you might not like this 😕

dude I wasn’t gonna email you today, but this shit is just too good. I figured you’d want to see it.

1. There’s no such thing as “ego” or “narcissism” so STFU with that nonsense.

2. How to steamroll all of your “competition.” (it ain’t by being a better teacher, trainer, or coach)

If you’re a new yoga teacher, don’t compete with other yoga teachers with your yoga chops. ⠀ Or your teaching experience. ⠀ Or how long you’ve been practicing yoga. ⠀ Or how good of a teacher you are. ⠀ Beat them by being the person who can get and keep CUSTOMERS. ⠀ You win be being the person who MAKES THE MONEY. ⠀ The best part is most yoga teachers/tools think they’re too good for marketing… which means if you just know a few basic things, you can steamroll them. ⠀ I was a brand-new teacher, with NO FOLLOWING, in the most competitive yoga market in the country… and I absolutely dominated everyone. (I had less than 600 Instagram followers) ⠀ Because I know how to get and keep customers. ⠀ If there’s enough interest, I’ll teach an online class about the five things yoga teachers need to know to destroy everyone. ⠀ Wanna? ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #randomtalkingvideo

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3. If you don’t believe in marketing and self-promotion, you are a fucking coward, and you will never be able to truly help anyone. Go do something else and let the real G’s handle it.


@lisasuewoititz Huge paradigm shift takes getting used to Damn bro, this just sunk the message in on a whole new level for me🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Thank you👊🏿🙏🏿

4. The only definition that matters. Everyone else is full of shit.


Note: although I use “yoga” because it’s where I came from (and it hits harder when it’s focused) – you can insert any modality. Same shit.

Meredith gets it:

@primalballerina. So good. I’m again just taking the liberty to substitute modality of choice for “yoga.” Pricele$$.

You’re either in, or you’re out.

You’re either helping people all the way… or you’re a coward who’s afraid to hang their own ass on the line because you don’t want to be rejected.

It’s about more than just money. It’s about giving enough of a shit for you to risk your precious little self-image.

But maybe don’t care that much… and that’s ok too.

The real teachers can take it from here.



PS – we’re gonna do another class pretty soon for yoga teachers about how to make money and kick ass. Everyone is asking for it so why the hell not?

We’re working out the details now. If you want me to let you know – you can register at (no obligation on this page. it’s so that I know who’s interested.)

for youuuuuuu 👊🏼

You’ll dig this. I made it last night. Probably should be charging for it… but hey, that’s how I dooooo.

@jenuminous you’re so good at free stuff. It’s ridiculous

@augustomoraestf Great plan! Today I posted an RTV related to The vídeo I posted before! Definitely gonna implement this! Thank you for sharing 🤜🏼🤛🏼 great $5 video btw… I’m Encouraged AF, lots of ideas and stuff to do now! 👌🏼

@worldmvmnt ​This is even better than most will even think it is. You’re a fucking champion of application. Applied smarts. Grit.

@ihatemonalisa I implemented #5+#8 on your mom. Haha jk dude this is dope af I’ll try it on my tattoo page.

@sopaoo my dude this is genius

@tshanti_yoga ​I’ve been scattered & not able to check posts that often today. And BAM 💥 this was the first worthy post I see. Awesome stuff thank you for giving this to us!

Here it is. I’m not sure if I’m gonna keep it up much longer… I should be charging for this kinda shit.


Check it out, let me know what you think.


PS – also, do you have any ideas for what I should call this? I could use a little inspo.


PPS – the final chapter of Rabbit Hole is coming soon: Yellow Brick Road.

It’s closed. But get on the waiting list here.

re: before noon today

I have a very clear goal when I wake up every day:

Piss off at least one person before noon.

Ideally, hundreds of people.

But if it’s just one, I’ll fucking take it.

Well, when I woke up this morning – the idea wasn’t coming… so I went on Instagram and posted a question in my Stories to ask people what I should talk about.

And then I found it.

Some chick was complaining about a juice company’s advertising.

I saw one of my friends repost it or I wouldn’t have noticed at all.

This is the image:


And this was my caption:

not everything is an assault on your sensitive ass #bodypositive movement.

