Leave the Poor Juice Company Alone

I have a very clear goal when I wake up every day:

Piss off at least one person before noon.

Ideally, hundreds of people.

But if it’s just one, I’ll fucking take it.

Well, when I woke up this morning – the idea wasn’t coming… so I went on Instagram and posted a question in my Stories to ask people what I should talk about.

And then I found it.

Some chick was complaining about a juice company’s advertising.

I saw one of my friends repost it or I wouldn’t have noticed at all.

This is the image:


And this was my caption:

not everything is an assault on your sensitive ass #bodypositive movement.

I don’t even drink this shit, but I think it’s a joke.

Fucking relax. That #cortisol ain’t helping.


#Repost @natashawellness


You could try achieving your goals with $12 juices and body shaming OR you can work with me to create easy, fast, approachable, delicious, and lasting changes. Come on @juicepress …you can do better than that.

First of all, that’s a fucking funny ass ad. 
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