I Must Be Smoking ‘Crack Friday’

seriously, black Friday cracks me the fuck up.

Especially when people who sell information (videos/courses/etc.) give like an 80-90% discount.

Great way to piss off everyone who paid 100%.

The last thing you want to do is upset the people who have already given you money with some short-sighted shit like that.

So I’m not doing a Black Friday Sale.

But I had another idea.

First, I’m gonna give you a video that no one has seen yet called “How to Make Social Media Content that Actually Sells Your Shit” for free.

I’ll tell you where to watch it in a second.

I wasn’t even going to do a promotion at all, but I didn’t end up going home for Thanksgiving this year, so I had a day to kick some shit around, and I came up with this.

[I must be smoking] CrackFriday.

Here’s the scoop:

The coolest thing I have done over the past 14 months was start #randomtalkingvideo. It’s the most significant concept that I’ve brought into the world since I started many years ago on this mission to ‘teach people how to get over their shit and take some fucking risks.’

But the truth is, I started making talking videos a few weeks before shooting The Best Yoga Class in The World so I could practice being in front of a camera.

I was relentless with my practice, and eventually, it caught on, and other people started doing it too.

But it was my commitment to finally delivering on the video product that people had been asking for that spawned the IDEA and created the MOTIVATION to actually make the damn talking videos.

So RTV was a necessary byproduct of me having to get over my shit to deliver on what I promised.

And it ended up being magical.

There are now over 23,000 #randomtalkingvideos.

But if it weren’t for The Best Yoga Class in the World, I wouldn’t have had a good enough reason just to start posting a bunch of awkward-ass talking videos.

But I did.

And here we are.


So here’s the deal:

The Best Yoga Class in the World has been selling for a little over a year for $20.

If you’re into yoga and weird movement/mobility stuff, you’ll dig it. But even more important than the teaching-of-movement is you get to see how awkward (and hilarious) I am.

But being that it’s CrackFriday, I can’t just charge you $20 now, can I?

So it’s $40.

That’s right.


But stick with me because I’m sweetening the fuck out of the deal:

You also get a spot in a new training we’re doing called ‘How to Make & Sell an Online Product.’


We’re going to teach you a process for conceptualizing, creating, promoting, and selling your very own online product.

And all you need is a phone, email, and social media.

This alone should cost $500-$1000. And eventually, it will.

But if you lock it up before the CrackFriday promotion is over, you get it and The Best Yoga Class in the World for $40.

So there it is.

The Inaugural [I must be smoking]CrackFriday anti-sale is up at crackfriday.com.

And if you scroll down to the bottom of that page, you’ll see the free video called “How to Make Social Media Content that Actually Sells Your Shit.”

Hit me back if you have any questions.


PS – and sure, you can just buy the ‘How to Make & Sell an Online Product’ training without the class. It’s $40 just the god damn same. Click the same Order button and buy it.

PPS – and you already know I bring the fucking thunder every day for free on social media – so you know damn well I’m going to do the same here.

Don’t sleep on this.

PPPS – if you’re waiting for Magic Pixel Dust (and/or Unusually Focused), those are in the final stages of production – they’ll drop right after the online class and all three of them together will make you unstoppable. These are all pieces of one big Dream Machine. It’s all on purpose.


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