The One Thing You Must Do to Make Money on Instagram

Making money/helping people/getting business leads on Instagram doesn’t mean require a ton of followers, and you don’t have to be an “Influencer.” Tons of people are making money on Instagram who can’t hold a candle to the kind of value you can offer. The problem is that you’re too afraid to do the things that are going to make you the kind of income you want from this platform. You probably don’t even make #randomtalkingvideos… SMH.

Stay with me, this shit’s good.


Two Categories of Postsinstagram-logo


There are two categories of Instagram posts:

  • There are the easy to like, easy to follow posts. You know… picture quotes, beautiful yoga pictures in front of a photoshopped sunset, some dude doing a handstand off the side of a cliff while rain pours off his chest.


  • Posts that take a stand on something, things not everyone “likes.” (#randomtalkingvideos are a perfect way to deliver these posts).


The first category contains your pretty photographs and quote posts. These are easy to like and make you easy to follow because the posts don’t make people question themselves, they don’t make them take a look inward and realize anything. They don’t change people. They’re safe. They’re vanilla. Even if you’re posting ‘fauxnerable’captions, they’re your double-tap-then-scroll posts.


Posts that take a stand on something, your opinions, and your RTVs won’t be liked by everyone. They’ll probably make some people feel weird, or make them not like you – as Frank Kern says,


Unfollows Are More Important Than Follows

This is a hard one for people to grasp. I get it. “How can an unfollow be more important than a follow? I’m trying to build an audience, not destroy it before it even gets started.”


Here’s the rub – if you only post likable content you’re building an audience, but it’s a garbage audience who won’t engage beyond the double-tap-scroll mentality. You’ll be depressed and broke, wondering how you have all of these followers but aren’t making a dime from them, even though you’re giving away your “best stuff.”


Your “best stuff” are not your quotes and pretty photos, or your fauxnerable posts. It’s the stuff where you take a stand against something, for something, that you believe in. It’s the stuff where you call out the bullshit in your industry. The RTVs where you’re being real, raw, and simultaneously repellent and attractive… that’s the best stuff.


You have to be willing to say and do the things that will make people unfollow you so that you can attract the right people to you. Those who leave weren’t going to buy your shit anyway.


Repel a Large Number of People to Have Maximum Influence Over a Few


You don’t need to have a large following. Seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? If you have a hundred thousand followers, but those hundred thousand aren’t engaged, then you don’t have a hundred thousand followers. You have a number in your profile that doesn’t mean shit and doesn’t translate to dollars.


Your income is going to come from having maximum influence over a few people and repelling a large number of people so that your real, dedicated followers can find you. You become like a lighthouse, and your true followers are following your light after fighting through a stormy sea of bullshit to get to you. But you’ve got to become repellant to those who are not your target audience.


300 followers are enough to begin. 300 is enough people to gain traction and 300 is better than having one hundred thousand if those three hundred people are engaging with you and buying your shit. You can make a lot of money from 300 engaged followers.

How Random Talking Videos will Save Your Life and Business 


So What Do I Do?

I’m going to go ahead and assume two things:

  1. You want to use your Instagram account as a tool to help people and make some money.
  2. You want to build real influence and a [legit] following of rabid fans who support anything you do and buy anything you make.


The first one, you can do in 60 days.


Hell, you can do it in a week if you want… but let’s be conservative and go with 60 days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “make money quick!” guy… The reality is, unless you already have a large audience whose already given you some money, some great products built, and some advertising dollars to spend… I can’t help you make your first million in that time frame. BUT you can be making some bucks and waking up to more money in your PayPal account than you had when you went to sleep. Even better, you can get the snowball rolling that will eventually lead to big bucks.


The second thing is going to take longer, but the behaviors are the exact fucking same. Here are two things you can do right now:


  1. Post lots of talking videos (I don’t care if you call them RTVs or not – just make the videos).
  2. Build an email list and send frequent emails. At least once per week – more is better.


MailChimp is free and you can post the signup link in your Instagram bio so don’t give me any excuses about money or not having a website – you can even use if you need more link real estate. Emails are the most important communication you have with your audience and that is how you get people to buy your shit.


“Alright… I’m in.”

I go into detail about why and how in my Inspire the Fuck Out of People class. You can register here. It’s free.


If you’re not willing to do those things, the rest of this shit won’t work. These things are REQUIRED. They are not a social media challenge, they are not a marketing campaign that you do for a little while and then stop. These are default behaviors that you just do no matter what.


Just like taking showers, eating food, and breathing. Until you die.


Never stop making repellant, opinionated talking videos, and sending out emails. This is your ticket to making money from your social media following.

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