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is this stupid?

Fuck. I posted 12 times so far today on Instagram.

Sound stupid?

Shit made money.

If Insta would let me, I’d straight up charge to access my page god dammit. It’s that god damn good.

But here’s some good free shit for you… better than the nonsense you pay for.

12. how to know if your peeps are fascinated with you.

11. [RTV]: my friend Courtney Rowley is one of the top trial lawyers in the country, and this is her new project @trialbywoman

10. Jenna telling me that I am helping her be more bold and unapologetic (my favorite)

“Finding your page through Hunter has been a catalyst for a mindset shift in me. From someone who struggles with being bold and unapologetic, your way — while I might not agree with everything you say and do — really gets to me in such an inexplicable way. I seriously don’t know how to explain it. And I’ve found other people whose energy I really admire and want around me, like Rachel.”

9. My favorite post of the day

8. [RTV]: It’s not my job to make you feel good about my ideas

7. Sucks to be these people

6. Naked pics aren’t enough

5. [RTV]: Having lots of followers gets in the way

4. [RTV]: Fuck followers, get money

3. Screenshot of my Insta analytics. I lost 18 followers this past week, and my reach is down 21%… bank account up tho. 🤷🏻‍♂️

2. Fucking badass photo of Diane wearing the YSRG tank. Immediately after she posted the pic, she ordered a hoodie and another tank. And Yoga Marketing That Doesn’t Suck. And Rabbit Hole. (she’s obvs my new best friend now.)

1. My also favorite post of the day... from my boy Devin. (dude is a fucking specimen, btw… and so god damn smart.)

“One of your hardest hitting points. This was me two years ago. 20k+ followers and 0 signups for a Thailand retreat. I was so confused, even pissed off at people. I was like, where tf did all those thousands of people go who said like liked my stuff? For months I was convinced Instagram was a waste of my time and everyone on the platform was full of shit. My interactions began reflecting this: I stopped trying to get people to like what I was doing, and started saying whatever I wanted. And looking back on that period, strangely people became more engaged and committed to what I was doing. But I never really put the pieces together; I just had a vague sense I‘d been going about things backward, and the solution would be counterintuitive. Then I came across your shit two months ago. You were not only the first person I’d ever heard articulate this backwardness of Instagram marketing at all, but you also hinted you knew an approach to systematically shift all this. Still unpacking.”

That’s a lot huh?

I wouldn’t be able to get away with it if it wasn’t straight fucking fire.

I do it because I know the more people that I give results to in advance, the more likely they are to sign up for the best shit I’ve ever done:

Rabbit Hole 

It’s all about “how to make money with a small social media audience.”

(quotes because that’s just the chocolate. the medicine is inside.)


PS – Price of Rabbit Hole goes up again on Friday morning when we arrive at the location

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