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deleting this video

I’m not sure when the statute of limitations runs out on this shit, and I don’t really need the FBI crashing through my window… so I probs won’t leave this video up for very long – maybe after it gets to 100 views or something.

But someone asked me in the comments of an RTV today about how I got to be doing the stuff I’m doing… like, who the fuck am I to be selling marketing advice?

I talk about it in bits and pieces all the time,… but not really in the full “here’s my story” format outside of my paid products.

So here’s a 10minute clip from the Summit of Power.

I talk about lots of fucked up shit I did – and lots of genius shit I did… and how I became the Yoga Sex Rock God that you see before you.

Here’s what Aubrey said:

“I find the beginning most fascinating as he touches on his “Fear of Girls” & taking people’s credit card info to fund his AOL addiction (‼️)”

😂 I never really thought about it like that… but that’s exactly what I was doing.

Here’s the clip.


We’re hiring the same dude to shoot Rabbit Hole… and two other camera operators. Plus a photographer. Go balls fucking deep, baby. It’s gonna be so good.

Pretty wild to think that I made YMTDS one year ago… just recorded a webinar from my studio apartment.

Now, we rented a sick fucking cabin in the middle of the desert, and I have Kassidy the Destroyer as Chief Operations Officer (COO AF), and a full production crew.

We actually just decided on to add the third camera operator today… guess that means the price has to go up again.



PS – seriously. just do it… Here’s what Lauren said about YMTDS.

“I’m really glad I bought this. I had my doubts but you swayed me somehow, and in two hours I got more out of it than I did the stupid online “business” class for moms  I paid 10x the price for.”

Rabbit Hole is gonna be at least 10,000x better. Price goes up again tomorrow.

And here’s some more about YMTDS… (Rabbit Hole is included, and you get access to YMTDS immediately. So this is still the best deal.

“I am watching it for the third time, now…tons of good stuff in there. Practical and not commonly taught (certainly never taught in Yoga TT). Thank you!”

“I think the biggest thing for me is exposing my personality. I have so many thoughts/ideas/good shit that I want to get across to people; this video has given me clarity about how to go about it in an organised way.“

“I was sucked into the story you were telling and loving the technical flaws during the presentation, your honesty, the realness. I saw the principles on the slides being manifested through your presentation. While I had the “steps” written down the day earlier, I had a mindset shift the next day.”

“I wasn’t sure what I could learn, I was assuming stuff along the lines of “be yourself and how to be original” but really my mind was blown, and I am so hooked. I’m saying that and I’ve paid for huge group programs in online marketing and $5k in a one on one mentorship. So I’m sitting here like WTF? I feel like I got the behind the scenes secret shit that’s really potent and amazing and made me feel sooooo excited about sharing whatever it is I’m teaching, being myself and “marketing myself.””

“Listening to this presentation all day and going back over through it, sparked so many ideas but haven’t conceptualized any of them quite yet. I was nervous spending the money and getting the presentation and it being too advanced for me or not applicable because I don’t have a huge following…….I feel like an idiot. Wasted time being nervous.”