A few things about your social media…

I was thinking about you and the stuff you’ve been working on. And your hangups about posting certain shit on social media.

Which I totally get btw.

It’s hard out here for a pimp.

I’ve been slowly expanding my comfort zone with this stuff for YEARRRRRS — and I still feel like I have a LONG way to go.

(like, especially in Live broadcasts and stuff like this)


But one thing that has helped me a lot is to focus on as few people as possible.

VERY IMPORTANT: People who ARE NOT MY COLLEAGUES. Or my “competition.” Usually when I don’t like the stuff I’m putting out, it’s because i’m trying to do just that..

So rather than try to create things and post stuff that will appeal to a lot of people, I focus on making and posting things a few people will fucking love.

Things that a few people can’t stop thinking about.

And telling their friends about.

Things that, once they’ve seen, felt and experienced them, they can’t live without.

This goes for products and services.

And marketing + social media.

The simple fact is this:

You can’t make things that some people can’t live without if you’re trying to make things for everyone.

People need to be able to identify with you, your “brand,” and your product on a level that runs much deeper than the surface-level features & benefits.

Which, by definition, means other people CAN’T identify with it – or you. Because they identify with different things. Or even opposite things.

But we can’t be worried about those people.

We just want to show the right people that they’re in the right place. Which means it’s your responsibility to show them certain things. And say certain things. And talk about certain things. And demonstrate certain things. And deliver certain things.

And you have to do those things in a certain way.

There’s a funny thing about these certain things:

They’re the very things that a bunch of other people don’t like.

Things that they believe are wrong. Or unimportant. Or arrogant. Or my favorite: “narcissistic.”

Things that make them leave shitty comments… or even UNFOLLOW YOU. 😱

But, again, we can’t be worried about those people.

Instead, we’ve got to focus on the few.

The few who comment on your stuff.

The few who watch your talking videos.

And the fewer who will actually listen.

The few people who read your long captions.

The few who support your work.

The few who subscribe to your email list.

And the fewer who open your emails. (LOVE YOU, {FIRST_NAME})

The few who show up to your class.

The few who buy your imperfect video product.

The few who do what you teach them.

And the fewer who do the homework.

The few who tell their friends about you.

The few who go to bat and defend you.

The few who listen to your whole god damn podcast.

And the few who read your wordy ass book.

And the fewer who give you constructive feedback.

… fuck the people who don’t, won’t or can’t.

They’ll find another way.

Focus on the few.

More on this soon.

But check out the new IGTV episode about how captions are more important than the image.

And we put up a bunch of stuff on ryanorrico.com.

(seriously, thanks for reading all the way down here. Or, skimming, at least.)


PS – MoneyMoves is all about how to get a few.

A few good followers.

A few good subscribers.

A few good customers.

A few good friends.

… with social media & your personality.

You don’t need a lot to get started.

Not a lot of money. Not a lot of followers.

Check it out.

Try it out.

If it isn’t everything you dreamed of and more, I don’t want your money.


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