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Re: refund

there have been like two refunds for my shit. Both for YMTDS.

both of them in the past week.

Not bad when you consider that damn near 500 people have gone through it… 

And, if you pay any attention to me, I’ve probably posted 200 or more testimonials over the past few months of people raving about how it’s changed their whole damn life… how they’re making money, how they’ve made 30x their investment back, how they’re more confident in daily interactions, how people are treating them differently, how they’re treating themselves differently.

This shit is a total game changer… so a little refund or two ain’t no thang.

But, as my audience grows and more people hear about me… I think some people are buying who aren’t full indoctrinated [yet], just out of pure curiosity…

Anyway, this all went down yesterday and today, and it couldn’t be more perfect:

A woman named Lisa found me on Instagram, got swept up in all the magic… then bought YMTDS a couple of days ago.

She emailed me yesterday, and she was a little disenchanted with it.

I made it a year ago. It’s a recording of a webinar. And there are technical flaws like switching between slides and the video feed of me… and I’m even more awkward than I an now.

This gets in the way for some people… which, I do understand.

Her email basically said: “meh. I know you have good stuff, and there were some gems in YMTDS – but I hope Rabbit Hole is better.”

I responded: “I understand. But look past that annoying shit and try some stuff. Watch what happens.”

Then today, she sent me this email:


I take it back. The knowledge has already been applicable during a client meeting this morning. Turns out I just needed to be in the studio and talking with clients and my partner, and I was feeling the talking points coming up in my mind and then coming out.

Foot in mouth.

Thanks, Yoga Sex Rock Marketing God.

PS– thanks for the push. Now I have to find out what’s next.

This is one of the best possible damn things that could happen.

First of all, this is one of the reasons I’m raising all my prices: because people are now using my stuff to help their clients make more money… even people that have nothing to do with yoga.

And it’s legit the best marketing training on the planet. It’s the most fun, and the most applicable, and the most modern, and the most powerful, and the most authentic.

But besides that… it gives me a PERFECT story to use in the future to sell more of my shit:

Someone bought. Had buyers remorse. Then a day later realized that it actually worked when she applied some of it.

This story will sing like crazy to a skeptic, ya know?

And now that story will go in the vault.

Part of the magic you’ll learn in Rabbit Hole is how to figure out which stories you need for your vault… and how to extract the ones you already got, or engineer the ones you want.

Anyway, here’s the deal:

RH goes up another $25 tomorrow… to $225. We’re filming next Friday… and it’s going to continue to climb until then. And especially after when I start collecting testimonials.

I’m aiming for $1,000-$2,000.

YMTDS+RH is $300… by far the best deal.. and you can get started now because I’ll send you YMTDS right away.

Let me know if I can help.

PS – The cool part about this stuff is that even though it’s magic, I can tell you how to do it for yourself without ruining my tricks…  like a magician who can’t reveal. I can. And will.

Inside Rabbit Hole.

PPS – Dick or Genius?