F✗CK. I lied to you

Not on purpose.

But I did. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I was planning to make this a two-part email series.

The first part was yesterday. It’s here.

And then I was gonna finish today with the second part with a bunch of “here’s what to post” stuff.

Really, for my purposes – it probably would have served me to do so.

That’s a much sexier email. 🍆

I could write some fucking whizbang magical shit and have you eating out of my hand, FOR SURE.

I’m really good at that. And I certainly will do it.

But not today.

Here’s the deal:

You wanna build an influential “personal brand,” yah?

You’re at least three years away.


So before we go any further with advice, I want to make sure you understand that.


I hope the Donkey Kong graphics make the idea of the “journey” a little less corny.

But what the fuck can I do?

It is what it is.

I know you need money now.

I get it.

Bills and life and kids and all that shit.


Make some money, dude.

I’m not telling you that you have to suspend all other activities to do this.

Help someone solve a problem and get your paper.

But if we’re talking about your “personal brand” or building REAL influence – it’s gonna take fucking time.

It just is.

And that’s all I can say.

I know it hurts… but it’s better to just take all the hurt at once then keep beating yourself up again and again.

I just want to give you some context so you can wrap your head around how this shit is gonna work.

Cuz maybe if you reframe what you’re doing, you won’t feel like you’re “behind.”

Or like you have to hurry up all the fucking time.

Or that you have to lie and bullshit and pretend to be something you’re not to get people to pay attention to you.

It’s a much healthier headspace to operate and create from.

So just take your god damn medicine.


Don’t Like it?  UNSUBSCRIBE FROM MY FUCKING EMAILS and pay someone who tells you what you want to hear.

Just fucking DRINK IT.

Accept it.

Savor it.

It’s three years, and that’s what it is.

What the fuck else are you gonna do?

You gonna keep looking for the magical formula that YOU FUCKING KNOW doesn’t exist?

You’ll be looking for the next ten years.

And then you’ll open this email again like “FUCK. I should have just done this.”

Better to just take the fucking medicine now.


So fucking shut up and drink the shit.

Did you drink it?


Because here’s the thing…. you’re not going to get there faster with some stupid social media strategy to create an ideal image of yourself.

Or by dispensing a bunch of advice.

Advice and Image feels like the quicker way to get there.

“if I just show these people that I’m smart and cool – they’ll start throwing their money at me.”

Don’t deceive yourself.

People are fucking skeptical as fuck, and they can find the same information everywhere and anywhere.. and probably from people who are more qualified than you.

So fuck that.

Pull yourself together and just take the fucking journey.

Look around, enjoy it, take some pics. Share them.

I’m trying to do this without being all cheesy.

I just want to you understand the context so that when you start, you don’t feel “behind” or like you have to hurry to catch up.

There is no catching up.

The end of this first leg of the journey is in three years, and it doesn’t matter how fast you go.



I’m pretty sure tomorrow will be the day that I can give you some of the sexy prompts you seek for WHAT TO SAY.

Cuz I know that’s what you want, ya fuckin animal.


PS – here’s a little secret that might make you feel better: 

When you truly ACCEPT that it’s going to take that long, and you start acting like someone who’s on a THREE YEAR JOURNEY…  it will facilitate money-getting FOR SURE.

PPS – hell, you can start with this $5 video about how to create a simple product and start selling it.

Carolyn did the other day and check this out… (she’s reading this email too and I’ll tell her the same thing: THREE YEARS, BABY. THREE FUCKING YEARS.)

Buttttt, here’s what she said:

Thought you’d want to know that your stupid video about how to make something to sell actually worked. I made my own stupid video, threw up a PayPal link and a couple of posts about it and people are buying that shit. I had my first “make money while you sleep” experience last night and didn’t even have to create a course or a funnel or any of that bullshit. Just a 20 min video, a PayPal button, and an RTV. took like 3 hours total because I barely edited anything.

I wish I had bought your stuff months ago so I didn’t waste so much time!!!

Thanks again for all the good shit you put out there. You’re probably the only marketing/business coach who’s advice has actually helped me make money.


this email is worth at least $1650

… if we’re talking about the time it took to write it.