I don’t even drink this shit, but I think it’s a joke.

Fucking relax. That #cortisol ain’t helping.


#Repost @natashawellness


You could try achieving your goals with $12 juices and body shaming OR you can work with me to create easy, fast, approachable, delicious, and lasting changes. Come on @juicepress …you can do better than that.

First of all, that’s a fucking funny ass ad. 😂

But about 20 minutes laterI got this notification from Insta about it being deleted for bullying or some nonsense.


I mean Jesus Fuck. Not everyone has to mind your soft little heart OR be on board with your cute ‘lil movement.

I don’t have time to worry about your god damn feelings.

It’s hard enough managing my own emotions and getting shit done.

Eva Collins, who’s very much into the body positive movement, told me that she used to work with this company and that’s their vibe… they even have a drink called MILF or something. And they’re a vegan company, so they say things like “drink milk if you want a limp dick.” etc.)

Those are the conversations they’re having.

And the people who vote for them with their wallets like those conversations.

We don’t all need to be little fucking snowflakes, do we?

I mean, fuck… I care about your results. But I don’t have time to care about your god damn feelings.

And you shouldn’t worry about other people’s feelings either.

If you want to help the people you’re saying you’re trying to help, you have to communicate in a way that sings to their fucking soul… which means there are going to be some other souls who don’t like the song.

And that’s fucking OK.

They can listen to someone else sing.

But you can’t not sing those songs because you’re worried about their little sensitive ass.



PS – there’s some good shit on my Insta.

I really like this video a lot. You’ll probably see it popping up around the Internet because I’m running it as an ad… and I got your ass targeted.


And if you’re into the Ashtanga Yoga conversation.

Here’s a nice post. (great comments from Julian Marc Walker and Rae Indigo)

Besides asking @sharathjoisr once why his dead pervert grandfather was rubbing his dick and balls on some poor woman’s head/pelvis/etc, I’ve stayed away from the sexual troubles inside the Ashtanga world. (he didn’t answer btw) ⠀ My focus has just been on the glorification of extreme ranges with absolutely unjustifiable trash “adjustments.” (which is just the worst fucking word choice ever.) ⠀ So, like, if you wanna keep doing this shit – that’s cool… but you’re definitely *not allowed* to “separate the teacher from the teaching.” ⠀ Even the current crop of top-tier teachers (not just the dead ones) are straight-up twatwaffles. ⠀ So why would you wanna do that anyway? As @julianmarcwalker said, the whole thing is a god damn lie. It doesn’t work. None of it works. ⠀ I swear to fuck every person I’ve ever known in real-life who did ashtanga for an extended period of time is a fucking GOON. It does something to people… and it ain’t good. ⠀ -Ryanji ⠀ PS – I’ll also add that they’re all SCARED AS FUCK. No one ever defends the system. No one ever defends themselves. They just fucking run and hide like little fucking cowards. ⠀ Do something else. ⠀ #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #mysore

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And then I called out Maty Ezraty here for creating something that turned out to be kinda shitty (YogaWorks Teacher Training) and then disappearing like 🤷🏻‍♂️.



PPS – reminder that Rabbit Hole is closed and if you’re interested in when we open it again, get on the waiting list. (I get so many emails about it every day. I know this mention isn’t going to stop them… but just in case.)


Maaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn… I was gonna try to send a nice email today.

Like, show people my soft side ’n shit

But I just can’t do it.

Not when there are all these people out here just saying random ass words without thinking about them.

I went off on the fucking self(ie)-care movement today.

Self-care or selfie-care? ⠀ STFU. #randomtalkingvideo ⠀

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(and this)


And then another one of my favorites:




Enough for what, exactly?

That sounds like some complacent ass nonsense to me.

The world moves too fast for you to be talking that kinda bullshit.

I mean, if you’re in a shitty relationship and your partner makes you feel bad – leave.

If your job sucks and you don’t feel appreciated – quit.

But don’t be like “I AM ENOUGH.”

Cuz sorry sweetie, no you fuckin’ ain’t.

Not to do the things you say you want to do. You’ll get eaten alive.

You gotta keep fucking learning.

And keep teaching.

And keep training.

And keep practicing.

