Why My Approach is “Troll Proof”

Fuck. I spent more time on that damn troll today.

But… it’s for the cause, for fuck’s sake.

I was gonna leave her alone… but one of my spies told me she deleted a bunch of my comments on her post and re-engineered it to make herself look clever.

Which means I had to out her. (check my Insta)

And then eat her heart.


(also I got to use her words to make some sales and build my email list. So that’s a bonus.)

Which, is one of the benefits of this entire approach…

That is: disclosing flaws, posting unpolished talking videos, etc.

When you get in front of all your bullshit, and you lay it out for the world to see, no one can ever use it against you.

Which gives you free reign to do and say whatever the hell you want.

Hell, you can even turn your critics into marketing fodder and sales material.

People will forgive you for everything you disclose up front.

Everyone is fucked up, and they understand.

But what they won’t forgive you for is when you bullshit and hide stuff that they discover later.

Like, I had no problem going straight at this twatwaffle. I have nothing to worry about.


She’s the one who’s got shit to hide.

That’s why she’s fucking afraid.

That’s why she made her account Private.

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A warm welcome to all of my new fans, followers (and soon-to-be customers) from my newest troll, @natmukusheva. ⠀ She deleted my comments to re-engineer our conversation, but know that she was completely demolished. Her post was senseless and it needed to be handled. ⠀ And as all cowards do, she conceded defeat and bowed to her Sensei when she made her account Private. ⠀ VICTORY. ⠀ #randomtalkingvideo ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⌐ ⠀⠀


That’s why she won’t let anyone except her carefully curated friends see what she’s saying.

Good thing I have eyes fucking everywhere.

Check this shit out… this is the bullshit she’s feeding her followers.

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She’s too afraid to show you the conversation she’s having on her page. She knows she’d fucking owned. Again. ⠀ But I have spies everywhere.



Let’s think about what I’m really teaching here.

1. talk into a camera a lot to practice confident communication. post that shit to add risk.

2. build a relationship with an email list. (don’t rely on social media platforms)

3. get over your perfectionist tendencies and show people what you got.



Fucking cockgobblers.

They’re better off just staying fucking quiet… because anyone who comes at me now is going to get fucking ROASTED.

If you are useful to me, I will hang your ass out to dry and fucking make money with the show.

So step the fuck back and work on your own shit.



PS – tomorrow is The Purge.


PPS – I’m gonna try to use “cockgobbler” and “twatwaffle” in every email for the next ten days.

PPPS – this is Day 24 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails. Read more of these shits at ryanorrico.com

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