The Best Way To Create Money Out of Thin Air

It’s fucking everything.

I’m telling you.

I’ve been using email to make money on the internet for years… for myself and clients.

Even back in the day, when I was taking more one-on-one marketing consulting projects, I took it just a seriously then as I do now.

But. I let my clients off the hook more than I’d like to admit. It’s not most people’s favorite thing to do. And I hate to think how much money I let them leave on the table because I didn’t get on their ass about it.

Cuz for real: there’s no better way to create money out of air than mothafucking email.

And you don’t even have to think about it like “email marketing,” or “email newsletters,” or “an email list” or whatever. (although you can.)

I just mean the method of communication.

Even if it’s to just one person at a time through your damn Gmail account… maybe it’s a person who’s got a problem you can help solve.

A friendly, fun, personal email that makes the reader know, like, and trust you is the best god damn thing ever to sell things and influence people.

And if it ain’t your shit you’re selling, someone else has shit to sell. And no fucking idea how to use their email list.

Go help them make money and take some of it.

That’s what I’ve been doing for like fucking ten years.

Just differently now. I’m much, much better…

Still not a “good writer” though. That shit has nothing to do with it. I just write like I talk.

Try it out.

If you don’t know what to say in your emails, well, you need to get on board with Rabbit Hole, yo.

We’re gonna get all up in it when we go down into the Hole.


PS – we haven’t even begun yet everyone is fucking loving it.

“WI can’t believe that we’re not even in the hole yet, and still this seems to be the best investment both business and personal wise this year!”​@makamashishop

“I feel like I’m on a huge psychedelic trip and when I come out my bank accounts going to be full.”

“this has the makings of brilliance, really.”

“I gotta say the looking glass/look at yourself and write about it/Alice in Wonderland theme is super cohesive. I thought it was a bit kitschy or something at first, but I’m in, it’s brilliant. Also, I ate some mushrooms part way through my list.

And a fucking shitload more.

400+ people are going through the program. 😳

Right now, we’re all doing prep work:

The Hatch and Through the Looking Glass. // there’s a payment plan available.

It Might Get Strange

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