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i had a couple of ideas that might help you. The first one I talk about in this RTV… about how to get started with this unpolished style of marketing and self-promotion when you don’t know WTF to do.

And that is just doing what you’re already doing and talking about what you’re already talking about… in a more high-risk environment (RTV). It shows people things that they need to see to trust you… and become fascinated with you. Facial expressions, mistakes, etc.

It doesn’t need to be about extreme disclosure or the crazy shit you see me doing. Not at all.

And then below is an example of a first email to a brand new email list… one that will soon be used to set up a sale of a product that doesn’t yet exist.

Tori (@badatyoga) has already been rockin’ for a while… but as soon as I saw her page last year, I knew I could help her. She had the ‘It’ thing so I also knew it would be easy…

Anyway, she bought my shit. Got some results, joined my Backstage Pass group, and is steady crushing it.

She just started her email list.

And she’s gearing up to sell them some shit like right now.

This is what we’re going to be talking about in Rabbit Hole.

Anyway, here’s Tori’s first email.


It’s funny.

And I’ll tell you who she’s talking about at the bottom.

Did you know I put both my feet behind my head once?

It made me a better person.

Likely way better than any of you.

Hi there, welcome to my new mailing list.

It seriously did only happen once. Despite years of pulling, prodding, cursing and surrendering the foot-behind-head situation happened for me one time- at an Ashtanga workshop in 2011. Though honestly, I can’t take much credit for it.

A visiting teacher- who was super cute and so obviously an expert- tried like hell to get me into full kurmasana (ankles crossed behind head with hands clasped behind the back- picture a butterball turkey, but alive and with better hair). In retrospect, I’m not sure why it was so damn important to him. I remember thinking at the time that maybe it was because I was somehow very special. Like an older/female/not karate version of The Karate Kid. Or maybe he fancied me? Maybe we’d fall in bendy love, and his tender touch would propel me to third series?! Is this what “practice and all things coming” really meant?!?! While I planned our future life together, my hero went to work tying my passive limbs into knots.

Poor teacher. He got both my feet behind my head, but then they sprang apart when he tried to get my hands to clasp behind my back. He’d get my index fingers to hitch together, but that grip would fail the moment he went back to crossing my ankles behind my head. Despite all his cuteness, he couldn’t teach my body a damn thing. I think the whole situation was a little hard on him. I wasn’t really involved in the process. I was like a bystander watching my own body be morphed into the shape of dead poultry. This back and forth went on for an awkwardly long time before he finally conceded defeat and sullenly told me to “Sit and breathe.” Which I did. Marinating in the shame of not being able to look directly at my own butt-hole, and strategizing how I might later win back his approval with wheel pose.

***Side note: It didn’t work. And to add insult to repetitive stress injury, after the workshop I discovered some jerk had stolen my bike seat. There’s nothing scarier than an un-showered, sexually frustrated Ashtangi biking through midday traffic with their rectum (which they have never directly seen) hovering dangerously over the edge of a steel pipe.

It took a couple more years and a couple more injuries for me to give up on Kurma-whats-its-pants and other ‘advanced’ asanas, and Ashtanga altogether soon afterwards. The decision came around the same time I owned up to not being able to get through a practice without taking an extra strength Advil first. Since then, my practice has degraded and progressed to the point of me usually looking way more like a drunken wobbly toddler having a blast than a stoic in-control yogi. This change suits both me and my hamstrings just fine. We’ll talk more about that some other time.

But yeah, back to that feet behind head thing. Should you do it? I dunno. Some people can pull it off it easy-peesy. Some of us cannot. I think the better question to be asking ourselves is, “Is attempting it even necessary in the first place?” If it’s a more definite answer you’re after then I will say this- attempting it because you feel obligated or because someone says you should, no matter how cute they are, is probably not in your best interests. You’re better off to sit and breathe.

First, that’s some funny shit. Just chill. Friendly. Funny. Etc. Not pitchy. Not salesy. Not spammy. Not lame.

Also.. Dude, it was that fucker David Robson. The Ashtanga teacher who does those brutal adjustments that I used to repost all the time. The dude literally never said shit… he got just fucking buried in the comments by hundreds of people and never showed up to defend himself.

Just went on standing on people ‘n shit.

That’s why you don’t want to build an empire on bullshit that you can’t defend.

Not a good place to be.

Much better to let the audience see as much as possible so nothing can come back to bite you later.

We’ll get into this in Rabbit Hole too.

I’m not gonna keep telling you the price will go up and up. And up and up…

Holler back if you have any questions.


PS – this is a fucking excellent:

I’m seeing everything your tribe is doing from the summit of power and all of them are full of life and intellect and magnetism and charisma. I want to get in on it 🤘

Lisa wasn’t at the Summit of Power, but she did the next best thing:

Signed up for Rabbit Hole.

PPS – yes, it will work for you if you don’t know what you’re selling yet.

PPPS – if you’re new here, there are a bunch of these emails on (but it’s always about 2 weeks behind these)