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grateful for you

You ever fuck around with gratitude journals?

They’re pretty cool. I get it.

I’ve done it before too… it’s a nice thing to do. 🦋

The real value is that it’s a clear and direct actionable thing to do in actual real-life that help you get ideas moving… because the worst fucking place you can be is frozen and incapacitated. That is fucking DEATH.

And being grateful is a superior position than not… but here’s why I think my shit is dope as fuck.

Essentially, I’m selling marketing and ‘make money’ advice… but the “marketing” and marketing-related activities are just mechanisms for you to take action and move ideas around.

just like thinking about shit you’re grateful for and putting the pen to the page is a mechanism for action.

But gratitude don’t pay dem bills baby!

By using business and marketing ‘metrics’ to guide decisions, you can see what’s working and what’s not working with real-life intel… whether people are responding, or opting in, or buying, or commenting, or whatever.

It gives you something tangible and real-worldy to know if you’re onto something.

So you can feel out the way you’re packaging your ideas…

Which, if you’re in this game to help people is a very important thing… no matter how fucking smart you are, if they don’t take the medicine, you ain’t doing shit.

If people aren’t showing up anymore because you’re too cool for school, that doesn’t exactly help either.

By sharing and failing and getting back up and expressing your opinions – you create reactions.

And those reactions have meaning.

If you think about it like that.. it just might help you get some money/results/whatever…

Man, I lost my train of thought and I don’t want to go back.

But dammit, it’s a good train… basically, I was saying that my shit makes you fucking CONFIDENT.

It makes you fucking certain.

And that’s some real shit.

Watch my RTV from earlier.

I’m not saying to stop gratituding. Keep doing that shit… but you should also consider getting on this rocketship, baby.

We bout to blast off.



PS – not gonna lie… I like making money while I sleep. and it seems like that happens more when I send the emails late. just an experiment. holy fuck does it make a day so much better.

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(I don’t know anything about bitcoin so plz don’t think I give a fuck)