Haters Inspire the Fuck Out of Me

dude fuck critics…  I don’t even want to call them “haters” cuz that term is just so played.

but they sure do inspire the shit out me.

some dude came on to this brilliant ass RTV I made earlier… it probably popped up in his feed because I promoted the content.

And I entertained his fuckery for a few in the comments.

But it gave me a sweet idea for a video.

Soon as I posted it, we made more sales.


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Engage deez nuts #randomtalkingvideo

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Good fucking times.

I love me some mothafuckin’ haters.


PS – I’m gonna be emailing a lot more. I’m thinking twice per day sometimes.

So get off my list if you don’t want them.

PPS – I have like a hundred testimonials now for Rabbit Hole, and we haven’t even started.

I’m raising the price to $1,000 soon.

“The difference I’ve seen in my self-expression since starting Rabbit Hole is unbelievable. I’m allowing myself to believe i can do stuff that i thought only hot, blonde, advanced ashtangis in beaches in Miami could do. I also feel like I’m allowed to have an opinion and a personality whereas before I had to be some cookie cutter version of a ‘nice’ yoga instagrammer.

Hey guys, watched the videos today and wanna say without kissing arse that I’m happy with the product so far because it seems like you really care. I get an impression that you’re really trying to deliver quality information and the point being to help people succeed. It seems like you’re not holding back or keeping best bits to yourself. It seems genuine, and you’re more personable and less sweary than I expected. Take that as you will. Thanks so much.

“There are people in the group who simply want to make money, then there are people who just want to be able to pay their rent, then there are others who do well but not well enough to put their offspring through a schooling they need – they’re pursuing the notion that that could be viable through understanding better their own unique talents.

That last one is me. I’ve been dying to say that for ages.I’ve had many messages from people asking if they should sign up. I mean – that’s a ridiculous question. It’s the first training I’ve done in years, it’s the first one I’ve wanted to do, if I’m on it – you should take that as a yes. Buuut you’re going to be required to step up.”

“It’s happening so suddenly…. it’s weird. This morning i launched an Instagram live interview series and already have four episodes set up. I didn’t realize i already had a network in place and just need to hit send with purpose, confidence, and resolve.”
-David Schockett

It Might Get Strange

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