Get Over Your Shit and Make Some Money Using Ugly Emails

The best piece of marketing advice I was ever given was by Frank Kern, “To help people, first prove you can help them, by actually helping them.” That is, teach or demonstrate something to them to get them results before asking them for money. This is sort of an obvious thing, we know this intuitively. A lot of people are doing a good job of trying to do this by putting out a lot of free videos or information, but this is where they fall short: giving people information isn’t always the best way to help them. In most cases, it’s not.


Getting people results requires some level of influence or connection. The things that allow us to connect with people and build influence, we don’t do enough of, because they make us uncomfortable. If you want to foster a connection with your audience and get them real results, you’ve got to do these uncomfortable things like taking a stance on something important to you, making Random Talking Videos, and sending Ugly Emails.


What is an Ugly Email?


An ugly email is exactly what it sounds like. No graphics, no fancy fonts, just you being real with the people who were smart enough to get on your mailing list. The purpose of an ugly email is to help you build that connection with these people in a more intimate setting than Instagram or other social media platforms. You build that trust by providing your best shit to them in a way that will help them get results.


Besides the fact that you can start sending out ugly emails right now, for free (MailChimp), there are several other reasons why this should be a big part of your marketing strategy. When you’ve got a ton of fancy graphics in every email, sent in the same format every time, the almighty Google picks up on that and labels them as “marketing emails.” By sending out ugly emails, you bypass that algorithm and have a better chance of getting your shit read.


Ugly emails don’t have to be bland, though. You can embed a gif or a photo of something from time to time, and use bold text or italics to emphasize a point or to break up text, making it easier to digest. If you want some good examples of what I mean, start getting my emails delivered to your inbox. You’ll thank me later.


Ugly Emails Will Help You Get Over Your Shit


Taking imperfect action is the path to success. If you’re always waiting for your shit to be perfect, you’ll never release that post, that course, and you’ll never help people. Period. Stop waiting for the perfect moment, because it will never come.


The perfect moment is now, and now is the time to act imperfectly. Ugly emails will help you get over this shit, and trust me, you need to get over it. No one successful ever waited until everything was 100% aligned – they took action in spite of their business or product being not-quite-there-yet.


And stop worrying about annoying people. If they don’t like it, they can leave. And good riddance too – if you want to know more about why unfollows/unsubscribes are more important than follows/subscribes, read “The One Thing You Must Do If You Want to Make Money with Instagram” article.


So send out ugly emails, and do it frequently. Instagram is too easy – you can delete or edit your captions after the fact, to make them more “likable.” With an ugly email, once you hit send, it’s out there. It’s done and you can’t get it back. And this is what will help you get over your need to control every aspect of your business. Let go of that need to control, put yourself out there as you are – flaws, typos, all of it – and you’ll become more comfortable in your own skin. Once that happens, the people you can help the most come running to you.


Ugly Emails Make You More Money Than Social Media


Social media has its place, and should absolutely be used in conjunction with email marketing. Think of your Instagram as a billboard, something to attract potential clients and customers to your business. It’s the beginning of your funnel – the thing you use to collect email address so that you can sell to your audience. Sure, if you post a PayPal link to your profile, you can make some money, but those high-ticket sales are going to come from your ugly emails.


First, you provide some value, share some stories, maybe give out a freebie or two, and then give your soft pitch for a product. Like an “oh, by the way, I have this thing – go check it out” sort of deal. People aren’t going to buy your product from the first email – it’ll be several emails in before they click that link. Send out around five emails of giving away your best shit for free before you even think about asking for money.


Detach yourself from the result. If they need it, they’ll click it, or they require more nurturing before they’re ready to buy. If so, send them more of the good shit, then pitch it again. Once you build that trust with your email list, the money will start rolling in. If you want to learn more about this email shit, register for my free Inspire the Fuck Out of People masterclass. Until then, start collecting email addresses and send out ugly emails at least twice per week – more is better.


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