Why We Should All Stop Saying “Self Care.”

Maaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn… I was gonna try to send a nice email today.

Like, show people my soft side ’n shit

But I just can’t do it.

Not when there are all these people out here just saying random ass words without thinking about them.

I went off on the fucking self(ie)-care movement today.

(and this)


And then another one of my favorites:




Enough for what, exactly?

That sounds like some complacent ass nonsense to me.

The world moves too fast for you to be talking that kinda bullshit.

I mean, if you’re in a shitty relationship and your partner makes you feel bad – leave.

If your job sucks and you don’t feel appreciated – quit.

But don’t be like “I AM ENOUGH.”

Cuz sorry sweetie, no you fuckin’ ain’t.

Not to do the things you say you want to do. You’ll get eaten alive.

You gotta keep fucking learning.

And keep teaching.

And keep training.

And keep practicing.

And keep sharpening your tools.

Until you’re fucking dead.


wah wah wah.

Just do me a favor, before you repost that cute little meme with the “inspirational” saying, think about what the hell it even means.

Or, at least make sure you actually believe the damn words.

Cuz you ain’t helping.


PS – i’ll try to be nice tomorrow. 
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