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Re: morning stuff 🍆

yo. it’s still p weird for me to be asked this question… but hey. here we are.

“what do you do in the morning?” or “what’s your morning routine?”

I’m gonna make a video of this routine when I’m all ripped up and I can do it in the moonlight and look all fucking sexy…  ya know what I mean?

Ab shadows and butt dimple shadows ’n shit.

Shit’s gonna be 🔥

But for now. Just imagine it as you read this.

I get out of bed and walk all sexy to the bathroom…

And I pee all sexy.

And I drink water all sexy.

Then I put shorts on. All sexy.

Cuz it feels weird to have my dick out when i’m meditating. I don’t know why.


But yeah, here’s my meditation routine:

I use the Calm app to play some ambient sound and set a 20-minute timer.

I start in a kneeling position with my toes tucked.

I do CARs (slow joint circles) for my neck, shoulder blades, and shoulder.

Look up CARs on youtube. (or controlled articular rotations / functional range conditioning)

That shit takes a few minutes, and by that time my toes and feet are fucking SCREAMING.

So I come off them and kneel on my meditation bench… but also wrap a towel around my legs…  I use this to “hook” my hands into a little bit.. it seems like it helps me deload my shoulders a little bit more.

Like I can completely let my shoulders do nothing. Whereas if I use one of the traditional hand positions for meditation, I still have to do a little something-something with my shoulders and arms to keep them in place.

Then I do a very simple breath-counting meditation for the remainder of the 20 minutes.

When the Calm app bell rings, I finish the CARs.

Elbows > Wrists > Spine > Hips > Knees > Ankles etc.

Then I drink Athletic Greens and make my bed.

I’ll talk more about meditation another day. It’s one of the most important things I do FOR SURE.

But for now. Kassidy the Destroyer is making a 5-day course about what she does. She’s a fucking legend so you should buy it… go to her Instagram page and you can PayPal her.. .or just DM her.

If you want more Ry, my Instagram is full of straight fire.

And here’s a bunch of my emails on


PS – my sister is in town with her family.. so I’m going to Disneyland in the morning to be Uncle Ry.

I’ll hollerrrrrr.