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And the dude who I hired to shoot the Summit of Power last weekend came through like a mf’er… the trailer is absolute FIRE. Everyone who’s seen it is like “HOLY SHIT 😯”

But even the raw, unedited stuff looks so damn good… although I suppose that also might have something to do with the room being full of smart, sexy motherfuckers. 🤔

Here’s a cool little clip with the one and only Hunter Fitness (that’s his actual last name) schooling everyone on how to use story in your marketing.

127343_15187227845GbScreen_Shot_2018-02-Keeping it short today because Kassidy’s in LA for the weekend and we’re about to meet up for the first time this afternoon to finish up the Yoga Sex Rock God store.

The first run of tees, tanks, and hoodies won’t last very long… so if you want in on this, be on the lookout for an email tomorrow.


PS – Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck is all about how to do what Hunter is talking about in that clip… It has nothing to do with yoga, so yes, it will work for you even if you’re not a yoga teacher.

And also yes, the price is going to be doubled AGAIN. It’s my most advanced marketing training and the more testimonials and success stories I get, the more I realize how underpriced it is.

Don’t sleep on it.

PPS – Next ten people to send 1-2 pages of notes (what you learned, ideas, what you want to do) after watching the course get a fifteen minute strategy call with me… email them to

PPPS – if you purchased YMTDS for less than the current price and you want a call – email Kass about that as well. (you’ll have to pay the difference)

 “YMTDS is fucking beyond.. I bought it last night, smoked a bowl and watched it.

You’re literally breaking down how you take a personality and make it influential.

There’s a pattern to this shit and you’ve figured it out.

It’s like it’s so fucking easy to see, but as soon as you try to focus on it, it disappears. But it’s always right there in the periphery.

Somehow you figured out how to focus on it, take a clear photo, and this course is you explaining to us exactly what the fuck we’re looking at.

I’ve got to watch it a few more times to soak it all in, but I can already tell this shit is legit as fuck. Just had to let you know that, man. Appreciate you putting it out there.”