I Wish I Had Bought Your Stuff Months Ago So I Didn’t Waste So Much Time!!!

Thought you’d want to know that your stupid video about how to make something to sell actually worked. I made my own stupid video, threw up a PayPal link and a couple of posts about it and people are buying that shit. I had my first “make money while you sleep” experience last night and didn’t even have to create a course or a funnel or any of that bullshit. Just a 20 min video, a PayPal button, and an RTV. took like 3 hours total because I barely edited anything.

I wish I had bought your stuff months ago so I didn’t waste so much time!!!

Thanks again for all the good shit you put out there. You’re probably the only marketing/business coach whose advice has actually helped me make money.

Carolyn Viggh @carolynviggh $5 Video October 6, 2018

I Feel Like I Owe You A Big, Long Overdue Thank You

I feel like I owe you a big, long overdue thank you. For someone like me who has been through "all the marketing stuff," teaches marketing himself, and attended courses literally alongside you learning together... your stuff really speaks to me and makes me a better person and Marketer. It's something I don't think any Marketer or "Guru" has done simultaneously. So huge thank you.

Danny @dannytwoguns Rabbit Hole


This Video Has Definitely Given Me Lots of Great Ideas As Well As An Awesome Booty Burn

So far I’ve watched your burn yoga vid and I loved it... I’m really into all the mobility over flexibility and I have you to thank for opening my eyes on that shit. I’ve already been offering it in my classes, now I have even more ideas.

I love that you’re cussing in a yoga class. It’s like you’re taking this yoga world and turning it away from the “you’re not yoga enough” to “what the fuck does yoga mean to you!?”.
I’m about it.

I think you were super awkward, but you handled it well. You knew what you were talking about and that showed. I liked how you left the end of the video up. It was great seeing you speak as though no one was watching. Shows even if you’re nervous/ scared you can still rock it...

I liked you’re use of the short hamstring. I don’t think yoga classes offer that enough.
I totally understood the cue: pressing the back foot into the scale a little more. It made me feel as if my back leg was pulling me up into W2.

This video has definitely given me lots of great ideas as well as an awesome booty burn.

Jenna Clark @jenuminous


Yoga War Room

Ryan, This video was extra, extra dope! Cecily is a boss and Has so much to offer. I learned so much. I wrote way too many notes. What REALLY stuck with me was the breathing cue by Paul Chek. It’s so great when things ‘click’. I have so many great ideas and I’m already halfway to turning my class into straight mobility work. I love it.

Jenna Clark @jenuminous

It Might Get Strange

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