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F✗CK. I lied to you

Not on purpose.

But I did. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I was planning to make this a two-part email series.

The first part was yesterday. It’s here.

And then I was gonna finish today with the second part with a bunch of “here’s what to post” stuff.

Really, for my purposes – it probably would have served me to do so.

That’s a much sexier email. 🍆

I could write some fucking whizbang magical shit and have you eating out of my hand, FOR SURE.

I’m really good at that. And I certainly will do it.

But not today.

Here’s the deal:

You wanna build an influential “personal brand,” yah?

You’re at least three years away.


So before we go any further with advice, I want to make sure you understand that.


I hope the Donkey Kong graphics make the idea of the “journey” a little less corny.

But what the fuck can I do?

It is what it is.

I know you need money now.

I get it.

Bills and life and kids and all that shit.


Make some money, dude.

I’m not telling you that you have to suspend all other activities to do this.

Help someone solve a problem and get your paper.

But if we’re talking about your “personal brand” or building REAL influence – it’s gonna take fucking time.

It just is.

And that’s all I can say.

I know it hurts… but it’s better to just take all the hurt at once then keep beating yourself up again and again.

I just want to give you some context so you can wrap your head around how this shit is gonna work.

Cuz maybe if you reframe what you’re doing, you won’t feel like you’re “behind.”

Or like you have to hurry up all the fucking time.

Or that you have to lie and bullshit and pretend to be something you’re not to get people to pay attention to you.

It’s a much healthier headspace to operate and create from.

So just take your god damn medicine.


Don’t Like it?  UNSUBSCRIBE FROM MY FUCKING EMAILS and pay someone who tells you what you want to hear.

Just fucking DRINK IT.

Accept it.

Savor it.

It’s three years, and that’s what it is.

What the fuck else are you gonna do?

You gonna keep looking for the magical formula that YOU FUCKING KNOW doesn’t exist?

You’ll be looking for the next ten years.

And then you’ll open this email again like “FUCK. I should have just done this.”

Better to just take the fucking medicine now.


So fucking shut up and drink the shit.

Did you drink it?


Because here’s the thing…. you’re not going to get there faster with some stupid social media strategy to create an ideal image of yourself.

Or by dispensing a bunch of advice.

Advice and Image feels like the quicker way to get there.

“if I just show these people that I’m smart and cool – they’ll start throwing their money at me.”

Don’t deceive yourself.

People are fucking skeptical as fuck, and they can find the same information everywhere and anywhere.. and probably from people who are more qualified than you.

So fuck that.

Pull yourself together and just take the fucking journey.

Look around, enjoy it, take some pics. Share them.

I’m trying to do this without being all cheesy.

I just want to you understand the context so that when you start, you don’t feel “behind” or like you have to hurry to catch up.

There is no catching up.

The end of this first leg of the journey is in three years, and it doesn’t matter how fast you go.



I’m pretty sure tomorrow will be the day that I can give you some of the sexy prompts you seek for WHAT TO SAY.

Cuz I know that’s what you want, ya fuckin animal.


PS – here’s a little secret that might make you feel better: 

When you truly ACCEPT that it’s going to take that long, and you start acting like someone who’s on a THREE YEAR JOURNEY…  it will facilitate money-getting FOR SURE.

PPS – hell, you can start with this $5 video about how to create a simple product and start selling it.

Carolyn did the other day and check this out… (she’s reading this email too and I’ll tell her the same thing: THREE YEARS, BABY. THREE FUCKING YEARS.)

Buttttt, here’s what she said:

Thought you’d want to know that your stupid video about how to make something to sell actually worked. I made my own stupid video, threw up a PayPal link and a couple of posts about it and people are buying that shit. I had my first “make money while you sleep” experience last night and didn’t even have to create a course or a funnel or any of that bullshit. Just a 20 min video, a PayPal button, and an RTV. took like 3 hours total because I barely edited anything.

I wish I had bought your stuff months ago so I didn’t waste so much time!!!

Thanks again for all the good shit you put out there. You’re probably the only marketing/business coach who’s advice has actually helped me make money.