How to Actually Make an Impact Giving Advice on the Internet

hey, I’m curious what you think about giving advice on the internet?

do you do it?

do you post “helpful” content to teach people how to do practical things?

maybe-probably with the hope that they’ll buy something from you?

what do you think about that sort of content as a consumer? do you like it? do you apply it? do you buy things from people that give it to you?

I was DM’ing with my friend Mira last night about this, and she was talking about how she is generally resistant to people giving advice.

And I get that, for sure.

I think most people fuck it up and that’s why they don’t get any results.

And why many of us have an aversion to that approach, in general.

Well here’s my advice to you:

When you give “advice” over the internet, it should primarily be a vehicle to demonstrate personality and connect with the viewer/reader/listener. It’s more about the subtle things that happen underneath the words.

so, just making a video of you showing people how to do an exercise

or giving them a straight-up tip for a more focused meditation

or whatever the hell else…

It might be fine.

You might even be helping them – but you’re not exactly building influence over them.

Ideally, the advice should give them practical stuff they can use, yes. But just as important, the topic and delivery should give you enough freedom to demonstrate personality.

This is a little bit abstract, I know.

And if there is something practical I can give you to attack it, it would be this:

Random motherfucking Talking Videos.

Like this one.

Or this one.

even if you don’t fully understand the “freedom to demonstrate personality,” the unscripted, unedited video will achieve some of these “beneath the surface” goals without you having to think about.

They’ll be able to watch your facial expressions and hear your tone of voice and feel your emotions or whatever the hell else happens that we can’t describe with words.


The most seductive things in the world are:

Fun, Care-Freeness, Passion.

Or if you don’t like “passion” (I don’t), then “excitement.”

I’m obviously not recommending you act all bubbly and fake and weird to feign these things.

They should actually be real things you feel because the “advice” you’re giving is about something you have fun talking about.

“Care-freeness” is a little more subtle but that just comes with confidence and time. But everyone wants to give less of a fuck. And the less fucks you appear to give, the better.

Not even about the thing you’re talking about, but about the response you evoke.

But don’t fake it.


PS – check this shit out:

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You probably won’t make $1,000 in a day – unless you’ve already putting in work and building goodwill.

But if you spend 30-90 days contributing cool, helpful stuff.

And you respond to your comments. And you listen.

And you take what you learn to make something personal and specific… or you make the thing you already made more personal and specific…

… you’ll make some sales.

Then you will have more confidence and new skills and actual CUSTOMERS, and you can repeat the process to make something even more personal and more specific — ad infinitum.

This is just the first step.

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