And, fuck, if we’re going by the actual potential value you can pull out of it, it’s worth god damn $50 million. And this is no bullshit.

I got a question in my DMs from this dude, Will.

@willimatic: Broham. How do you gain traction if you have 300 followers? If I start yelling at mofos, I’ll be down to 30 followers in no time, haha.

I figured WTF; I’m gonna answer it like he paid me for consulting – and just send it to you too.

Which, I don’t even do on an hourly basis anymore… but my hourly is $1,100, and it’ll take me at least 90 minutes total over the next couple of days. (Decided half-way through to make it a two-parter)

This is the first, and I’ll send the rest tomorrow.

I’m not gonna hold anything back because it will take me longer to think about what to edit out and shit.

 Some notes before we start: 

If you want magic bullets, I have none for you.

 If you want to do this without annoying people, just go do something else. Reading this email is a waste of your time. Delete it and Unsubscribe at the bottom.

 If you’re unwilling to repel a large number of people to have maximum influence over a few… again, just delete this email and unsubscribe from the list. I have nothing to teach you today, and I won’t have anything to teach you ever.

Go find someone else to blow smoke up your ass.

But if you’re cool with those things, let’s get down to business:

 Fucking Mindset & Face-the-Facts Reality Shit: 

First, let’s define “traction.”

What does that even mean?

Does that mean you want to make money with your Instagram account?

If so, you already have “traction.”

300 Followers is enough to start.

Another question, I would ask would be “how much money?”

But I can’t ask you because you aren’t here… so I’ll just answer for you – very conservatively: $10,000 per month. (this can be a lot less or a lot more… same shit applies.)

Does ‘traction’ mean you want to build a big ‘movement’ around your name or get a bunch of people singing your praises? 

Also a formidable goal, and that will take a little bit longer.

I don’t know how long.

Let’s say conservatively… at least a year.

Maybe three years. Maybe five years?

But what the fuck else are you gonna do? It’s gonna take that long no matter what you do — if you’re being honest.

Same reason that it sucks when you first find out what it really takes to effectively mobilize the body and train it. It’s gonna take a long fucking time.

This ain’t like one of those bullshit “30 Days to a Handstand” programs.

Or “6 Weeks to Nail Your Pigeon.”

If your body requires three years of training to get into the position you want, no 30-Day program is gonna work without fucking a whole bunch of shit up in the process.

You might be able to use a bunch of parlor tricks and compensation to get there… but that shit isn’t real, and you’re breaking things.

This is analogous to lying and bullshitting people with your marketing.

Might work for a little while and you might be able to trick some folks into giving you some money, but eventually, the whole fucking thing is going to crash down.

And you’re gonna feel like shit all the time.

I think it’s safe to assume you want no part of that shit or you wouldn’t even be here.

So let’s just move on.

I’ll go ahead and assume ‘traction’ means both of those things:

1. You want to make money with your Instagram account.

2. And you want to build real influence and a [legit] following of rabid fans… and have a lot of people singing your praises and commenting on your shit and all that fun social media stuff.

The first one, you can do it in less than 60 days.

Hell, you can do it in a week if you want… but let’s be conservative cuz this is a fucking email, and I can’t look at your face to see how serious you are.

So we’ll go with 60 days.

You ain’t gonna make your first million in 60 days, but you can be making some bucks and waking up to more money in your PayPal account than you had when you went to sleep.

The second thing – as we said – it’s gonna take longer.. but the behaviors are the exact fucking same.


Cool… now you have to install some new behaviors into your life…

Here are two things you just do now:

1. Post lots of talking videos. (I don’t care if you call them RTVs or not)

2. Build an email list and send frequent emails. At least twice per week. More is better.

I go into detail about why and how in my How to Inspire The Fuck Out of People class… (it’s free. Be registered here.)

If you’re not willing to do those things… the rest of this shit won’t work. And again, just scroll down and click Unsubscribe on this shit. I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU.



They’re not a fucking social media challenge.

They’re not a fucking marketing campaign you do for a little while and then stop.

They are default fucking behaviors that you just do no matter what.

Just like taking showers, and eating food, and breathing.

Until you fucking die.

