I Know What Your Problem Is

yo i’m just gonna pick up where i left off yesterday, cool?

Why My Shit is The Shit And How I’m Right And Everyone Who Disagrees is Automatically Wrong Always, Volume IX.

It boils down to this:

I can tell you exactly what you’re fuckin’ problem is.

Cuz it’s my problem too.

That’s why we hang out.

Your problem is not a lack of ideas or inspiration or whatever the fuck else.

You have lots of ideas.

And inspiration is bullshit.

Your problem is that you’re not doing what you said you were gonna do.

You’re not shipping.

You’re not showing them your stuff.

You’re not even doing the fucking actual work part.

The risky part.

I get that you know how to talk the talk – but there’s no risk in talk, babycakes.

You have to fucking publish. ALL OF THE TIME.

We both know it ain’t gonna be your Magnum Opus any time soon, right?

You’re not there yet, and you recognize that there are levels to this shit.

Of course you do.

So fuckin’ relax.

Let’s knock some little shit out of the way now before you get too big and popular.

It’s better to suck shit in front of a small audience than a big audience, ya know?

Then when you get to the big show, you’ll be ready for the criticism and rejection you are FOR SURE going to get.

But you have to start training for it now.

You gotta get the shit kicked out of you.

You gotta do it to yourself… as you know you will.

And you gotta let other people do it.

… or holy fuck, when you get big and popular, and a lot of people know who you are — YOU ARE STRAIGHT FUCKED.

You will get eaten alive.


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