And keep sharpening your tools.

Until you’re fucking dead.


wah wah wah.

Just do me a favor, before you repost that cute little meme with the “inspirational” saying, think about what the hell it even means.

Or, at least make sure you actually believe the damn words.

Cuz you ain’t helping.


PS – i’ll try to be nice tomorrow. 🤞🏼

PPS – I just want to remind you that Rabbit Hole is closed. But you can join the waiting list here. I’m still working on digging out from the email hole I’ve dug for myself…  and there’s probably at least 150 of these questions sitting in there.


If you haven’t pissed someone off by noon, then you probably aren’t making any money.” – Dan Kennedy.

I don’t like this shit

But i’m doing it anyway. 😒

I’m sitting here writing this email with my MacBook on my lap.

On a fucking couch.  (I know, I know: “THE HORROR!”)

I don’t like writing with my MacBook on my lap.

I don’t like working from a couch.

Nor do I like writing after I’ve eaten.

like writing at an uncomfortable desk. In an uncomfortable chair. When I’m hungry.

This shit sounds kind of sadistic when I read it back, but those are the conditions that make me feel sharpest.

But hey, man – those things just aren’t options for me right now, so I’m gonna do the best I can with what I got.

I’m a big believer in rituals and all that shit, but sometimes that just ain’t an option.

How the hell am I ever gonna get anything done if I need perfect conditions to do my work?

I just want to know that I can get it done. Whenever, wherever, with whatever resources I have available.

ESPECIALLY when I don’t want to.

And double-fucking-especially when I don’t feel like I have anything interesting to say.

Cuz I gotta tell you – It’s fucking SHOCKING how many times I hear back from someone like:

“this was the best email you’ve ever sent.”

“best RTV ever.”

“holy shit, this is exactly what I needed right now.”


… even though I was convinced it was the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever created.

The same thing will happen to you.

Hell, it probably does happen to you all the time.

There’s a famous John Lennon quote:

“People think you want them to do something or say something special…you don’t. You just want them to be themselves so that you can be yourself.”

That’s some real shit right there.

The whole “just be yourself” thing is a little cliche, and really, I don’t even know what the fuck it means.

But, I’m convinced one of the most powerful things about the type of communication I recommend:

  • Frequent, Extensive, and Intimate.
  • via Talking Video & Email.

… is that those things allow you to do just that:

give other people permission to be themselves.

That’s what I think anyway.


PS – the votes are in, and it’s fucking unanimous AF. Everyone wants me to continue with the daily emails.

#30daysofthesefuckingemails, Round 2 ended on Friday – and I took yesterday off… but I’m gonna get back after it.

Most of my emails from over the past 9-ish months are up at

PPS – If you haven’t done this yet, could you?





hey can you do me a quick favor and drop your thoughts on this post?


It’d help me out a lot.



PS – shit, is this Day 30 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails?

I think it might be.

That went fast.

Should I keep going? 🤷🏻‍♂️


why do I give away so much free shit?

I get this question ALL OF THE TIME.

And I’m not gonna lie: I’m on a whole new frontier with how much free stuff I’m giving away.

i’m going at least 5000% harder than I ever have before.

But fuck it – it’s working. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Rabbit Hole sold like crazy (it’s closed now).

And my ideas keep getting better and better.

It also helps because I do my best work with people when they’re already moving.

When we can ramp up quickly and get you making more money right away, it’s easier for me to justify higher and higher prices, ya know?

Because why wouldn’t you want to pay me X if you were making Y and Z?

So it serves my business purposes to give away lots of shit that gets people moving… that way, when they ask us to help, they’re already moving, and it’s off-to-the-races.

And that’s been my focus lately:

Giving away lots of simple stuff that helps (and motivates) people to get moving – even if they’re not “inspired.”

And obviously, I focus a lot on the two tools that do the best job:

RTV & E-mail.

They’re fucking perfect because they cut right the heart of your artist bullshit. And they’re free. And 100% portable.

You’re handcuffed because you’re still sketch about offending or annoying people. You’re overthinking it. You’re not shipping because you’re a perfectionist.

You gotta get over that shit.