You’ll keep doing them even after you make your fucking money and you can hire other people to do them.

You don’t outsource these fucking things.

YOU make the videos.

YOU write the most important communications you send.


If we’re still on the same page, I’ll send you Part Two tomorrow.

If not, get the hell off this list.

Tomorrow will be the “here’s what to do” and “what to talk about” stuff.


PS – hit me with questions if you have some… maybe I can answer them in the email.

PPS – Make sure you’re registered to get the How to ITFOOP downloads. Free AF.

PPPS – seriously though… with $300 followers, you could make money by tomorrow with this $5 video.


shit, my bad

damn. the email I sent you yesterday definitely stirred some shit up… glad you’re still here, {first_name}.

90% of the responses were like “this is the best email you’ve ever sent.”

But I also got this one 😂 and the most Unsubscribes I’ve had in a while.


I thought it was pretty damn sweet, really. All I was saying, in a very roundabout way, was “nothing is wrong with you.”

But hey. Some people just don’t fucking get it. What can I say? (which, btw, there are always a link at the bottom of every email to Unsubscribe. My feelings won’t be hurt if you’re not into it anymore. This shit ain’t for everyone. I get that.)

The day started with me making this video about how you’re never gonna cure your anxiety – and that you may as well just practice getting shit done in spite of it.

There is no cure. You’re screwed. ⠀ #randomtalkingvideo ⠀

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Cuz it ain’t going away.

Missy Williamson left a funny comment like “this is the best guided meditation ever.” Just kidding around because I was ranting about how meditation ain’t gonna solve your problems.

And it gave me an idea.

I should make a legit guided meditation with the same concept… and do it with a meditation voice.

As soon as I saw the comment, I said “yup. that’s a winner. Doing it.”

So I Googled some guided meditation videos to hear what they said – then I got down to business.

It took me about two hours total to:

1. work out the concept

2. listen to dude’s video for inspiration.

3. write a loose script

4. record the audio

5. download the video for the background

6. master my voice track to make it sound more buttery

7. edit and export the video

8. upload the video

9. write the copy

10. Get a bunch of people to watch it.

11. Rip out some testimonials

12. Design some posts/ads

13. Use the testimonials in an advertisement to drive more traffic.

That’s Concept, Strategy, Production, Mastering & Editing, Distribution, Design, Promotion & Advertising.

All in just a couple of hours with my phone and computer.

You don’t even have to be a professional with industry standard software to make hot shit anymore.

There are apps to do ALL OF IT easier, faster, and better than what many professionals spent years in school learning.

All you gotta do is know how to be able to hack things together.

And then have the courage to follow-through and ship it.

I did it as a joke.

And to show everyone who’s been talking about making guided meditation downloads that I did it in a couple of hours.

I’ll show you how I did it pretty soon if you’re interested.

Shit’s super easy.

Here’s the video. It’s on my IGTV.


the most enlightening guided meditation i’ve done in a while. 🙃” @ancagray

“I was so not expecting to smile during this..completely insane and confusing at times. My mind didn’t know what to do!! 🙌🏼 So awesome!!” @alessandraszwako

“On the one hand it’s funny and ridiculous and on the other hand, it’s like actually good. Very awesome and confusing for the mind.” @evacollins

“what everybody is trying to say is that it’s confusing because you mention none of this practice will be enlightening, but then it actually is.” @ancagray again.

“Pure gold! Best thing I have seen all day!” @frominsidethetoadsbelly

“its way less intimidating than other guided meditations because it allows you not to take yourself too seriously…so rather than beating yourself up during a meditation, which I think most people do when they feel they “can’t” meditate, you can have a smile and a little giggle instead 😁” @sarakatheryn

“The guided meditation we actually need!” @lornasana

“Brilliant. Actually loved it. Raw yet powerful.” @atardecerdescalza



PS – is this the most important statistic on Instagram if you’re trying to build a real following that makes money and helps people?

It just might be.

PPS – make sure you’re registered for the How to Inspire the Fuck Out Of People class recording. It’s so fucking good. We’re in the middle of making a workbook and the rest of the accompanying materials…

The video presentation is free… and then if you want the extras, there’s a small charge, but it’s the most affordable thing we’ve made in a long time.

