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good thing you’re you

… cuz I should be charging you for this shit.

I have like twenty emails from people from the past few days asking if deleted them from my email list… 😂 nope. I just haven’t sent one in a few days. But I’m glad you fear/miss me.

I’ve been steady killing it on Instagram, though.

Here are some highlights, and I’ll hit you back tomorrow with a freshie email.

✗ hey girl, you so fauxnerable.

✗ If you don’t believe in self-promotion and/or marketing – YOU are an arrogant, narcissistic piece of shit.

✗ a couple of things you don’t need to start inspiring the fuck out of people.

Private accounts are for cowards

How to be inspiring AF on Instagram

Whatchu think of my new Insta bio?

You ever see this chick’s “How to Get Instagram Followers” training?

Making people Unfollow you is as important as getting new followers

Why Unfollows are More Important than Follows

Do you pay attention to how many people visit your Instagram page?



PS – How to Inspire the Fuck Out Of People was awesome. If you weren’t there, you’ll hear back soon on the replay and shit. Be signed up here if you want it.

PPS – It should be at least $100, but I’m gonna give it to you for free so you can spend that money on boosting/promoting some of your content.