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I never really thought about it like this.. but earlier today, my boy Dj/@strongcamps said “your stuff is like PAILs and RAILs for your mind.”


I’m assuming you know what PAILs and RAILs are, but just in case .. they’re terms to describe mobility training techniques in the Functional Range Conditioning system.

You use PAILs and RAILs [isometric contractions] at the ends of your ranges-of-motion to strengthen those new and unfamiliar positions… essentially you’re challenging the deepest tissues with force from varying angles and signaling to your nervous system that “I got this.”

Which is exactly what I ask you to do with a lot of my marketing techniques… RTV, disclosure, frequent emails, actively repelling people, takeaways, etc.

Shit that takes you to the limits of your comfort zone — then you play and get strong there… so that the next time, it ain’t no thang.

Shit’s so money. And it’s not just the mushrooms talking.

Then one of the early RH adopters Jesse Holguin commented

“…So will 🕳🐇 will be like the Kinstretch of marketing? 🤔”

Dude nailed it.

I hadn’t put it in those terms… but yes.

Rabbit Hole will give you all kinds of end-range techniques and transitions to explore your marketing options.

And i’ll be teaching you the principles to create your own system…

I’m on the tail-end of a test mushroom trip.

And I’m gonna go something else now.

I’ll holler tomorrow. But buy that shit before I jack the price up again. You know it’s coming.