I just want tons of people doing this stuff because when the cream rises and makes money, they’ll want to hire me to help them make more.


you’re fucked

I would say I hate to break this to you… but we both know I love it.

There’s no cure for that shit you’re trying to fix.

… anxiety, depression, fear, nervousness, confusion, self-doubt, guilt, self-consciousness…

All that shit.

You’re stuck with all of it.



Until you die.

Best to just practice acting anyway and doing stuff with them – rather than trying to get rid of them.

Or waiting until you understand… cuz you’re never gonna understand either.

You can use drugs and alcohol to temper them for a few, and that’s cool… I ain’t mad at either of these things.

Yoga sure as hell ain’t gonna fix it.

Neither will meditation.

Neither will your self-care routine.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

Meditate to practice concentrating so you can get stuff done while these things run in the background… but don’t think for a second that they’re just gonna go away.

If you’d stop wasting your time trying to solve these “problems” and instead just documented your journey with them…

… and show other people how you acted in spite of these things, you just might be able to make something happen.

Better that than try to manufacture some ideal image of yourself to trick people into believing you solved the problem…

Or just dispensing your stupid advice that no one is listening to.

You know that stuff didn’t work for you either. Why you lyin?


PS – I pulled this out of the RTV I just posted. I’m experimenting with all those different looks and headlines and progress bars ‘n such.

There is no cure. You’re screwed. ⠀ #randomtalkingvideo ⠀

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PPS – Kassidy and I are working hard on the How to Inspire the Fuck Out of People recording and accompanying materials. You want to be registered here for sure. it ain’t gonna be free for long.


good thing you’re you

… cuz I should be charging you for this shit.

I have like twenty emails from people from the past few days asking if deleted them from my email list… 😂 nope. I just haven’t sent one in a few days. But I’m glad you fear/miss me.

I’ve been steady killing it on Instagram, though.

Here are some highlights, and I’ll hit you back tomorrow with a freshie email.

✗ hey girl, you so fauxnerable.

✗ If you don’t believe in self-promotion and/or marketing – YOU are an arrogant, narcissistic piece of shit.

✗ a couple of things you don’t need to start inspiring the fuck out of people.

Private accounts are for cowards

How to be inspiring AF on Instagram

Whatchu think of my new Insta bio?

You ever see this chick’s “How to Get Instagram Followers” training?

Making people Unfollow you is as important as getting new followers

Why Unfollows are More Important than Follows

Do you pay attention to how many people visit your Instagram page?



PS – How to Inspire the Fuck Out Of People was awesome. If you weren’t there, you’ll hear back soon on the replay and shit. Be signed up here if you want it.

PPS – It should be at least $100, but I’m gonna give it to you for free so you can spend that money on boosting/promoting some of your content.


A courtesy warning [FR19-🅱️]

It’s been brought to our attention that you are completely full of shit.

And that’s why you haven’t been doing what you said you were gonna do.

So consider this a courtesy warning.

If you keep using social media to present this nonsensical trash, you will be forever banished to feeling like you do.

We won’t arrest you because that will be an escape from the prison you’ve created for yourself in your own mind.

You’re not selling the videos or launching the thing you said because you know that people will see you for what you really are.

All your little bullshit captions and faux/staged “vulnerability” are not helping.

Because you know deep-down that when they see the real you shining through those cracks, you’re going to be found out.

The only way out of this mess is to start showing them on purpose.

  • Post more talking videos.
  • Send more ugly emails. (so you can’t delete/edit like you can on social media)
  • Sell things you know could be better.

That’s how you solve the problem.

Let them see it so you can stop worrying about it.

Johnny Deep,

International Fraud & Imposter Bureau

PS – We highly recommend joining Ryan Orrico’s How to Inspire the Fuck Out Of People class tomorrow morning. He will save your life. (it’s free. 11AM PST.)

PPS – you also might want to get a tune-up at the Yoga Sex Rock God Chakra Garage.

PPPS – if you’re just not doing it because you’re not motivated, check this out.


