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good news / bad news

I’ve been going back and forth about how I’m going to handle the Rabbit Hole production.

I realized that a lot of the value in YMTDS is in its ‘homemade’ execution… it shows the viewer that as long as you have great stuff – and you really do give a fuck, the audience gets over the ‘mistakes’ and technical flaws.

For someone who’s afraid to ship imperfect things, there’s no better way to show them that it’s actually MORE than OK (and that people will still buy and love them) than YMTDS.

For they just did exactly that shit: bought it and loved it.

So I was considering just doing another ‘webinar’ style class for Rabbit Hole.

It wouldn’t have the same technical issues, but it wouldn’t be ‘fancy’ in any way.

But I don’t want to do that anymore.

It doesn’t get me going. 🚀🍆

I’ve earned the right to go bigger.

So I am.

I’m hiring the dude who did the work on Summit of Power.

He’s perfect for this.

And wait til you see the shit I’m working on. 😍

And this will obviously make it so much more expensive than I was planning.

Eventually, more than YMTDS.

I realized that there’s big-time incongruence when I’m telling everyone to charge more for their shit, but I’m steady undercharging for the advice. 🤔

It doesn’t add up.

So, I’m gonna raise the registration price of the Rabbit Hole $25 every day until it feels right. Starting tomorrow.

It’s also included with the $200 Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck package. (this is the best deal, for sure. And you get YMTDS immediately so you can start now.)


PS – we’ve been putting more of my past emails on

PPS – check out what jake said:

Your shit works. I’m not even selling anything but just using your ideas for my Instagram and now so many people are asking me about mindfulness and meditation tips. It’s insane. I’m about to start charging.

A few days ago, it was:

Alright, you fuckin got me. I’ve been following your IG for a few weeks – feeling awkward and empowered by your message. Bought the $50 thing just now because $200 seemed wack. Then I’m literally in the funnel and bought YMTDS for $150, and I’m like whatever. Fuck it. Let’s see what this fucker has to say for real. Your post about being weird with money and regret hit me deep so I clicked that button and I’m eager to see what this is all about. You’re weird as fuck – and I’m hypnotized by it.

Shit works yo. (and yes, it already costs more than $50 for the upgrade. It’s now $75.

It will be $100 tomorrow at Noon PST.

Then $125 the next day.

Then $150. And so on…

But yes, the $200 YMTDS package is where it’s at.

PPPS – if you already signed up, you’ll get some more information and teaser stuff soon. But it’s gonna be a few weeks.