bunch of responses! Bring on the email addresses.

Amanda Chung Fat @amandachungfat