And this.


wtf do you do anyways?

heyyyyyyy. I’m curious – what do you say when someone asks you what you do? do you have use the same answer all the time?

dude sent me a DM earlier asking me what I do.

it was right after I posted this screenshot of a text message (from this dude talking about how he’s been stringing a bunch of $1,000 days together.)


I get it. I can see how It can be a little confusing for someone new to my page.

I’m figuring this shit out as I go and it’s definitely uncharted territory for me.

Both with my personality & self-expression – and the “marketing” and promotion that goes along with it.

I’ve gone hard before.

But never this hard.

Not even close.

There’s a whole lot of weird shit going on:

  • I talk about being the best yoga teacher in the world but simultaneously trash yoga and shit all over their Gods. (the people who get it see through this for what it is. Obviously, I saved yoga.)
  • And I talk about marketing and content and personal development type stuff.
  • And I post all these videos of goofy-ass people with no followers talking about random shit. 😂

So yeah, I get it.

It’s blurring the line between marketing & self-promotion with transformation & self-help.

But seriously, {first_name}, don’t ever fucking call me a self-help guy.

Or any kind of “motivational speaker” type shit.

Those things comes with a weird stigma, and I don’t want it.

Although I suppose there’s no way to keep the stank off me completely…🤷🏻‍♂️ but ya know.

But the things I teach and talk about most – the tactical stuff – leans towards marketing and creating digital content.

Rather than pile on new shiny bullshit, though, I’m trying to simplify the whole thing so you can just use the shit you already know.

On the surface (and even deep down), it’s very simple stuff.

Post lots of videos of yourself talking

— to build trust

— to get over your fucking fear of talking/cameras/etc

— and a whole bunch of other shit we’ll talk about at ITFOOP on Friday.

Send “Ugly” Emails Frequently

— to be having a conversation in the best place to get money

— to get over your concerns about annoying people (social media is too easy.)

— and a whole bunch of other shit we’ll talk about at ITFOOP on Friday.

Make A Simple Product and Tell People Why They Should Go Buy It.

— to make a little money

— to temper your perfectionist tendencies and send some shit out

— and a whole bunch of other shit we’ll talk about at ITFOOP on Friday.

I’m not out here trying to tell you:

“oh yeah. you gotta use the new fuckin DickPicsterChat Social Network Funnel and Deploy an 8-Part Social Media Engagement Content Engagement Optimization Algorithm.”

Just use your god damn phone to film yourself talking.  Let people see your “mistakes.”

And then next time, try to do it with a little more confidence and conviction. Or fewer uhms and ‘likes.’

And send a lot emails, without all that fancy newsletter bullshit, to sell an imperfect video that helps the people who can’t come see you in person.

Send it to them BECAUSE you know you can do better and you can’t wait to blow their fucking hair back later.

And because you understand that them seeing you evolve over time is compelling as fuck.

That’s what Inspiring The Fuck Out of People is all about.

Getting shit done consistently and relentlessly.

And evolving before their eyes. It gives them hope.

It’s about shutting the fuck up and pressing send. Even when you’re not motivated.

The class on Friday is like 2/3 full. We’re gonna cap it because capping things makes people sign up. And it’s free so I ain’t missing out on money.


PS – here’s some cool shit from insta:

Shimi shares a tip for studio owners about intro packages and trial offers.  

If you were ready to make as much money as you want to make, you would be making itYou know enough already so it ain’t about that.

“I want to make an RTV, but I don’t know what to talk about.




Holy shit, I can’t stand these people. So the other day I sent out an email telling everyone who hasn’t been opening my shit that I’m going to remove them from the list.

It’s just good practice. You don’t want a bunch of people just sitting on your email list doing nothing.

Gmail and the machines that run the world’s email infrastructure notice shit like that and start to assume that the sender must not be high-quality.

Thereby affecting deliverability and open-rates with the people who really matter.

So you gotta do this stuff. Even though it hurts…

I’m kind of a callous dick when I do it, but ya know… not everyone is like that.

Well, one of my peeps from Rabbit Hole did the same thing.

Check this out.

She sent this:

Hello! My intention is to engage with people on a weekly basis with super honest emails.

Mailchimp keeps track of who opens my emails and who doesn’t.