Posting the pretty “I think this is what they want to see” stuff is like

“hey guys look at much I polished this fucking turd.💩 it’s so shiny. Congratulate me because I have no idea what to do now… so here’s another turd. TA-DA!”

Fuck that shit.

RTV and Email, baby.

Both of them force you to take up space and get in people’s shit… by their very nature.

And that’s exactly what you need to practice.

It doesn’t even matter if they’re the perfect marketing devices for you right now.

It doesn’t matter if people Unsubscribe. Or Unfollow. Or Unwhateverthefuck.

It doesn’t matter what happens.

This is small-time compared to what you’re gonna be dealing with later if you actually ever achieve the things you want.

You know you’re gonna piss some people off.

That’s what happens when you try to change shit.

Best start getting ready now.

(and yes, if you ever want us to help you, it’s so much more fun if we’re on the same page on Day 1, ya know?)


PS – again, Rabbit Hole is closed. I’m not sure when we’re gonna open it to the public again.

PPS – posted some dope shit on Insta…

Check this out.

I made this video in After Effects with one of those sweet progress bars at the bottom. I see a bunch of really smart people doing it lately, so I’m copying.

View this post on Instagram

There’s more to these videos than just my suggestion to use them for “marketing.” Or even for you to reveal the “authentic” you behind the highlight reel you’ve been showing everyone. ⠀ Those are both great things, for sure… but there’s something even more important: ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀You have to get over your ⠀⠀⠀fear of annoying and offending ⠀⠀⠀people if you really want to be ⠀⠀⠀able to help them. ⠀ And you gotta practice taking up more space and selling from your toes (not your heels) if you really want to make money. ⠀ Try this: ⠀ Post at least 10 #randomtalkingvideo’s over the next week in addition to whatever you normally do and see what happens. ⠀ ⌐ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Get the RTV Playbook at: ⠀⠀🤳🏽 ⌙ ⠀ ⠀

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I think the idea is that people want to see it to completion… so it’s an extra hook to keep ‘em around til the end.

I dunno what will happen. I’ll let you know if it seems worthwhile.

PPPS – i’m pretty sure this is day 29 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails. You can see more at

FWD: fuckin’ inspiration

just real quick, cuz I don’t really feel like talking to you right now…

Ryan told me to fuck off a while ago – apparently, he doesn’t need me anymore, but we still talk sometimes.

He hit me up and asked me about you and this thing, and I wanted to show you.

Forwarding you his email below.

I don’t think he wants me to show you, but it seems legit… and I expect you to do it.



Ryan‘s email to me:

On Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 5:27 PM, Ryan Orrico  wrote:

whatup twatwaffle. ain’t been needing you lately 🍆 .. but i wanted to ask you about this.

what you think about this?  would you start showing up for them more if they started actually doing stuff?

I mean, it’s not just them.

A whole bunch of ‘em are all fuckin’ whining about how they’re ‘not inspired’ ’n shit.

I keep telling them that you aren’t real and to fuck off and just do it, but you know how that goes.

so here’s what I’m thinking:

I challenge everyone (but ESPECIALLY YOU) to do a few things… over the next year.

  • Post at least 300 talking videos and respond to at least 80% of the comments.
  • On at least 300 days, write for at least 20 minutes without looking at their phone.
  • Get at least 300 people onto an email list by offering them your best thing ever when they sign up.
  • Send at least 100 friendly, informal, helpful, cool emailsto that list. (bonus sex/cash for at least two rounds of #30daysofthesefuckingemails)


it’s kinda like wax-on, wax-off, paint the fence Mr. Miyagi shit.… it doesn’t matter how many Followers they have or whatever the fuck other bullshit excuse they have.

Just that they practice speaking with clarity and conviction and post the god damn videos.

And the emails are cool because they need to get over their fucking concern about taking up space and annoying people.

Shit is just ridiculous.


And ain’t nothing better than like pressing that Send button on an email to the list, ya know?  Even if it’s small.

I put a little buffer in there (only 300 out of 365), so just in case they miss a day or two, they can’t be fucking crybabies like “wahhhh… I already screwed it up, and I can’t finish it now, so i’mquitting.”

Anyway – would you show up for them if they do it? 

