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plain text emails

would you even open this email if this little preview text said something like “Click to view in a browser” or some other obviously-not-from-a-friend bullshit.

Or if you did open it, and you saw a big fat “Ryan Orrico” logo at the top… your guard would go up, yah? It’s like the slick car salesman rolling up on you.

So what I suggest to you is this: unless you put a logo at the top of the emails you send to your friend… don’t put one in the “newsletter” you send to your list.

Unless you make pretty templates for the email you send to your friends, don’t do it when you email your customers/subscribers/members/clients.

Write like you talk. Say what you want to say. Then press Send.

It works so much better.

But don’t take my word for it… Check this out. A conversation from my Backstage Pass group:

Your pretty email template is a piece of shit. #yogasexrockgod #backstagepass

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Stop using pretty templates. Write like you talk. Stop trying to give them so much information. Tell some stories. Make some money. And then give some to me so I can help you more.

Full-Disclosure Friday: that’s my ulterior motive with these emails btw… I want to help you or somehow give you some “results in advance” so that maybe one day you’ll be like “damn, if I get this for free, what would happen if I give him some money?”

Maybe it’ll be something about yoga, or maybe mobility or maybe marketing.



PS – I originally had another FRC/mobility email queued up to go out this morning, but I woke up at 3:30AM and I didn’t like it anymore. So I’ll make it better today and send tomorrow.

PPS – what do you think of Yin Yoga? I pissed a few folks off last night.