You’re being unsubscribed from this list because you haven’t opened any of the last five emails.

Unopened emails become junk mail and clutter: clutter builds over time and sucks our energy away from what the more important things in life…and who wants that?

My intention is to create Gratitude and Joy, not clutter.

May you have an incredible day and summer.

And look at this bullshit she got back:

With all due respect, I find this an inappropriate email.

I “have not opened emails” because I work full time and I just completed a 200 RYT. People are busy. The practice of yoga is one of acceptance and non judgement and attachment. While I understand it’s a business (esp in a competitive city like LA), this type of reaction will deter people from practicing or following you.

Just my insight. An observation, not a judgement.



Fucking hell. 🤦🏻‍♂️

This would have been my response. Feel free to copy and paste it whenever you’d like.

It’s my gift to you.

With all due respect, eat a massive bag of sweaty dicks.



PS – sorry to hear you wasted your money and time on that RYT200. You’ll never get those 200 hours back. And you’re gonna die soon.

I’m sending this to you because maybe you can remember it when some worthless asshole says something like this to you.

You have to stay the fucking course.

I know you wouldn’t let some shitbird affect you, {first_name} – but ya know… just in case – remember “eat a massive bag of sweaty dicks.”



PS – I’m not sure when, but I’m going to shut down registration for the How to Inspire the Fuck Out Of People class on Friday. I really don’t want to deal with a bunch of frustrated people like “I couldn’t get in.” It’s just not worth it considering that it’s free.

PPS – I’ve been posting some fantastic shit on Insta. Here are some of my faves:

All of the things you DON’T NEED to start 

Before I tell you about how to do it, first lemme make sure we’re clear on what you *don’t need* to start – so you can’t use any lame excuses: ⠀ You don’t need a website. You don’t need a logo. You don’t need a graphic designer. You don’t need followers. You don’t need fancy videos. You don’t need “branding.” You don’t need expensive technology. You don’t need an audience. You don’t need a video editor. You don’t need to be a computer expert. You don’t need a nice camera. You don’t need to be inspired. You don’t need money. You don’t need to be funny. You don’t need to know more than the people you’re helping. You don’t need a big personality. You don’t need to be well-known. You don’t need to be able to do a handstand. You don’t need to be flexible. You don’t need to know your “why.” You don’t need to be passionate. You don’t need to know your life’s purpose. You don’t need to be attractive. (thankfully. cuz you’d be *screwed*) You don’t need a lot of time. You don’t need to be prepared. You don’t need to be more organized. You don’t need more education. You don’t need to know anymore. You don’t need credentials. You don’t need a partner. You don’t need clients. You don’t need someone to tell you it’s ok. You don’t need a microphone. You don’t need a studio. You don’t need to be interesting. You don’t need permission from anyone. ⠀ Got it? Good. ⠀ We’re gonna talk about what you do need during the How to Inspire the Fvck Out People Class on Friday. It’s free. ⠀ ⠀⠀⌐ ⠀⠀⠀⠀register at ⠀⠀⠀⠀inspirethefvckoutofpeople.com ⠀⠀⠀⠀or the link is in my bio. ⠀⠀⌙ ⠀ #ITFOOP ⠀ (I censored the fvck cuz the IG ad moderators are nerds) ⠀

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An approach to RTV that I think you’ll dig … (here’s what Dustin Noonkester said:

“This wins the day. For me, this is the gold-fucking-Fort-Knox-standard of your recent posts. Every ego on earth has at least skimmed over the “possibility” of becoming an actor, thus making this maybe THE MOST relatable and powerful metaphor on Planet Orrico.”


And in the same vane… 


The One Year AnniversaRy of me starting to murdering instagram


instagram murder anniversary

yo, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of when I started just absolutely murdering everyone and everything on Instagram.

August 7th, 2017.

’Twas on this fateful morning that I said “fuck the tools,cockgobblers, and twatwaffles (and my own bullshit),” and posted like ten times in a single day.

… this eventually led to the creation of #randomtalkingvideo and the revolution you’re seeing on Instagram.

So in celebration of this momentous occasion, we’re going to host a free online class/webinar this Friday called How to Inspire the Absolute Fuck Out of People.

