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Pretty Social Media Accounts are Psychological Prisons


This, my friend, is your best email ever. Your Mona Lisa, your David, your masterpiece. -Moses   I'm gonna fuck you up…

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How to Actually Make an Impact Giving Advice on the Internet


hey, I’m curious what you think about giving advice on the internet? do you do it? do you post “helpful” content to…

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9 Inches of Hard Truth


ok hold up. someone just unfollowed me on Instagram. was that you? not cool yo. after everything I've done for you? 😒…

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I Must Be Smoking ‘Crack Friday’


seriously, black Friday cracks me the fuck up. Especially when people who sell information (videos/courses/etc.) give like an 80-90% discount. Great way…

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RTV Has Become My Favorite Platform for Expression

RandomTalkingVideo has become my new favorite platform for self-expression. Efficient, sincere, to the fucking point.

Nick Konow @worldmvmnt


It’s Helped Me to Let Go of All the Fake Stuff Online

Random Talking Videos have helped me in so many ways.... In every way. It’s helped me not give a fuck and just believe in myself have confidence in myself... it’s helped people to connect with me and know me and therefore be a part of my business and want to work with me. It’s helped me let go of all the fake stuff online 🙌🏼

Eva Collins @evacollins


It’s Huge For Someone Like Me With Social Anxiety!

I haven’t done as many as I’d like to, but so far I have noticed that I am better at communicating my thoughts in general (which is huge for someone like me with social anxiety). I have also had some really great feedback from random people thanking me for not always posting picture-perfect yoga poses with random captions.🙌🏼

Sarah Kraatz @sarahkraatzyoga

I was WELL equipped and prepared… BECAUSE of making RTV’s

I had a networking meeting and was surprised to find out I’d have exactly 60 seconds to talk about my business in front of a bunch of strangers.

While I was way more nervous talking in front of a room of complete strangers than filming a video for the internet, I was WELL equipped and prepared for doing exactly what they asked BECAUSE of making random talking videos. 🔥

Missy Williamson @missywilliamson


Rabbit Hole Made Me Love Waking up to the PayPal, “Cha-Ching” Sound

If things were easy, what is worth working for? Though this is all perception, anyway. You make shit super easy by giving people the blueprint... Love your stuff bro. Rabbit hole made me love waking up to the PayPal, "cha-Ching" sound



Before RTV, I would have flinched…

Part of an online job application I just submitted was a 1-3min video saying why I'm right for the job... Before RTV, maybe I would've flinched... but after filming myself so much, it was just another RTV. Part of the "you never know how this is going to help" reason to make RTVs!

Blaire Elysia @blaireelysia

Meet Ryan Orrico

Ryan Orrico is the creator the Rabbit Hole Formula: A marketing system that speeds up the growth of your business exponentially, by addressing personal growth and confidence at the forefront.