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Re: my sinister plans 😈

I started taking pre-orders yesterday for a book that I’m going to write from scratch and publish on January 1st.

This is the beginning of that book.

I want this book to be one that, if I found it when I was seventeen… before I started doing the stupid things I’ll be talking about in these pages – I would have been like “ok, yeah I want to do whatever this motherfucker is doing.”

And to be honest with you, I don’t know what that book even is yet… but I better figure it out because I have less than 30 days to get it to you.

(I do have a fucking SWEET ass idea for a surprise ending, though… if it works.)

🙊 But before I really get started, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

Actually – two secrets…

… about why I’m doing this.

The kinda not-so-obvious-but-also-kinda-obvious one is that when you publish a book, your status is instantly elevated.

You’re published, therefore you’re better/smarter/more-accomplished than others.

We both know this is ridiculous, but the perception is very real.

Hell, you don’t even have to write the damn book yourself… for $15-20K you can get a good-enough book written about any topic that can be researched, and just slap your name on that shit.

But here’s the more compelling secret reason I’m writing this book:

I think I can grow my email list faster by selling a low-cost ebook on the front-end – rather than just asking someone to opt-in for a “free email list.”

I think people are a little sketch about signing up for a free thing with their email… yet, they’ll put their email address in an order form without even thinking about it.

It also gets rid of the people who are entirely unwilling to open their wallet. If they’re not even going to pony up $5 for this level of brilliance, they probably aren’t going to be an ideal customer/client/member/friend in the future

So if you bought my book yesterday, and this is the first one of these crazy ass emails you’re getting… GOT YO ASS. (you can unsubscribe at the bottom of any of them, I’ll make sure you get the book on January 1st)

When I have a more legit page up, it will be very clear that’s what’s happening… but hey.

For now… maybe this is something you can copy somehow?

Can you make something that’s kind of a no-brainer for people to just say “oh yeah, I like this person and they have good ideas and it’s only a few bucks…, why the fuck not?” *click*


And then, continue to follow-up with them with cool, fun, valuable emails… until one day, they’re like “man, they’ve been coming through like crazy for a while now, I’m gonna buy this more expensive thing they’re selling. It’s gotta be great if the free stuff is so good.”


PS – Bonus secret-about-why-i’m-doing-this:

Because it’s New Year’s Resolution time… and I know that if I can write a book, from scratch, in 30 days… you’ll probably want to try it too. You know you want to.

You can even copy this whole strategy where you build an email list, and anticipation, and get pre-orders, etc by SHARING THE PROCESS of writing the book.

That’s what I’m gonna do this month… but today, i’m going to write for a few hours about mobility training, so I’ll talk about that tomorrow.