Implementing Random Talking Videos Into Your Pretty Instagram Grid

I get it… The Instagram Trend is to have a pretty photo grid when people go to your Profile Page – that is, the first nine photos they see should reflect your “brand” perfectly. You’ve seen feeds just like this before… hundreds of times.



Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to stop posting beautiful pictures. There’s a place for that, without a doubt. What I AM saying, is that a pretty Instagram feed alone, will not help you if your goal is to use social media to make money, or to help people on Instagram. I want to show you an easy way to incorporate something that DOES work, into your beautiful Instagram feed.


If you want to do either of those things… you need to make Random Talking Videos. (I got deep into this in “Why Random Talking Videos Will Save Your Life and Your Business” (how to make them, and why you should be making them, what you need/don’t need to make them, why everything you’ve ever been told about marketing online is wrong, etc.).

“But RTVs Will Mess Up My Instagram Grid.”

I have an ugly grid. Many of my friends/followers have ugly grids. We’re all damn proud of that fact and laughing all the way to the bank. But, the truth is, your grid doesn’t have to “go ugly” just because you’re doing Random Talking Videos. RTVs are meant to boost your Instagram strategy (and your income) and are just as easily used in a photo/quote driven page as they are in one of our ugly pages.




You can talk about random shit, or you can use RTVs strategically within your page, by setting up the next post or calling back to the previous. I made this to demonstrate how this can be done so that you can use Random Talking Videos to change your pretty, stagnant account into one that is helpful to the people you want to reach (and profitable).


The RTV Instagram Grid


The graphic shows what a nine-photo grid could look like for a photo/quote driven page.

Starting at number 9, which would be your first post in this style, is a Random Talking Video. You would use this video to set up your next post (number 8), where you teach some shit. This can be a photo or a video showing your audience how to do something. Call back to your previous post, that RTV, to get people looking further into your page.


Next, you can have your quote, as you can see in post number 7. This quoted post should be relevant to post number 8, where you taught your followers something valuable. Then, when they go to that teaching post, they see that you mention a previous post (number 9), and venture back to that RTV.


After that quote, post a pretty photo (number 6). In post number 5, teach something else, and follow that up with an RTV that is relevant to your previous post. Use this RTV to expand on what you talked about in post number 5 – this will add even more value to what you taught them. Post a quote that relates to the RTV in post number 4, to further drive home the point you made in that RTV and post number 5.


Yep, you get another pretty photo in the next post (number 2), which can be related to the theme you’ve been going with on your other posts, or introduce a new theme. The final post of this nine-post grid can be an RTV telling the story of what went on behind the scenes of your pretty photo, adding more value to its presence in your grid.


Rinse and repeat. You’re welcome.


Down the Rabbit Hole, They Go


This example of how to implement RTVs into your photo/quote based Instagram grid not only shows how Random Talking Videos can support your current strategy, but how you can use this shit to turn potential followers into raving fans.


With this strategy, each post leads into the next and creates a story that people can follow. An Instagram post typically sees the most engagement within the first 24 hours of being published. This process stretches the lifetime of each post, as people go deeper and deeper down your rabbit hole, liking and commenting on all your old shit.


This allows them to turn their mild curiosity into fascination, makes them follow, and keep returning to your profile page over casually scrolling through their feed because they want to see if you’re posting anything new. This is even better for your analytics than any of those likes and comments – it shows the algorithm that you are someone people are interested in, and your posts will have a better chance of being seen. Start making Random Talking Videos, implement them into your Instagram grid, and watch as your engagement grows.


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