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btw it’s not THE rabbit hole. it’s just rabbit hole.

clean. simple. like justin timberlake said about The Facebook.

I’m not going give you a complete breakdown of components because part of the magic is the leap.

you have to just fucking trust… or it’s not going to work.

you have to already kinda know that this is some special shit.

and that it can help you…

or there’s a damn good chance that you’re not gonna do anything when you get inside.

i’m going to ask you to trust me.

which, to be frank, shouldn’t be too motherfucking hard anymore considering i’m absolutely DEMOLISHING IT. Everywhere you look, you see me or my influence.

The scope of this project has already expanded way beyond what I planned.

It’s my Magnum Opus.

If you saw YMTDS, you’re gonna see this like WHAAAA??

I have multiple camera operators, a photographer, a location,.. and like, a plan.😂

We rented a god damn log cabin in the middle of the desert.

I’m flying my righthand in, from Tucson,… Kassidy the Destroy.

Or as I’m going to start calling her “KASHIDY.” (BTW, She’ll be a millionaire before she’s 25. we’re fucking on one.)

I’m also bringing another RTV/Insta beast in to consult on the project: @aubreyderryberry

It’s gonna be so fucking sick, man.

And If everything comes together, I’m going to eat some psilocybin after we shoot the core content.. and just see what comes out.

When all is said and done, this shit is gonna be $500. At least.. maybe $1500.

Who the fuck even knows?  I’m feeling awfully cocky lately.

And if people are going to be using my stuff to help their fucking clients make money… i’m sure as fuck gonna make it expensive.

It’s $200 right now.

The Complete YMTDS+Rabbit Hole package is $225. ($250 tomorrow)

Buy that shit.

You know damn well I don’t want your money if you’re not fucking delighted. I’ll send that shit back to you so fucking fast you won’t even know what happened.


PS – as I was writing this email, I got this email… I’m not gonna say who it is, but it’s money as fuck:

You’re infuriating because you’re right, and you know it and I know it and that pisses me off. I’ve been following your shit for months. Wanting to buy YMTDS and now definitely wanting to eat whatever cookies you’re hiding in the fucking Rabbit Hole. 

But my money shit is a mess right now.  (Why am I telling you this? I. DONT. KNOW. You’re like the vortex of fucking honesty and my face is sucked all the way in.) All the more reason I need/want to buy your stuff. But I left my shitbag ex-husband a year ago and I’m still cleaning up the financial disaster he left in my life and I don’t have $200 to toss in the rabbit hole. Kicking myself for not buying YMTDS when it was $40. (I am living proof that your tactics are effective.)

I’m telling you this because even though I’m not buying your shit (yet) and even though you’re aggressive as FUCK to people on your email list who aren’t buying your shit, I dig what you do and how you do it. And I want to do what you’re doing, but replace all your arrogant, dick comments with words of encouragement and love bombs. Cuz that’s my jam.

Anyway. If you’re still reading this, just wanted to let you know that I think you’re doing fucking cool shit man and I’m so on board. Know there are people who are busting ass to pull together enough money to pay for what you’re offering before you start charging a grand for it.

Keep shining your grumpy, aggressive, bossy-ass light, bro. The world needs more people who aren’t afraid to speak their truth.

PPS – I told her to “just buy the god damn shit.” If she does, i’ll change her fucking life. I started this email to give you some more detail about what’s inside the Rabbit Hole.. but fuck that. Just sign up. You know you want to.

Or unsubscribe from my list… you’re never gonna do shit anyway. Give someone else your spot.