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good shit

On June 6th, the day the #RTVchallenge started, there were 7500 posts on the #randomtalkingvideo hashtag.

As of right now, there are 11,587.

And 3,736 on the #RTVchallenge tag.

So in just over a week, we generated nearly half of what it took nine months to create. (I started #randomtalkingvideo on October 15th, 2017. (although I had been making videos for few weeks prior to that under the tag #30daysofthesefuckingvideos)

The goal for the challenge was to get a bunch of new people to try it out – and as I learned when I used to run 2-week bootcamps for my Burn Yoga class… the best way to get people to try some new shit is with short end-to-end programs…  things with a start and end date.

It worked like a mf’er.

We’re definitely gonna do it again.

“It transcends Instagram. I’m finding myself being more real “IRL” too. Just hesitating less to say what I mean and saying it quicker. Realising when I’m holding back and letting that go.”
Risa Gabrielle

“I learned to be okay with being more vulnerable which created more confidence to share what I hold back from sharing sometimes. I also liked continuing to connect with those sharing their experiences and thoughts as well. Tons of growth for me!”
Kristi Taylor

“I learned that I’m not as significant or as insignificant as I thought….everyone’s out here together and there’s so much more connection than I expected. Plus, it’s fun!”
Love Yoga Studio

And check out what Kyle said:

“Imagine if we used social media to connect with others. Like reaaally connect and share, in real time. None of this “build a brand”/present your life through filters bullshit. Fuck that.

The community that has been built around #randomtalkingvideo is quite a spectacle. It’s so empowering to see people talking about their passions, their quirks, their mistakes and faults with pure awareness and acceptance” – @kylep16

I have dozens more of fucking glowing testimonials just like those.

If you want to get in on the action, you still have the rest of today to get your entries in.

Here are the prizes… and we’ll announce the winners later this week.


PS – Rabbit Hole is closed right now. I’m wayyyy behind on email, and I probably have 200 messages from people asking to get in … so if you’re waiting on a response – now you know.

We’ll let you know if we decide to re-open.