Have You Heard of Rabbit Hole?

holy shit. i’m so pumped about rabbit hole so far.

the hype was too fucking real before we started and I was completely freaked out.

but shit’s going off, and we haven’t even started yet:

“This is so great. The intimacy of these lists really puts things in perspective. Like, who am I to think my struggle is oh so real. Everybody struggles. And this goes both ways. We all share ambitions, too. And ideas, and experiences. There are 340+ universes in this group, every single one as vivid and complex as my own. This is huge. Fucking worth the money, and it hasn’t even started yet.”
-Jonathon Pusinelli

there’s still some time to join the party. We go into the hole next week, and we’re gonna lock it down while we get started.

But just wanted to make sure you know what to do when you get inside, so I just made this video for you before I check out of this Airbnb.


Get some. (there’s a payment plan available.)


PS – we have dozens of these:

“Hey guys, watched the videos today and wanna say without kissing arse that I’m happy with the product so far because it seems like you really care. I get an impression that you’re really trying to deliver quality information and the point being to help people succeed. It seems like you’re not holding back or keeping best bits to yourself. It seems genuine, and you’re more personable and less sweary than I expected. Take that as you will. Thanks so much.”
-Alice Hale

“It’s changed my life to say the least #RandomTalkingVideo we posted fact lists about us in the group. It’s incredible because I feel I know the people in the group and they know me on an incredibly deep level. I feel like these people know my whole life story and I haven’t even met them. I had no idea that this group and these people would become my community.”
-Sophia Felson

It Might Get Strange

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