Just Make Something… Then Sell It

dude stop trying to make that shit perfect.

you can make it better later.. or make something new.

and if you do it right (sharing the process/struggles/etc.), people get to watch you through the whole thing.

shit’s captivating as fuck, man.

and let’s be honest, the first product/video/course you sell is gonna be shitty, and you’re gonna wish you did a million things differently, and it ain’t gonna be the thing that gets you your first million.

think of the first product as a little side-action… and to feel what it’s like to make some money while you sleep. maybe a little, maybe more than a little.

but more important than that money – is you need to become a person who sells products and does things that get you paid without you needing to be present… that shit gives you all kinds of power and leverage.

you can start saying ‘no’ to shit. and stop chasing.

and you have some work to do with your attitude surrounding money and asking people to give it up.

making and selling a digital product is a fucking great way to attack it.


  • it separates you from the rest of the schmucks who are too scared to pull the trigger on their idea.
  • it’s easier than writing a book
  • it creates customers. and it’s easier to get people who have already given you money to give you more money than it is to get a new person
  • everyone wants to do it, so they will look up to you
  • it puts you on a pedestal
  • it puts money in your bank account while you sleep
  • it will help you discover the idea that’s actually going to make you some real fucking money
  • and a shit ton of other reasons.

I made a video about it.

And if you missed the one I sent yesterdayit’s fucking killing it.

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How to Make Money While You Sleep. In 60 seconds. #randomtalkingvideo ⠀ We’re gonna go deep into this process in Pillow Money Castle. I walk you through my exact process for creating and selling the video of my Burn Yoga class – which is the catalyst for much of my recent success. ⠀ It’s the first stop in Rabbit Hole (we’re gonna sell this product stand-alone for $500, but it’s included with @rabbitholemoney) and we’re going in very, very soon. ⠀ Pro-tip: with your PayPal.me link: if you do like this PayPal.me/yourname/25, it will automatically put $25 as the dollar amount to send. ⠀ PS – for your ramblers who say that one minute isn’t enough… I just took you to school in 60 mf’n seconds. ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀rabbitholemoney.com

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Your chance to get into the first round of Rabbit Hole is going away later.

We’re going in the hole soon, and our first stop is Pillow Money Castle.

It’s the entire Rabbit Hole formula, but applied specifically to how I made and sold the video of my Burn Yoga class… which is the foundation of the success I’m having now.

it’s so fucking good. we’re gonna sell this shit standalone for the same price as Rabbit Hole.

We’re locking that shit up tonight, and you’ll be relegated to the FOMO Chamber of Doom and Despair.

..with the rest of the tire-kicking procrastinators.



PS – I lost count of how many of these we have.. but a lot:

“I think with Rabbit Hole I’ll be able to start a local revolution of people who are tired of all the fake bullshit. God, how brainwashed was I before all this?”
Eric Gingerich

“It’s all happening so fast, a big shift, and I can feel it, and I’m excited…and I’m scared too. But mostly excited. I’m glad I’m in because I’d hate to be out.”
Sophia Finster

“Before this trailer, I was intrigued, but in no way committed to what you were doing. I remember watching this at the gym, and something just flipped for me. I kept thinking about it every day for weeks, and (begrudgingly) signed up the night before it started. I had no idea what to expect, but if I had any idea of how much I would get out of being part of the group ALONE, I would have never hesitated. I seriously feel lucky now that I got in when I did.”
Alyssa Rapotez

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