I Don’t Like This Shit

But i’m doing it anyway. 😒

I’m sitting here writing this email with my MacBook on my lap.

On a fucking couch.  (I know, I know: “THE HORROR!”)

I don’t like writing with my MacBook on my lap.

I don’t like working from a couch.

Nor do I like writing after I’ve eaten.

I like writing at an uncomfortable desk. In an uncomfortable chair. When I’m hungry.

This shit sounds kind of sadistic when I read it back, but those are the conditions that make me feel sharpest.

But hey, man – those things just aren’t options for me right now, so I’m gonna do the best I can with what I got.

I’m a big believer in rituals and all that shit, but sometimes that just ain’t an option.

How the hell am I ever gonna get anything done if I need perfect conditions to do my work?

I just want to know that I can get it done. Whenever, wherever, with whatever resources I have available.

ESPECIALLY when I don’t want to.

And double-fucking-especially when I don’t feel like I have anything interesting to say.

Cuz I gotta tell you – It’s fucking SHOCKING how many times I hear back from someone like:

“this was the best email you’ve ever sent.”

“best RTV ever.”

“holy shit, this is exactly what I needed right now.”


… even though I was convinced it was the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever created.

The same thing will happen to you.

Hell, it probably does happen to you all the time.

There’s a famous John Lennon quote:

“People think you want them to do something or say something special…you don’t. You just want them to be themselves so that you can be yourself.”

That’s some real shit right there.

The whole “just be yourself” thing is a little cliche, and really, I don’t even know what the fuck it means.

But, I’m convinced one of the most powerful things about the type of communication I recommend:

  • Frequent, Extensive, and Intimate.
  • via Talking Video & Email.

… is that those things allow you to do just that:

give other people permission to be themselves.

That’s what I think anyway.


PS – the votes are in, and it’s fucking unanimous AF. Everyone wants me to continue with the daily emails.

#30daysofthesefuckingemails, Round 2 ended on Friday – and I took yesterday off… but I’m gonna get back after it.

Most of my emails from over the past 9-ish months are up at ryanorrico.com.

PPS – If you haven’t done this yet, could you?


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