This is How You’ll Feel After “The Purge”

that’s the worst thing that will happen.

someone will ask.

most of these shitbirds won’t even realize you did it, and even the ones who do notice won’t say anything.

But let’s say someone does ask why you Unfollowed them.

Here’s what you do:

Tell them the truth.

😲 Novel concept, huh?

I mean, fuck, it’s not like they won’t understand. Because they’re doing the same damn thing to themselves too. Hell, they probably got it worse than you.

Tell them that you lose too much time getting lost in manicured, bullshit social media FantasyLands.

That you have to be proactive about managing the content of your mind.

And even if you’re not spending hours in your bed scrolling through the ToolBelt. (I just thought of that right now. A new name for your tool-filled insta newsfeed. I am proud.)

Maybe it’s just something you do mindlessly… pick your phone up to check Insta “real quick.” Even that brief moment is fucking you up.

Especially because you said you’re trying to make some shit happen, right?

Constantly bouncing your focus like that is not helping you.

It’s fucking certainly not helping you become “inspired.”

Didn’t you get that email from Your Inspiration last week?

She said she only shows up when the party is already on and poppin.

You laying around and moping, comparing your ACTUAL REALITY to the ABSOLUTE HORSESHIT they are showing you is NOT helping you.

You Unfollowing isn’t a personal attack on them.

It doesn’t mean you’re weak. Or jealous.

You’re just hip to their bullshit, and you’re managing your mind.

It’s fucking important.

You’ll be able to follow them again… you just won’t want to because you’ll realize that they have added zero value to your life.

You just use them as an excuse to keep feeling shitty and procrastinating.

So ya gotta get rid of ‘em.


One way to start is to use one of those apps that shows you who you follow that doesn’t follow you back. 

Just being in that context, it might make it a little less painful to push the button.

Cuz you can see they don’t follow you, don’t care about you, AND WISH YOU WERE DEAD.

Google something like “instagram unfollow apps.” You’ll find one.

But if you’re not prepared to have your feelings hurt, you might want to skip this approach and try something else.

So yes, The Purge is on.

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Sunday Funday.


You don’t have to do anything.

Just start Unfollowing cockgobblers, twatwaffles & taintlickers.

And soon, this will be you.

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gobblers gotta go. ⠀ start with people who are *trying* to inspire you… “lifestyle brand” types. ⠀ People who only post photos of themselves doing yoga poses, exercises, or modeling apparel. I don’t give a fuck what their bullshit caption says. They are deceiving you. ⠀ You ain’t Nike, honey. Put it away.


PS – I posted some dope shit on Insta today.

The Purge Announcement 


If you’re trying to protect yourself from being purged, watch this. (or if you’re stuck on making an RTV)

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are you struggling to post a #randomtalkingvideo? here’s an idea: ⠀ Stop trying to impress the RTV community. ⠀ Talk to the people you’re trying to help. ⠀ Or even better, the people who you already are helping. ⠀ Teach them stuff that will help them more with what they already got from you. If you teach classes or see clients or whatever, talk to them as a group in between. Even if they don’t follow you. ⠀ You don’t have to use their names etc. But ya know… they all could probably use a little more of the same advice. And it just so happens, that so can the people who are “outside,” who will now want to be “inside” when they see what kind of conversations you’re having in there. And they’ll notice that you don’t look like some salesy Instachode. You’re just having a conversation – which means that other people trust you. ⠀ Kinda like this right now, ya know? I’m talking to my @rabbitholemoney peeps. ⠀ Share stories with them. Tell them how you got to be in the position you’re in why you’re doing what you’re doing. ⠀ It’s probably been a while since they’ve heard… if ever? ⠀

3-minutes of straight genius.

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[swipe] Both times I’ve done these Q&A clip things in my Story, I got a ton of responses like: ⠀ “Genius.” “These clips are so perfect for you.” “I am obsessed with these.” “You are The World’s Sexiest Man.” etc. etc. ⠀ ⌐ ⠀⠀This time, the question was ⠀⠀“why haven’t you made a ⠀⠀#randomtalkingvideo yet?” ⌙ ⠀ If I had known it was gonna be that kinda party, I would have dolled myself up a little. ⠀ (But there might be something to these things… if you haven’t done it yet, try the Question Sticker and see how it goes. Obvs responding with videos is way cooler than just typing.) ⠀ I’m thinking about doing them with an archive in mind next time. ⠀ ⠀

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PPS – I think this is Day 25 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails. You can read more at

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