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help with a thing?

I’m taking a break from the daily mind-blow to ask you for some shit…

(not your money. this time.)

So I have this idea to build the biggest and most ridiculous animal sanctuary in the world and let it be a home for any in need… and use my marketing chops and audience to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars into it. And put my Mom’s name the headquarters. And let my sister and her kids run it – if they want.

She cared a lot about foster animals… especially those that aren’t easily adopted. Older black dogs & FIV+ cats, etc.

My initial thoughts are to create whatever sort of organization needs to be created, with whatever the fuck tax status I need, and just start organically letting it turn into whatever it turns into.

Maybe launch new things and raise funds for the organization and disperse them amongst the groups my Mom supported… or if there’s a better way to use it, do that instead.

I don’t really know. That’s what I want help with.

I’m not exactly sure I’m ready to break ground on the fucking behemoth yet… but I should definitely be having this conversation. It’s time.

I feel like I can even do “that” stuff differently too. Fundraising, awareness, non-profit stuff, etc.

And make it fucking cool.

And make other people want to do it too… for whatever they care about.

And probably raise a fucking mountain of cash.

And help lots of animals.

But there’s also this other thing:

She was an ICU nurse at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, but when she wasn’t working, her philosophy was “fuck people. give it to the animals.”

And then she was blitzed by a nasty variant of Ovarian cancer.

She would still say “fuck people, give it to the animals.”

But I want to be involved in awareness or fundraising or whatever the fuck to contribute to the Ovarian/Cancer system. But I don’t know how to do that either.

But this has been sitting on the back burner for a while… kinda thinking “yeah I’ll do that later when I have a lot of money and time.”

So I don’t know what I’m looking for… but if you can/want to help with whatever the fuck it is – can you let me or Kassidy know? (

Basically, I just want to keep doing what I’m doing… and telling people about rad shit… so I want to make this one of the rad shits I tell people about.

So whatever needs to get done to make shit move… that’s what I’m looking for: the mover.

Holla back.


PS – in fact, even just whispers about this project spurred Samantha Faulhaber to auction off a month-long coaching package… to donate all of the funds to this yet-to-be-anything organization.

I didn’t even know she was doing it… so I already have some cash in my PayPal to deposit in the bank account.

PPS – if you want to read my weird shit, has a bunch of my emails.