I see big things from that one.



PS – your Mom.

PPS – dude, again, I didn’t even need your bitch ass to absolutely fucking dominate Insta today.

how I got #randomtalkingvideo to blow-up.


one of my #RTVnotetoself entries. (fucking packed with subtle genius)


And holy fuck, marketing is way more important than teaching.

PPPS – It doesn’t cost anything to just do the shit.

And if you want any help, you can email and talk to her about Rabbit Hole or us working together one-on-one. 🤷🏻‍♂️

PPPPS – this is day 28 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails. there are more at

inspo inside (OPEN)

yo i’m just gonna pick up where i left off yesterday, cool?

Why My Shit is The Shit And How I’m Right And Everyone Who Disagrees is Automatically Wrong Always, Volume IX.

It boils down to this:

I can tell you exactly what you’re fuckin’ problem is.

Cuz it’s my problem too.

That’s why we hang out.

Your problem is not a lack of ideas or inspiration or whatever the fuck else.

You have lots of ideas.

And inspiration is bullshit.

Your problem is that you’re not doing what you said you were gonna do.

You’re not shipping.

You’re not showing them your stuff.

You’re not even doing the fucking actual work part.

The risky part.

I get that you know how to talk the talk – but there’s no risk in talk, babycakes.

You have to fucking publish. ALL OF THE TIME.

We both know it ain’t gonna be your Magnum Opus any time soon, right?

You’re not there yet, and you recognize that there are levels to this shit.

Of course you do.

So fuckin’ relax.

Let’s knock some little shit out of the way now before you get too big and popular.

It’s better to suck shit in front of a small audience than a big audience, ya know?

Then when you get to the big show, you’ll be ready for the criticism and rejection you are FOR SURE going to get.

But you have to start training for it now.

You gotta get the shit kicked out of you.

You gotta do it to yourself… as you know you will.

And you gotta let other people do it.

… or holy fuck, when you get big and popular, and a lot of people know who you are — YOU ARE STRAIGHT FUCKED.

You will get eaten alive.

Jesus. 🤦🏻‍♂️

You gotta start now.

You gotta start publishing.

Publishing imperfect, or “unfinished” material, over and over and over… to train your Anti-Fuckery System.

You gotta make stuff when you don’t want to… and then press Send anyway.

You gotta crystallize your god damn opinions so you can magnetically attract the right people.

And you gotta share those motherfuckers. Again and again and again.

Imma tell you this, snowflake:

inspiration ain’t coming.

Ain’t no body gonna save you.

And no one can hear you scream.

(shit ok that went too far.)

You gotta just start doing some of the stuff you know you’re avoiding.

I’m not talking about meditating about “your purpose”… or journaling to discover your “why.”

Or even making fucking vision boards or some shit like that.

I’m talking about getting in the ring and getting the shit kicked out of you a little.

Let’s go, cupcake.

Share more controversial opinions.

Less of that safe, practical advice bullshit.

More personal stories. Less “inspiration.”

More personal anecdotes. Fewer quotes.

It’ll work, and you know it.

Here’s the challenge:

Before this date next year, you complete the following:

  • Post at least 300 talking videos and respond to at least 80% of the comments.
  • On at least 300 days, write for at least 20 minutes 🔑 without looking at your phone.
  • Get at least 300 people onto an email list by offering them your best thing ever when they sign up.
  • Send at least 100 friendly, informal, helpful, cool emails to that list. (bonus sex/cash for at least two rounds of #30daysofthesefuckingemails)

We might develop this idea a little further… are you into it?


Hit me back and let me know.

PS – you can email Kassidy about Rabbit Hole if you want us to help you with any of this.

PPS – this is Day 27 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails.

PPS – I absolutely fucking DOMINATED Insta today. PER YEWJ.

The Challenge


RTV Approaches (Broken Fourth Wall & Secret Society),


What you MUST do if you feel boring, uninteresting or uninspired.


And also see the rest of my fucking greatest hits.

My favorite thing about your stuff is the validating permission to have a “fuck it” attitude. I’ve always had that attitude in my personal life, but was always told it isn’t “appropriate” in professional settings. I started my own business literally so I didn’t have to follow other people’s rules – but being “clean” and “likable” has been a rule I’ve had a lot of trouble letting go of.

