Pretty Social Media Accounts are Psychological Prisons

This, my friend, is your best email ever. Your Mona Lisa, your David, your masterpiece. -Moses


I’m gonna fuck you up with this prediction – You should know about it before you can’t get out.

There will come a time when we don’t call social media “social media.”

It will be just a thing that is.

It won’t exist exclusively inside applications on your phones, and watches, and TVs.

It won’t even be an ‘application.’

It will be like oxygen and gravity.

Just there.

It’s like how we don’t call cell phones “cell phones” anymore.

Just phones.

“Smartphones?” Gone.

Just phones. The layers get stripped away as they embed themselves into the culture.


“Social media” has already irrevocably changed how humans will interact from now until the sun swallows the earth.

So while it is still just a piece of software on a mobile device, it’s already merging with your personality and nervous system.

It knows who you are and what you do and what you want and where you go and who you love and who you hate.

It knows you better than you. Like I need to tell you that it can make you feel like absolute shit in a matter of seconds. 🙄 Or if your post kills it, make you feel like a God.

It can even predict who you’re going to start dating before the relationship begins. (stalking patterns & duration, clicking through to the people in their photos, etc).

You cannot undo this. There is no point in trying. And why the hell would you want to anyway?



If you make it awesome.

  • You can learn things you never could learn before.
  • You can learn things you never even knew were things that could be learned.
  • You can connect with like-minded people you would never have known existed and form lifelong relationships.
  • You can find cool shit that makes your life better.
  • You can build a purposeful business that is a direct extension of your personality.
  • You can make yourself a more empathic, more effective person and communicator.

Shit rules. 😍 Obviously, there’s a dark side. You can see it play out on the pretty, curated pages.


That shit is a psychological PRISON.

Even if you think you’re above it all and the “social media is an extension of your nervous system” talk sounds crazy; it doesn’t matter.

You’re just in the fucking matrix, bro. It doesn’t matter what you think. I’m just telling you what’s true.

So when you manufacture a horseshit brand to peel a few pennies off the stacks of cash you’re making for someone else, you’re fucking your mind up. And your life, for that matter.

You are now that person. And now you have to behave in accordance with the thing you made lest you be found out. You can’t say what you’re really thinking because that’s not what a person like the one you present would say.

I can’t tell you how many pretty-page “spiritual” yoga teachers I know who are complete fucking degenerate, sex-addicted, narcissist pieces of shit.

Which I’m not even saying is a bad thing.

I’m quite certain I’d rank pretty high on the narcissism spectrum, but I don’t give a fuck.

What am I supposed to do? Pretend it’s not there? No. I have enough anxiety as it is.

I try to manage it as best I can and be as open and honest about it as possible so that I’m not setting unrealistic expectations.

I’d rather just disclose it now than be caught later. Not those pricks, though. That’s who they are. Which, again, is fine. But it’s not what they present.

And therefore, they are 100% the frauds they hope they aren’t discovered to be.

If we don’t stop using the term “social media” in 3 years, we will in five.

Or ten. But it’s coming, baby. That shit is YOU.

Be careful out there.


PS – may as well take advantage of the powers of Magic Pixel Dust.

PPS – here’s a key to escape the prison.

And never forget this:

If they Unfollow you because you post videos of yourself saying what you’re thinking, they were never going to give you money anyway.


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