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instagram stuff

I post a shit ton of stuff on Instagram.

And yes, it takes a lot of time. But I’ve built a real platform there, and I’m getting a god damn fantastic return on my [time/money] investment…

I’d venture to say far better than most people… even people with 20-30x the followers. Or more. I bet I’m seeing a better return than someone I know with 1,000,000 followers.

But even given that, I wouldn’t just outright recommend people start posting as much as I do.

At least, not just BECAUSE I do it.

You should post as frequently as is necessary to say what you need to say…  (and maybe a little more.)

I think the volume speaks volumes in and of itself, but just volume for volume’s sake would be what I would call “burning the audience.”

Have a reason to do it.

I’m not exactly sure what sort of effect it has on the ‘ol algorithm… but my guess is that it diminishes overall newsfeed “reach” for individual posts…

But as I’ve said… I’m most interested in the small segment of people who frequently browse to MY PAGE and consume MY CONTENT in MY WORLD. Those are the buyers.

I’m less interested in what happens with the mindless scrolling that happens within the Newsfeed.

Of the thousands of people who “see” (scroll past) my posts each day… I’m more interested in the few hundred who actually come and visit my page and get lost there.

In the Rabbit Hole.

I can’t tell you how many dozens of comments and messages and emails I’ve received over the past few months to the effect of

“OMG I was just in the @ryanorrico rabbit hole for the last 2 hours/days.”

That’s what the fuck I’m talking ’bout.

And that’s what the fuck inspired the name of the new Social Media marketing training I’m filming on Friday.

It will be the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s about how to make money with a small social media audience… but it’s also about how to stop fucking around and start making shit happen in your god damn life.

Just like you see me and everyone who follows me doing…


PS – here’s the plan with the price right now… but I reserve the right to change the fuck out of this whenever I want.

It’s $225 now to pre-register for Rabbit Hole
It’s $300 to pre-register for Rabbit Hole AND get YMTDS immediately (this offer goes away very, very soon.)

The price of Rabbit Hole will go up as soon as we arrive at the location on Friday morning.

Then it will go up again when I get a fucking bitchin’ trailer edited next week…

Then it will go up again when I get the first batch of testimonials.

Now’s the time to do this.

This shit will change your god damn life if you let it.

(if you saw YMTDS… RH will look about 1,000,000x better as we have a 3-man film crew and a sick fucking log cabin in the middle of the Palm Desert.)

PPS – seriously, you’re a fucking idiot if you don’t take me up on this. You know I satisfaction is guaranmotherfuckingteed… if you’re not delighted, I’ll give you your money back.

Or yo… just unsubscribe from this shit if you’re never gonna do anything.

Let someone else have your spot.