A Strategy That Works

about a month after I started #randomtalkingvideo, I got a message from a woman named Shani.

Actually, it was a bunch of messages. Long ones.

She gave me the rundown of her story and asked me if I could help her.

The help she was asking for didn’t exactly fall into a real category. She just had a sense that I knew something she wanted to know.

I didn’t know what I was selling, or how much it should cost, or what to call it, or anything really.

So I said

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll sell you five hours of free-style, figure-it-the-fuck-out-together consulting. At a discount. Because this will be experimental for both of us.”

(really, it wasn’t ‘experimental’ at all. I knew what the fuck I was doing… but the immensity of putting a wrapper on it overwhelmed me. So I just didn’t.)

But, I worked with what I did know – at the time, when someone asked about marketing consulting, i could quote them a figure for a project. I didn’t even do hourly consulting, but I had retainer clients and projects.

And when someone wanted to sit down and “pick my brain,” it was $250 for an hour. (it’s wayyy more now.)

I told her it would be $100 and she would buy five.

“PayPal me $500 and we’ll figure this shit out together.”

We would talk on the phone and come up with a plan… then she would execute.

Then we’d talk the next week, and we’d talk about what happened and what to do next.

And so on.  (you can read what she ended up saying at the bottom of this email)

(I didn’t have a name for this project until I got my second client.. right after I started calling myself Yoga Sex Rock God. Her name is Courtenay. She gave me the idea to call it “Backstage Pass.” Then a whole bunch of other people (your heroes) joined and it turned into this crazy thing.)

But here’s how it unfolded in the beginning – before I even knew what the hell it was:

I attracted Shani by posting things that she connected with.

And things that helped her.

RTV, for example… that shit changed her life. (again, read her message at the bottom of this email)

She was the first RTV I reposted, actually.

I DEMONSTRATED that I could help her. I gave her a tool that she used and it worked. (as well as a bunch of other fucking rad, inspiring shit that you see me steady posting on Instagram)

When she sent me the message requesting help, I didn’t have a product for her. I didn’t have a fancy title. Or even an offer.

I didn’t even know what the fuck I was selling.

I just knew I could help, so I said: “fuck it, let’s figure it out.”

Now, this isn’t the most scaleable venture ever, and it probably won’t get you to your first milly.

But it’s a god damn great place to start.

Help someone solve a problem and make their life better.

But first, show them you can help them. Post cool, helpful shit again and again and again.

For free.

When they reply, ask them questions in comments/DM. Pay attention to them.

Start conversations.

Eventually, you’ll be in a position to take that relationship to the next level.

And the solution you’re going to be giving them is probably an amalgamation of a whole the shit you’re interested in right now…

Different methods and principles and techniques and ideas all blended up into this fucking sick formula that no one else can create.

It’s hard to put a wrapper on shit like that.

Sell it fucking anyway.

You’ll figure it out.

(here’s how you stand out on social media [an RTV from today])


PS – this is Day… fuck, I think.. 12? of #30daysofthesefuckingemails. A shit ton of them are up on ryanorrico.com.

PPS – here’s what Shani said:  (🔈 you can listen to her read it here)

“I’d scroll Instagram for hours and look at all the pretty yoga pictures.

I was bitter and angry and filled with resentment.”

“… And then this guy started appearing in my Instagram feed.

He was a yoga teacher, and he was shattering every fucking illusion about being a yoga teacher that there is out there and I LOVED IT. I was an instant fan.

He started making these “random talking videos.” And he was encouraging other people to make them too.

The “rules” were as follows:

Look at the camera and talk about something random for a full sixty seconds. Don’t stage it and try to do it in one take.

That’s it.

I was so intrigued.

I reached out to the guy in a DM and basically said, “I want to do this, but HOWWWWWWWWW?”

His response, “Just be you.”

Wait. What?

Just be me?

I’m a disaster.

I’ve hurt countless people, and I’ve let countless people down.

He kept encouraging me: “Just be you. You’re going to be a hero.”

So I did it.

And then I talked to that guy on the phone; his name is RyanOrrico.

He gave me some great advice, and I knew he could help me get on track.

And then I gave him some money.

And I continued to make Random Talking Videos, and everything started to change.

Ryan suggested I start sending emails again.

WHAT! E-mail!! That’s so 1990-something.

“Just do it!” he kept telling me.

“No fancy graphics, no fancy picture, no fancy newsletter. Just start sending emails again.”

So I did.

So I am.

It’s working.

My group class attendance has increased. I have gained several new private clients. I’ve created successful events at my private studio. I’m selling Witchy Goddess products. And my creativity level is through the roof.

Nothing can kill my vibe right now.”


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