okokok what had happened was

I feel like this excuse is pretty legit. Check it out:

I was supposed to send out [what is now called] MoneyMoves a while ago.

the original idea was to do a one-hour webinar and teach people how to make and sell a “homemade” online product.

I figured I’d record it, upload it to Vimeo, and sell the recording — homemade AF.

but as I was putting that material together, I found myself constantly referring to things that needed to have already happened before you just started “making and selling.”

So I’d fill in a blank.

Which would make me need to fill in another blank.

And then it started to get muddy.

So I burned it all down and started again with a broader scope.

And again, the same thing happened.

Added too much. Got muddy. Burned it down.

So I started one more time.


Part-perfectionism, yes.

But I think even more than that – it was more because I’m looking out for Future Lazy Ryan.

I could have bullshitted my way around it and fused the whole thing together — but that wouldn’t achieve my goal with MoneyMoves.

It’s quite simple:

I give you the whole system. All of my best shit. The whole thing at once. Not a course that drips out over weeks. Or weekly webinars. Or any of that shit.

And in exchange for my best, bleeding edge, marketing information – delivered straight to your brain – dripping with comedic style and genius, you give me a little bit of money. 

Basically, I didn’t wanna have to keep answering the same damn questions again and again because I skipped over too much.

So when I began this final iteration, I said “fuck it,” and filled in all the blanks.

And then sliced and diced it — down to the meat.

It’s pretty fuckin sick.

If you know my stuff, some will be familiar. But I’m always looking for new, better, faster ways to get shit done, persuade, influence, promote, connect, create – and all the new stuff is here.

My personal favorite is the section about focusing on conversations and comments. It’s the most bang for your buck shit you can be doing.

The whole thing is up at GrabMoneyMoves.com.

And so is a free video called “The 2 Reasons Why Your Social Media Isn’t Working.”

When you register, you’ll get an email with your login information for the brand new Unusually Focused: Mojo Dojo.

And inside your account, you’ll find the entire MoneyMoves system. It’s 13 sections, each with a video, and you can watch them whenever and wherever you want. There is no deadline.

We quietly opened it yesterday to work out the kinks in the registration process, and it seems like it’s all good. At the time I’m sending this email, there are 79 people inside the MoneyMoves wing of the MojoDojo.

But either way, there’s a ton of good shit in the IG Live we did yesterday. We talk about a bunch of this stuff, and that’s free.

I put the audio up on Soundcloud if you’re a Podcast type.

Or here’s a link to the video on YouTube:


PS – oh and yes, MoneyMoves still includes “How to Make and Sell an Online Product.” That’s in Section 11.


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