There are no strings. I’ve come to realize that I get what I want by just helping people get what they want – so I just keep giving away all of my best shit.

Which is exactly what I’m going to do here… cuz eventually, you’ll want to give me money for something.

We’ll talk about what you to do over the next year to get over whatever the hell is getting in your way so you can actually inspire people to do the same.

  • Your perfectionism.
  • Your irrational concerns about annoying and offending people.
  • Your fear of asking for money
  • Your fear of looking arrogant, or narcissistic, or like you have a big “ego.”
  • Your over-analysis of every damn thing.

And we’ll talk about the ITFOOP challenge.

I want to be able to bring some people on to answer questions and shit, so we’re going to cap attendance… maybe around 100 people?  (tens of thousands of people will hear about it this week, so jump on it.)

Go here to register… we’ll send you the access link later this week.

I don’t know if we’re going to record it or not… so it’s best that you just be there.


PS – you don’t have to wait to start the ITFOOP challenge, though. Just do it now.


PPS – and go here if you’re interested in my final yoga marketing course. An Unconventional Yoga Marketing Plan.


OPEN THIS or i’m deleting you

For real. I was gonna send something else today, but then I realized it’s Sunday and it’s a good day to burn out some of the dead wood.

So I just queued up the email I was going to send today for tomorrow morning.

It’s all about the Inspire the Fuck Out Of People Challenge.

What it is, how to get involved, why you should do it, etc.

You’ll see that hit your inbox tomorrow morning.

This email is to help me figure out who wants to stay on this list and who needs to go.

My system keeps track of opens and all that shit, and the easiest way for me to clean-up my list is just to get rid of people who don’t open these shits.

So now you’re safe.

You should do the same with your list. Don’t just keep people on who aren’t doing anything.

If they aren’t opening, they’re screwing with your deliverability for the people who matter.

Talk to you tomorrow.


PS – here’s some of my good stuff on Insta from the past few days.

Fuck Your Friends & Family

The ITFOOP Challenge


Don’t watch this if you just want to keep pretending.


Shit You Don’t Need to Start

This almost sounds like I’m about to pitch you some shit and offer you a solution in exchange for some of your money. ⠀ Well too bad, you skeptical fuck. I’m not. (use those dollars to Boost/Promote some of your content) ⠀ Just spend the next year pouring your best shit out and use free technology to do it. ⠀ Use IG and FB to reach people. Use the camera on your phone to make #randomtalkingvideo’s. Use Mailchimp to host your email list. Use Gmail to follow-up. Use YouTube to host [Unlisted] videos and sell access with PayPal. ⠀ All this shit is free. ⠀ We’re gonna do a call later this week about the Inspire The Fuck Out Of People challenge. ⠀ But you have to be on my email list to get the link. I don’t want a bunch of Looky-Loo Instagrammy shitbirds taking up spaces. ⠀ inspiringthefuckoutofpeople.com (or it’s in my bio)

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Yoga Teachers are scared so this is The last yoga marketing program I’m making.

I was only planning to teach yoga for two years. I wanted to get in, figure it out, and get out. ⠀ I did crack the code (filled classes in the most competitive market in the world, workshops, retreats, etc) and in hindsight, I could have stuck to the plan – but things didn’t go go that way. I ended up teaching for an extra 20 months or so before I started focusing on teaching teachers. ⠀ I started with Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck. ⠀ Then we made Rabbit Hole – which wasn’t about yoga at all. I’m planning to continue in that direction – but I’m still getting lots of requests for more yoga stuff. ⠀ So unconventionalyogamarketing.com will be the final yoga marketing program I create for the public (i’ll still work privately with clients), and then I’m going to move on to some other things. ⠀ Yoga teachers are just too scared to get anything done. Their cute little practice doesn’t actually do what it’s supposed to do. They just learn how to compensate into pointless shapes and use stupid words that don’t mean anything. ⠀ The crazy part is: the more hours of Teacher Training they have, the worse off they are. (500+? RUN AWAY) ⠀ We haven’t revealed the details yet, but if you want me to let you know when we do… go register on that page. The link is in my bio. ⠀ #randomtalkingvideo ⠀

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