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pick-up bootcamp (terrifying)

I can look out my bedroom window as I write this and see The Viceroy hotel. It’s at Pico and Main in Santa Monica, CA… just about a block from the beach.

The first time I went to that hotel was in 2009… to meet a guy named Owen Cook.

Owen was featured in the 2005 best-selling book “The Game,” as code-name Tyler Durden. ☺️

By the time I had met him, he had built a successful company based on teaching guys how to be successful with women.

Up until my late 20’s, I was pretty much convinced that the reason I was unhappy was because I just wasn’t smooth with the ladiesssss.

That is, when I was out in public, and meeting a woman that I didn’t know, or wasn’t introduced to… I felt shy, and awkward and I didn’t know what to say.

But don’t it twisted either… your boy did his thang now.

Anyway, I was there to experience his company’s (Real Social Dynamics) “Pick-Up Bootcamp.”

I was comp’d through a mutual friend, but it normally costs $2000.

It’s three nights. Thursday, Friday and Saturday… and they take you out to different bars and clubs and teach you, “in the field,” how to approach and talk to women.

I met up with Owen, his assistants (wingmen) and the other guy who was participating in the program.

After we introduced ourselves and did the formality thing, Owen got into it:

“we don’t use canned material or pick-up lines. That shit doesn’t work. Just be cool. Be nice… and have fun. And to get the night started, we’re going to start by playing a little game… it’s called ‘360 Intent.’

You’ll be with your wingman and when you see him make this motion (*holds up finger and makes a circle*) – you start turn in a circle and the first girl you see, you walk up and say:

‘hey, I’m Ryan. Who are you?’

Just to get your mouth moving and shake off some of the nervous energy… have some conversations, get rejected, get back up, do it again and again.”

This was one of the most terrifying things I had ever done.

And the weekend, in its entirety, was one of the most ego-shattering experiences I had ever had in my life.

Before we went out on that first night, Owen told me “I can tell you’re gonna be a pain in the ass because you’ve probably had some success before and you think you’re a pimp, so you’re gonna wanna protect yourself”

He was right. I mostly sucked.

But I witnessed some absolutely fucking insane shit.

I’ll definitely be talking about this experience more in my book.

Pre-order it. It’s $5. I’m gonna publish it on January 1st.

Thanks for reading. This is actually Day 30 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails. I made it. ‍♂️


PS – right when I was about to queue up this email, I got this one from Isabelle. YAYUHHHHHH.

Okay, I just want you to know that I follow you on IG and am part of your mailing list.

While I have not yet made a Random Talking Video, I took your advice about simplifying newsletters. This most recent newsletter I sent to my followers had no frou-frou graphics. I wrote it as I would write my friends and family. I have seldom received responses back and I just did within 30 minutes of sending it out asking about private classes. Holy shit!!!

I’m so excited for all you have to teach. Thanks so much already for what you’re doing and shaking up the community.