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This is fucking badass. I got this email yesterday from a woman named Allison Perry. It’s absolute 🔥. I’m def doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

I feel like my balls dropped, and I don’t even have any. Maybe your fierce testosterone is rubbing off on everyone. 

In any case, while I haven’t started any random talking videos or really worked on my Instagram, my general vibe and mental health have been kicking ass, and I believe you have a lot to do with it.

Today I was waiting in line early in the morning for some tickets to a tennis tournament, and I had a yoga mat with me to kneel on. A lady next to me said something along the lines of ‘ I really want to get back to yoga to fix my shoulder.’ I said, ‘ I don’t think any classes in this area are going to do that for you. There’s some new science out on yoga and mobility’ etc.; I started talking about how mobility training changed the game for my shoulders and offered a path for her. A guy next to me started talking about how yoga made his ligaments whack, and I could see she was closing her arms and just being a stubborn and untrusting person.

I usually would have kept trying to convince her but then a newfound wave of clarity and self-worth washed over me, and I realized, it’s too fucking early to try and convert Yoga Zombies that don’t want to hear it.

So I start doing some shoulder mobility as I waited and all the sudden a guy says to me in line, ‘ wow I can’t believe your flexibility, have you been doing yoga?’ and I said ‘ yoga definitely cannot take you here.’ I told him about FRC, and he was so appreciative. I was like this is great, I just let this woman go with her thoughtless distrust, and now I’m helping this guy towards his goal.

Then I hear the hurt yoga back dude say ‘ ya yoga can be rough on your shoulders, ‘ and I see the ladies whole mind fucking start collapsing as her world is crumbling beneath her.

I mean it in a good way I mean she should hear what’s true.  The best part is by ignoring her the truth began to surface, and I actually felt like it was positively influencing everyone around us. 

The icing on the cake was when one of my clients recognized me in line and told me he had just purchased a session for his wife with me. It fucking clicked that it really is about your reputation with those that matter and I felt so proud that I didn’t let that woman in my psyche. 

She got to witness how I am already trusted without me arguing my value.

Fucking thanks, I used to waste so much time with this client rejection, and now I feel unstoppable.

Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck is badass, and you are badass. Thanks for reflecting that badassery to masses.


I told you this shit works for EVERY MOTHERFUCKING THING. It’s not just for yoga teachers.

Get it before the price goes up again. (we’re doing it as soon as I have a chance to edit the video and put an ‘X’ over the few instances of the word ‘yoga’ in my slides. It has nothing to do with yoga.)


PS – Yoga Sex Rock Goddess tanks are selling like crazy… so much faster than I ever anticipated. We’re scrambling to get more… get your order in before the price of the apparel is up too. We underpriced it. Mistake… it’ll be corrected when Kassidy gets back home to Tucson on Monday.

PPS – good fucking times. I’m having fun again.