Seeing the following, support, and success you’ve had while being vulgar and “unlikable” is fucking inspiring. There are no fucking rules and that’s fucking awesome. – Carolyn Viggh

this shit better be on your gratitude list

SHITFUCK. I was writing this email, and I broke the cardinal rule:


I wasted some time, but at least I got a cool post out of it… and it supports everything in this email.

This is 100% the result of me posting about 1,000 #randomtalkingvideo’s over the last nine months. ⠀ Not meditation. Or yoga. Or “practicing authenticity.” Or anything else. ⠀ I have always been introverted and shy and socially awkward. ⠀ I use RTV as a vehicle to practice boldness. And confidence. And persuasion. And storytelling. And confrontation. And salesmanship. And being in front of a camera. And a bunch of other things. ⠀ I do and say things that are not comfortable even when I’m not inspired. I go out of my way to make my skin thicker so that when it really matters, I’m ready. ⠀ I’m not selling you a fucking thing either. This shit is free. ⠀ (I’m going to assume he isn’t trolling because it serves my purposes and makes me feel good.) ⠀ #casuallyinspiringthefuckoutofpeople #welcometotheryvolution ⠀

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Here’s my challenge:

Over the next year, post at least 300 talking videos.

And on at least 300 days, write for at least 20 minutes (🔑without looking at your phone.)

And get at least 300 people on an email list.

And send them frequent, fun, friendly, valuable messages. At least twice per week.

Your life will be at least 300% to 3000% better.

Double all of those numbers, and it’ll be at least 100,000% better.

(don’t bother checking the math… I’ve already done it, and it’s pure science.)

Try it out.

Sound like a lot?


But again, I ask of you:

if *this* seems like a lot – how are you going to do the shit you say you want to do?

I mean, fuck. C’mon!

Don’t you think it would be a good idea to get used to doing this hard shit before it REALLY gets hard?


Oh, wait. What’s that?

You said, “I don’t want to annoy them.”


Cuz holy shit – fuckin’ sucks to be you.

You know what I think?

Motherfuckers are blessed to be getting these emails every day.

In fact, you better be including this shit on their fucking gratitude list every god damn day.

“I’m grateful for Ryan Orrico’s emails. He’s the undisputed champion of the world.”

I should be charging your ass $1,000 a day for this shit.


Motherfucker, please.

If I legit felt like I was annoying people, I’d start talking about something else.

Fuck that.


Why the hell would I worry about the person I might be “annoying?”

FUCK THAT COCKGOBBLING TWATWAFFLE.*  (i’m using “cockgobbler” and “twatwaffle” in every email for an undetermined amount of time)

You hear me, fuckface?  If I’m annoying you, UNSUBSCRIBE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS SHIT.

As for you, why don’t you think that about your stuff?


You’re worried about “annoying” them?

You know what I think?

When someone says that shit, they KNOW that their audience doesn’t really know who they are…

And the thought of publishing that much stuff scares them cuz they know they ain’t got that much practical shit to teach them.

Some of that shit they’ve been hiding will shine through.

No way around it, ya know?

And that’s some shit you gotta fucking confront… cuz it’s gonna fuck you up BIG TIME.

And let’s be honest… this little bullshit we’re playing right now, this is like Minor League ball.

Not Big League ball.

If you wanna play Big League ball, you gotta be way more fucking ready than you are right now.

Damn this email got long as fuck.

I’ll send you the rest tomorrow.


Or you owe me $1000.



PS – here’s some straight fucking filth I posted on Insta today:

The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done To Gain Confidence


And if you don’t watch this, you will DIE.


Jesus, fuck… the combo package of my insta and emails should be $2,000 PER FUCKING DAY

“annoying…”  fuck… get right the fuck out of here.😂

Go look at the rest too… and discover for yourself why I am the only account you check on purpose.

PPS – Kassidy is close to being caught up with Rabbit Hole Evaluation Procedures… if you think you have what it takes for The Hole, email her:

PPPS – this is Day 26 or some shit of #30daysofthesefuckingemails. There are a bunch of them up at